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May.18,2018* Vishal Fabrics
May.18,2018* WCP Resources in (AU)
May.18,2018* West China Cement
May.18,2018* Western Union
May.18,2018* Westlake Chemical
May.18,2018* Weyerhaeuser
May.18,2018* Winsan Shanghai Industrial Corp in (CN)
May.18,2018* Wintime Energy in (CN)
May.18,2018* Wismilak Inti Makmur
May.18,2018* Wuxi Honghui New Materials Technology Co
May.18,2018* Wuxi Rural Commercial Bank Co
May.18,2018* XCMGnstruction Machinery in (CN)
May.18,2018* Xi An Minsheng Group in (CN)
May.18,2018* Xiamen Itg Group in (CN)
May.18,2018* Xiamen King Long Motor Group in (CN)
May.18,2018* Xinhu Zhongbao in (CN)
May.18,2018* Xinhuanet Co
May.18,2018* Xinjiang Tianfu Thermoelectric in (CN)
May.18,2018* Xinjiang Torch Gas Co
May.18,2018* Xtranet Gruppen i Stockholm publ in (SE)
May.18,2018* Yabao Pharmaceutical Group in (CN)
May.18,2018* Yangquanal Industry Group in (CN)
May.18,2018* Yaroslavskaya sbytovaya kompaniya in (RU)
May.18,2018* Yongxing Special Stainless
May.18,2018* Youngor Group in (CN)
May.18,2018* Yuan Longping High Tech Agriculture in (CN)
May.18,2018* Yuxing InfoTech Holding in (CN)
May.18,2018* Zapsibgazprom in (RU)
May.18,2018* Zhangjiagang Chemical Machinery in (CN)
May.18,2018* Zhejiang Aishida Electric Co
May.18,2018* Zhejiang Beingmate Scientific-IndustrialTrade Share in (CN)
May.18,2018* Zhejiang Golden Eagle
May.18,2018* Zhejiang Jianfeng Group in (CN)
May.18,2018* Zhejiang Juhua in (CN)
May.18,2018* Zhejiang Xianju Pharmaceutical in (CN)
May.18,2018* Zhejiang Zanyu Technology Co in (CN)
May.18,2018* Zhejiang Zhongjian Technology Co
May.18,2018* Zhenro Properties Group
May.18,2018* Zhongchang Marine Co in (CN)
May.18,2018* Zhongfu Straits Pingtan Development Co in (CN)
May.19,2018* Celestial Biolabs
May.19,2018* Constrexim No 8 Investment andnstruction Joint Stock
May.19,2018* Dillard's
May.19,2018* Dong Nai Brick and Tile
May.19,2018* Imako ad Bijelo Polje
May.19,2018* Instal Krakow in (PL)
May.19,2018* Podunavlje ad Backa Palanka
May.19,2018* R R Financial Consultants
May.19,2018* TRANGCORP Corporation JSC
May.20,2018* Al Jazira Takaful Taawuni SJSC in (SA)
May.20,2018* Arab Bank Syria
May.20,2018* Danah Al Safat Foodstuff KSC in Safat (KW)
May.20,2018* Osoul Investment KSC in Safat (KW)
May.20,2018* Qatari German for Medical Devices QSC in Doha (QA)
May.20,2018* Song Hong Aluminum JSC
May.20,2018* Yiaco Medical KSCC
May.21,2018* 4d pharma
May.21,2018* Abocom Systems in (TW)
May.21,2018* Aboitiz Power in (PH)
May.21,2018* ale in (IT)
May.21,2018* Allscripts Healthcare Solutions
May.21,2018* Alteco Medical
May.21,2018* An Thinh JSC
May.21,2018* Arabian Shieldoperative Insurance
May.21,2018* Aris International
May.21,2018* Asuransi Mitra Maparya Tbk
May.21,2018* Autoprevoz Janjusevic ad Priboj
May.21,2018* Bank Ina Perdana Tbk
May.21,2018* Bank Mayapada Internasional Tbk in (ID)
May.21,2018* Bank Pan Indonesia Tbk in (ID)
May.21,2018* Basic Energy Services
May.21,2018* Beijing Shouhang Resources in Beijing (CN)
May.21,2018* Bezeq the Israeli Telecomunication in (IL)
May.21,2018* BIM AD Sveti Nikole
May.21,2018* Blackcow Food in (CN)
May.21,2018 BP in London (UK)
Compliance Statement
May.21,2018* Bruker in Salem (US)
May.21,2018* Centroistok ad Bor
May.21,2018* Changjiang Securities in (CN)
May.21,2018* Changzhou Xingyu Automotive Lighting Systems
May.21,2018* Chemed
May.21,2018* Chengdu Dr Peng Telecom & Media Group in (CN)
May.21,2018* China Lodging Group in Shanghai (CN)
May.21,2018* China Sanjiang Fine Chemicals
May.21,2018* Consolidated Edison
May.21,2018* Ctm Sa in (MA)
May.21,2018* Dashenlin Pharmaceutical Group Co
May.21,2018* Delta Dunia Makmur Tbk in (ID)
May.21,2018* Dicker Data
May.21,2018* Dino Polska
May.21,2018* DST Robot Co
May.21,2018* E for L Aim
May.21,2018* Elektroveze proizvodnja ad Beograd
May.21,2018* Ensco in (US)
May.21,2018* Eratex Djaja Tbk in (ID)
May.21,2018* Farm 51 Group
May.21,2018* Ferrum Crescent
May.21,2018* FNM in (IT)
May.21,2018* Formula Systems 1985 in (IL)
May.21,2018* Fulton Financial
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