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Aug.12,2022* Xinchen China Power Holdings
Aug.12,2022* Zambezi Resources
Aug.13,2022* JK Cement in (IN)
Aug.14,2022* Clal Biotechnology Industries in (IL)
Aug.14,2022* Energix Renwable Energies
Aug.14,2022* Iraqi Agricultural Products in (IQ)
Aug.14,2022* Marseilia Egyptian Gulf Real Estate Investment SAE
Aug.14,2022* Vonetize
Aug.15,2022* AiXin Life International
Aug.15,2022* Al Ahlyia for Agricultural Production
Aug.15,2022* Alembic in (IN)
Aug.15,2022* Angel Yeast in (CN)
Aug.15,2022* BGI Investments (1961) in (IL)
Aug.15,2022* BrainJuicer Group in (UK)
Aug.15,2022* Cake Box Holdings
Aug.15,2022* Crown Electrokinetics Corp.
Aug.15,2022* Faze Three
Aug.15,2022* Fortinova Fastigheter AB (publ)
Aug.15,2022* Gammon Infrastructure Projects
Aug.15,2022* Global Ship Lease
Aug.15,2022* Idomoo
Aug.15,2022* Incanthera
Aug.15,2022* Ion Geophysical
Aug.15,2022* Jeju Air Co
Aug.15,2022* Kate China Holdings
Aug.15,2022* Kelly Ventures
Aug.15,2022* Leader Capital Markets in (IL)
Aug.15,2022* MagForce in Berlin (DE)
Aug.15,2022* Mrs. Bectors Food Specialities
Aug.15,2022* Mustang Energy
Aug.15,2022* Navasota Resources
Aug.15,2022* Newtime Infrastructure
Aug.15,2022* Oceanaa Biotek Industries
Aug.15,2022* Ograzden AD Strumica
Aug.15,2022* Park Place Energy
Aug.15,2022* Prakash Industries in (IN)
Aug.15,2022* Prospect Resources in (AU)
Aug.15,2022* Smartiks Yazilim AS
Aug.15,2022* Source Natural Foods and Herbal Supplements
Aug.15,2022* Starcom
Aug.15,2022* Tefen Industrial Engineering Management and Systems Analysis in (IL)
Aug.15,2022* Teraplast in (RO)
Aug.15,2022* TGC Industries in (IL)
Aug.15,2022* UEX
Aug.15,2022* Windar Photonics
Aug.15,2022* Xelpmoc Design and Tech
Aug.16,2022* Archidply Decor
Aug.16,2022* Binakarya Jaya Abadi Tbk
Aug.16,2022* Blueknight Energy Partners LP
Aug.16,2022* Bombay Cycle and Motor Agency
Aug.16,2022* Coastal Roadways
Aug.16,2022* Essar Securities
Aug.16,2022* Go D M Investments in (IL)
Aug.16,2022* Gree Electric Appliances of Zhuhai in (CN)
Aug.16,2022* Hybricon Bus System AB (publ)
Aug.16,2022* ICK in (KR)
Aug.16,2022* Island Concepts Indonesia Tbk in (ID)
Aug.16,2022* Litgrid in (LT)
Aug.16,2022* Lu Zhou Lao Jiao in (CN)
Aug.16,2022* Majapahit Securities Tbk in (ID)
Aug.16,2022* Mecanica Rotes
Aug.16,2022* Medx Health
Aug.16,2022* One Solution
Aug.16,2022* Pik in (HR)
Aug.16,2022* Plant Advanced Technologies in (FR)
Aug.16,2022* Putra Mandiri Jembar Tbk
Aug.17,2022* Africa Israel Residences in (IL)
Aug.17,2022* Air T in Charlotte (US)
Aug.17,2022* Ashima
Aug.17,2022* Asia Resources Holdings
Aug.17,2022* Asit C Mehta Financial Services
Aug.17,2022* Bioalliance Pharma in (FR)
Aug.17,2022* BioRestorative Therapies
Aug.17,2022* Biroul de Turism pentru Tineret BTT
Aug.17,2022* CFM Holdings in (SG)
Aug.17,2022* China Dongxiang (group)
Aug.17,2022* Dreyfus High Yield Strategies Fund
Aug.17,2022* Dreyfus Municipal Bond Infrastructure Fund
Aug.17,2022* EQL Pharma
Aug.17,2022* fox e-mobility
Aug.17,2022* Kovylkinskiy Elektromekhanicheskiy Zavod PAO
Aug.17,2022* Modern Sewing
Aug.17,2022* Parsharti Investment
Aug.17,2022* Prime Securities
Aug.17,2022* Rupa and Company in (IN)
Aug.17,2022* SG Micro
Aug.17,2022* Societate de Servicii de Investitii Financiare Broker in (RO)
Aug.17,2022* Sri Amarnath Finance
Aug.17,2022* Strat Aero
Aug.17,2022* TP DC Sarajevo dd Sarajevo in Sarajevo (BA)
Aug.17,2022* ULS Technology
Aug.17,2022* Vascory
Aug.17,2022* Wind Mobile
Aug.17,2022* Zeco Holdings
Aug.18,2022* Abans Finance
Aug.18,2022* ABG Sundalllier Holding in (NO)
Aug.18,2022* ADM Hamburg in Hamburg (DE)
Aug.18,2022* Advance International Communication + Information Technology
Aug.18,2022* Aegis Logistics
Aug.18,2022* Air Market
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