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Feb.21,2019* Aristocrat Leisure in (AU)
Feb.21,2019* Bio Osmo Bhd
Feb.21,2019* Bleecker in (FR)
Feb.21,2019* Cannabis Growth Opportunity
Feb.21,2019 Deutsche Beteiligungs in Frankfurt/Main (DE)
Compliance Statement
Feb.21,2019* DistIT in (SE)
Feb.21,2019* Egyptians Real Estate Fund SAE
Feb.21,2019* Ensco in (US)
Feb.21,2019* Graditelj ad Beograd Zeleznik
Feb.21,2019* Hotel New Grand in (JP)
Feb.21,2019 Infineon in Munich (DE)
Compliance Statement
Feb.21,2019* Internet Gold Golden Lines in (IL)
Feb.21,2019* Jet Airways India in (IN)
Feb.21,2019* Jin Bao Bao Holdings
Feb.21,2019* Levi Strauss Japan KK in (JP)
Feb.21,2019* Liquidity Services
Feb.21,2019* Marinemax
Feb.21,2019* MARUKA MACHINERY CO in (JP)
Feb.21,2019* Matthews International in Pittsburgh (US)
Feb.21,2019* Merhav-Ceramic and Building Materials Center in (IL)
Feb.21,2019* Micromedic Technologies in (IL)
Feb.21,2019* New Horizon Group in (IL)
Feb.21,2019* Nextage
Feb.21,2019* Optoelectronics in (JP)
Feb.21,2019* PharmaCan Capital
Feb.21,2019* Phil Company
Feb.21,2019* Podunavlje ad Celarevo
Feb.21,2019* Prosperity International Holdings (H.K.)
Feb.21,2019* Radiant Utama Interinsco Tbk in (ID)
Feb.21,2019* Rowanmpanies
Feb.21,2019* SSP Group
Feb.21,2019* Sunrise Resources in Cheshire (UK)
Feb.21,2019* Tertiary Minerals in (UK)
Feb.21,2019* TFS Financial
Feb.21,2019* Universal Modern Industries for Edible Oil
Feb.21,2019* Valuenvergence Holdings in Hongkong (HK)
Feb.21,2019* Vietnam Manufacturing and Export Processing (Holdings)
Feb.21,2019* Yangtze Optical Fibre and Cable Joint Stock
Feb.21,2019* Yichang Hec Changjiang Pharmaceutical Co
Feb.21,2019* Zvi Sarfati + Sons Investments and Constructions 1992 in (IL)
Feb.22,2019* Advanced Powermponents in (UK)
Feb.22,2019* Aemulus Holdings Bhd
Feb.22,2019* Alcomet AD Shumen
Feb.22,2019* Anta Sports Products
Feb.22,2019* Apanet
Feb.22,2019* Ariantec Global Bhd in (MY)
Feb.22,2019* B & A Packaging India
Feb.22,2019* Besunyen Holdings
Feb.22,2019* Caledonian Trust in (UK)
Feb.22,2019* CAR
Feb.22,2019* ChinaVision Media Group in Hongkong (HK)
Feb.22,2019* DKSH Holdings (Malaysia) Bhd in (MY)
Feb.22,2019* EDICO Holdings
Feb.22,2019* Elektrokrajina ad Banja Luka
Feb.22,2019* Endologix
Feb.22,2019* Exclusive Property ADSITS AD Sofia
Feb.22,2019* Hidroelektrane na Vrbasu ad Mrkonjic Grad
Feb.22,2019* ISL Consulting
Feb.22,2019* Iwaki in (JP)
Feb.22,2019* K.R.S. corp in (JP)
Feb.22,2019* Kawakami Paint Mfg in (JP)
Feb.22,2019* Khon Kaen Sugar Industry in (TH)
Feb.22,2019* Kojima Iron Works in (JP)
Feb.22,2019* Malacca Trust Wuwungan Insurance Tbk
Feb.22,2019* Maruhachi Warehouse in (JP)
Feb.22,2019* Nevada Gold and Casinos
Feb.22,2019* New Island Development Holdings in Hongkong (HK)
Feb.22,2019* Pacific Drilling
Feb.22,2019* Paradox Entertainment publ in (US)
Feb.22,2019* Platinum Group Metals
Feb.22,2019* PME Group
Feb.22,2019* Przedsiebiorstwo Robot Instalacyjnych Ekopark
Feb.22,2019* Resolute Energy
Feb.22,2019* Rigas Elektromasinbuves Rupnica AS in (LV)
Feb.22,2019* Shengjing Bank Co
Feb.22,2019* Silicon Studio
Feb.22,2019* Sleepo
Feb.22,2019* Spiffbet
Feb.22,2019* Triumph Corporation
Feb.22,2019* Tsudakoma in (JP)
Feb.22,2019* Ufimskoye motorostroitel'noye proizvodstvennoye ob''yedineniye in (RU)
Feb.22,2019* Urals Energy Public Company in (CY)
Feb.22,2019* Vodovod i Komunalije ad Zvornik
Feb.22,2019* Water Oasis Group in (HK)
Feb.23,2019* Al Baraka Bank Egypt ESC in (EG)
Feb.23,2019* Sharjah Islamic Bank PJSC
Feb.23,2019* Vishal Bearings
Feb.24,2019* Airport City in (IL)
Feb.24,2019* Al Khalij commercial Bank QSC in Doha (QA)
Feb.24,2019* Amad For Investment and Real Estate Development
Feb.24,2019* Biocancell in Jerusalem (IL)
Feb.24,2019* Cauldron Energy in (AU)
Feb.24,2019* Gulf Generaloperative Insurance
Feb.24,2019* Israel Land Development Company Energy in (IL)
Feb.24,2019* Qatar for Meat and Livestock Trading QSC in Doha (QA)
Feb.24,2019* Raj Rayon Industries in (IN)
Feb.25,2019* AAR Commercial Co
Feb.25,2019* Ahli Bank QSC in Doha (QA)
Feb.25,2019* Ahli BankOG
Feb.25,2019* Amira Nature Foods
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