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AGMagenda dates in chronological order.

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Aug.15,2023* Hiep Phuoc Industrial Park JSC
Aug.15,2023* Novume Solutions
Aug.15,2023* Plenti Group
Aug.15,2023* Prophecy Platinum
Aug.15,2023* Roth CH Acquisition II Co
Aug.15,2023* Saffron Energy
Aug.15,2023* Targacept
Aug.15,2023* Work Group in (UK)
Aug.16,2023* Abc Communications (Holdings) in Hongkong (HK)
Aug.16,2023* Aortech International in (UK)
Aug.16,2023* B + D Strategic Holdings
Aug.16,2023* Batavia Prosperindo Finance Tbk in (ID)
Aug.16,2023* Biosenta
Aug.16,2023* Castings in (UK)
Aug.16,2023* Crown Crafts
Aug.16,2023* Freckle
Aug.16,2023* Gee
Aug.16,2023* Genial Tours Co
Aug.16,2023* Goldspot Discoveries
Aug.16,2023* Guinea Insurance
Aug.16,2023* Hcl Technologies
Aug.16,2023* Himax Technologies in (TW)
Aug.16,2023* Jaiz Bank
Aug.16,2023* Monro Muffler Brake
Aug.16,2023* Nasr City Housing and Development in (EG)
Aug.16,2023* National Agriculture Marketing in (SA)
Aug.16,2023* Netlist
Aug.16,2023* New Concepts Holdings
Aug.16,2023* OFS Credit Company
Aug.16,2023* Precision Tsugami (China) Corporation
Aug.16,2023* Quantum
Aug.16,2023* Saigon Hotel in (VN)
Aug.16,2023* Shagrir Group Vehicle Services
Aug.16,2023* Stelux Holdings International
Aug.16,2023* Ventripoint Diagnostics
Aug.16,2023* Vistar Holdings
Aug.16,2023* Wireless Ronin Technologies
Aug.17,2023* Access Pharmaceuticals
Aug.17,2023* American Software
Aug.17,2023* Ananda Developments
Aug.17,2023* Avenue Supermarts in (IN)
Aug.17,2023* Calnex Solutions
Aug.17,2023* Damodar Threads
Aug.17,2023* Encision
Aug.17,2023* Equites Property Fund in (ZA)
Aug.17,2023* Globalwise Investments
Aug.17,2023* Hipromine
Aug.17,2023* Honeywell Automation India in (IN)
Aug.17,2023* Immunovant
Aug.17,2023* J M Smucker in Orrville (US)
Aug.17,2023* Klil Industries in (IL)
Aug.17,2023* Kriti Industries India Limited
Aug.17,2023* Kriti Nutrients
Aug.17,2023* Legacy Iron Ore in (AU)
Aug.17,2023* Lotus Horizon Holdings
Aug.17,2023* Medalist Diversified Reit
Aug.17,2023* Metalatings India
Aug.17,2023* Mine Restoration Investments in (ZA)
Aug.17,2023* Mobicon Group in (HK)
Aug.17,2023* Modra Spilja
Aug.17,2023* Munoth Communication
Aug.17,2023* New Relic
Aug.17,2023* Newtree Group Holdings
Aug.17,2023* NextEnergy Solar Fund
Aug.17,2023* Oriental Press Group in Hongkong (CN)
Aug.17,2023* Prima Plastics
Aug.17,2023* Prosperity Investment Holdings in (HK)
Aug.17,2023* Quality Systems
Aug.17,2023* Sable Resources
Aug.17,2023* TERME CATEZ in (SI)
Aug.17,2023* Ultratech Cement in (IN)
Aug.17,2023* Vipa Holding dd v likvidaciji in (SI)
Aug.17,2023* Westast Paper Mills in (IN)
Aug.17,2023* World Acceptance
Aug.17,2023* Xero in (NZ)
Aug.17,2023* Yuk Wing Group Holdings
Jan.01,2030 testtest
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