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Feb.08,2023* Pure Bioscience
Feb.08,2023* Relentless Resources
Feb.08,2023* Rogers Sugar in Montreal (CA)
Feb.08,2023* Russell Breweries
Feb.08,2023* Sappi in (ZA)
Feb.08,2023* Saudi IAICoperative Insurance
Feb.08,2023* Shanghai New Huang Pu Real Estate in (CN)
Feb.08,2023* Shen You Holdings
Feb.08,2023* Soligenix in Princeton (US)
Feb.08,2023* StoneShield Capital
Feb.08,2023* Sunlight (1977) Holdings
Feb.08,2023* Talos Energy
Feb.08,2023* TerraVest Industries
Feb.08,2023* TFF Pharmaceuticals
Feb.08,2023* Wisynco Group
Feb.08,2023* Zenith Exports
Feb.09,2023* 11 Bit Studios
Feb.09,2023* Alma Gold
Feb.09,2023* Ansell Capital
Feb.09,2023* Apollo Endosurgery
Feb.09,2023* Asia Precision
Feb.09,2023 B+S Banksysteme in Munich (DE)
Feb.09,2023* BBK BSC
Feb.09,2023* BCL Industries + Infrastructure
Feb.09,2023* Beazer Homes USA
Feb.09,2023* Benton Resources
Feb.09,2023* Bianor Holding AD Sofia
Feb.09,2023* Boostheat SAS
Feb.09,2023* Brenmiller Energy
Feb.09,2023* Cerence
Feb.09,2023 COMPASS group in Twickenham (UK)
Feb.09,2023* Daqin Railway in (CN)
Feb.09,2023* Delta Apparel
Feb.09,2023 easyjet in (UK)
Feb.09,2023* Eaton Vance Short Duration Diversifiedome Fund
Feb.09,2023* Ethernity Networks in London (IL)
Feb.09,2023* Fontana
Feb.09,2023* Geospace Technologies
Feb.09,2023* Grainger in (UK)
Feb.09,2023* Ground Rents Income Fund
Feb.09,2023* JPMorgan Asian Investment Trust in (UK)
Feb.09,2023* Karce International Holdings
Feb.09,2023* Kingston Financial Group
Feb.09,2023* Midland Exploration
Feb.09,2023* OMG in (UK)
Feb.09,2023* Postmedia Network Canada
Feb.09,2023* Prime Property BG ADSITS Sofia
Feb.09,2023* Sany Heavy Equipment International Holdings in (CN)
Feb.09,2023* Schroder UK Mid Cap Fund in (UK)
Feb.09,2023 Siemens in Munich (DE)
Compliance StatementAGM
Feb.09,2023* Simulations Plus
Feb.09,2023* Sisram Medical
Feb.09,2023* The Israel Land Development in (IL)
Feb.09,2023* Triple Point VCT 2011
Feb.09,2023* Tritax EuroBox
Feb.09,2023* Tyson Foods in Springdale (US)
Feb.09,2023* United Malt Group
Feb.09,2023* Wai Chi Holdings Co
Feb.09,2023* Zytronic in Blaydon on Tyne (UK)
Feb.10,2023* Air China in (CN)
Feb.10,2023* ANHUI HONGYU WUZHOU Medical Manufacturer Co
Feb.10,2023* Aramis Group SAS
Feb.10,2023* Archtis
Feb.10,2023* Australian Unity Office Fund
Feb.10,2023* Avichina Industry & Technology in (CN)
Feb.10,2023* Axis Rail India
Feb.10,2023* Bioharvest Sciences
Feb.10,2023* Blue Vision in (DK)
Feb.10,2023* Bright Scholar Education Holdings
Feb.10,2023* CGN Power
Feb.10,2023* China Communications Services in (CN)
Feb.10,2023* CIBT Education Group
Feb.10,2023* Comprehensive Leasing
Feb.10,2023* D Property Management Group Co
Feb.10,2023* Earth Heat Resources in (AU)
Feb.10,2023* Eaton Vance Tax-Advantaged Global Dividend Opportunities Fund
Feb.10,2023* Hennessy Advisors
Feb.10,2023* Huatai Securities in (CN)
Feb.10,2023* Huitongda Network Co
Feb.10,2023* Hyundai Department Store in (KR)
Feb.10,2023* HYUNDAI GREEN FOOD CO in (KR)
Feb.10,2023* Kaap Agri Bedryf Employee and Farm Worker Bee Trust
Feb.10,2023* Merko Gida Sanayi ve Ticaret AS in (TR)
Feb.10,2023* Mittel in (IT)
Feb.10,2023* Osmozis SAS
Feb.10,2023* Polar Capital Global Healthcare Growth andome Trust in (UK)
Feb.10,2023* ProtoKinetix
Feb.10,2023* Red Rock Resources in (UK)
Feb.10,2023* Rio2
Feb.10,2023* Rox Resources
Feb.10,2023* Sec
Feb.10,2023* Sietel in (AU)
Feb.10,2023* Smart Global Holdings
Feb.10,2023* South West Eco Development
Feb.10,2023* SurModics in (US)
Feb.10,2023* Topfield Co in (KR)
Feb.10,2023* Varex Imaging
Feb.10,2023* VBG International Holdings in HongKong (HK)
Feb.10,2023* Victrex in (UK)
Feb.10,2023* Water Oasis Group in (HK)
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