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Dec.08,2022* Defiance Silver in Toronto (CA)
Dec.08,2022* Egyptian Transport and Commercial Services in (EG)
Dec.08,2022* Evergreen Gaming
Dec.08,2022* Evolution Petroleum
Dec.08,2022* Fabrinet
Dec.08,2022* Falanx Group
Dec.08,2022* Global Crossing Airlines Group
Dec.08,2022* GPRO Technologies Bhd in (MY)
Dec.08,2022* HALO Technologies Holdings
Dec.08,2022* Harbin Bank Co in (CN)
Dec.08,2022* Ho Chi Minh City Electric Power Trading Investment
Dec.08,2022* IBC Advanced Alloys
Dec.08,2022* Ibio
Dec.08,2022* Imaging Dynamics
Dec.08,2022* Inner Mongolia Yili Industrial Group in (CN)
Dec.08,2022* International Biotechnology Trust
Dec.08,2022* iSelect
Dec.08,2022* Jupiter Energy in (AU)
Dec.08,2022* Kabile LB AD Yambol
Dec.08,2022* Keppel in Singapore (SG)
Dec.08,2022* Kerry Logistics Network
Dec.08,2022* Khee San Bhd
Dec.08,2022* Kirloskar Brothers in (IN)
Dec.08,2022* Komplett in (NO)
Dec.08,2022* Konsortium
Dec.08,2022* L-KONZEPT Holding
Dec.08,2022* Lankem Developments
Dec.08,2022* Larkspur Health Acquisition
Dec.08,2022* Lightstone Value Plus Reit I
Dec.08,2022* Lightstone Value Plus Reit III
Dec.08,2022* Linkage Assurance
Dec.08,2022* Lok'nStore Group in (UK)
Dec.08,2022* Luff Enterprises
Dec.08,2022* Maritime Resources
Dec.08,2022* Matchtech Group in (UK)
Dec.08,2022* Medtronic in Dublin (IE)
Dec.08,2022* Milkyway Chemical Supply Chain Service Co
Dec.08,2022* Millennium India Acquisition Company
Dec.08,2022* MMTC in (IN)
Dec.08,2022* Mobila Radauti
Dec.08,2022* MUI Properties Bhd in (MY)
Dec.08,2022* Multi-Usage Holdings Bhd in (MY)
Dec.08,2022* Mundo Minerals
Dec.08,2022* Nanjing Sample Technology
Dec.08,2022* Neoprobe
Dec.08,2022* New Found Gold
Dec.08,2022* New Zealand Rural Land Company
Dec.08,2022* Newport Exploration
Dec.08,2022* NFT Investments
Dec.08,2022* Oceanic Iron Ore
Dec.08,2022* Ozon dd Travnik
Dec.08,2022* Pan Malaysia Corporation Bhd in (MY)
Dec.08,2022* Paysafe
Dec.08,2022* Phosargo
Dec.08,2022* Pitchblack Resources
Dec.08,2022* PLS Plantations Bhd in (MY)
Dec.08,2022* Preos Real Estate
Dec.08,2022* Ressources Majescor
Dec.08,2022* Risk Intelligence
Dec.08,2022* Rugby Mining
Dec.08,2022* SBD Capital in (CA)
Dec.08,2022* Scandinavian Medical Solutions
Dec.08,2022* Scientex Bhd in (MY)
Dec.08,2022* SEERS Bhd
Dec.08,2022* Shin Yang Shippingoration Bhd in (MY)
Dec.08,2022* Sinocop Resources (Holdings) in (HK)
Dec.08,2022* Societatea Nationala de Gaze Naturale Romgaz in (RO)
Dec.08,2022* Sogeclair in (FR)
Dec.08,2022* Solstice Gold
Dec.08,2022* Spearmint Resources
Dec.08,2022* Supermaxoration Bhd in (MY)
Dec.08,2022* Taiga Gold
Dec.08,2022* Twiik
Dec.08,2022* Ubiquiti Networks in (US)
Dec.08,2022* UG Healthcare Corp
Dec.08,2022* Unior in (SI)
Dec.08,2022* Vizsla Resources
Dec.08,2022* Volta Finance in (UK)
Dec.08,2022* Xinte Energy Co
Dec.08,2022* Yue Kan Holdings
Dec.08,2022* Zhongjin Irradiation Incorporated Co
Dec.08,2022* Zinc8 Energy Solutions
Dec.08,2022* ZTR Acquisition
Dec.09,2022* Acarix
Dec.09,2022* Advanced Bitcoin Technologies
Dec.09,2022* Archosaur Games
Dec.09,2022 Associated British Foods in London (UK)
Dec.09,2022* Audiovalley
Dec.09,2022* Barrian Mining
Dec.09,2022* Beijing Beida Jade Bird Universal Sci-Tech in Hongkong (HK)
Dec.09,2022* Bio Osmo Bhd
Dec.09,2022* Biomerica
Dec.09,2022* Blackrock Gold
Dec.09,2022* Calapan Ventures
Dec.09,2022* Capital Estate
Dec.09,2022* Chengdu PUTIAN Telecommunications Cable Co in (CN)
Dec.09,2022* Cogenpower
Dec.09,2022* Craftport Cannabis
Dec.09,2022* CyberAgent in (JP)
Dec.09,2022* Cytodyn
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