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Dec.07,2022* Douyu International Holdings
Dec.07,2022* Dynafront Holdings Bhd
Dec.07,2022* Enablence Technologies
Dec.07,2022 Evraz in Luxembourg (RU)
Dec.07,2022* Funtastic in (AU)
Dec.07,2022* Global Healthcare REIT
Dec.07,2022* Global Ship Lease
Dec.07,2022* GORE German Office Real Estate
Dec.07,2022* Grupo Qualicorp
Dec.07,2022* GSP Resource
Dec.07,2022* Gushengtang Holdings
Dec.07,2022* Habanero Resources
Dec.07,2022* Hapbee Technologies
Dec.07,2022* Hard Creek Nickel Corporation
Dec.07,2022* Henderson Internationalome Trust
Dec.07,2022* Hengtai Securities Co
Dec.07,2022* Heriot Reit
Dec.07,2022* HPI in (D)
Dec.07,2022* Huabao International Holdings in Hongkong (HK)
Dec.07,2022* Immunovaccine
Dec.07,2022* Income Opportunity Realty Investors
Dec.07,2022* InterPrivate II Acquisition
Dec.07,2022* IsoRay
Dec.07,2022* ITE Electric Co in (SG)
Dec.07,2022* JPmorgan Mid Cap Investment Trust in (UK)
Dec.07,2022* Kalnorth Gold Mines in (AU)
Dec.07,2022* Kesselrun Resources
Dec.07,2022* Knowledgetree Ventures in (IL)
Dec.07,2022* Korea Gas in (KR)
Dec.07,2022* Kumpulan Powernet Bhd in (MY)
Dec.07,2022* Kunming Dianchi Water Treatment Co
Dec.07,2022* Label Vie in (MA)
Dec.07,2022* LabStyle Innovations in (US)
Dec.07,2022* LT Foods in (IN)
Dec.07,2022* M K Land Holdings Bhd in (MY)
Dec.07,2022* Mainstream Holdings
Dec.07,2022* Mayberry Jamaican Equities
Dec.07,2022* Mercator Lines in (IN)
Dec.07,2022* MESB Bhd
Dec.07,2022* MicroTech Medical Hangzhou Co
Dec.07,2022* Millennium Global Holdings
Dec.07,2022* Mind Cure Health
Dec.07,2022* Mohandes Insurance in (EG)
Dec.07,2022* Myomo
Dec.07,2022* Oil-Dri of America in (US)
Dec.07,2022* Omni Lite Industries Canada
Dec.07,2022* Opera
Dec.07,2022* Oventus Medical
Dec.07,2022* Pan Terra Industries
Dec.07,2022* Philippos Nakas in (GR)
Dec.07,2022* Pryce
Dec.07,2022* Rani Zim Shopping Centers
Dec.07,2022* Rockhaven Resources
Dec.07,2022* Ryukyu Asteeda Sports Club Co
Dec.07,2022* Sany Heavy Equipment International Holdings in (CN)
Dec.07,2022* Scorpio East Holdings
Dec.07,2022* Sila Holding AD Stara Zagora
Dec.07,2022* Societatea Nationala De Transport Gaze Naturale Transgaz in (RO)
Dec.07,2022* Societe D`Exploration Miniere Vior
Dec.07,2022* Solargiga Energy Holdings in (HK)
Dec.07,2022* Strategic Metals
Dec.07,2022* Stuhini Exploration
Dec.07,2022* Sunshine Heart
Dec.07,2022* Transaction Solutions International
Dec.07,2022* Transcontinental Realty Investors
Dec.07,2022* Trifecta Gold
Dec.07,2022* Trio Tech International
Dec.07,2022* Unevit dd Konjic
Dec.07,2022* Vail Resorts
Dec.07,2022* Xenetic Biosciences in (UK)
Dec.07,2022* Yaacobi Brothers Group (YSB)
Dec.07,2022* YouGov in (UK)
Dec.07,2022* Zagrebacka Banka in (HR)
Dec.07,2022* Zenith Minerals in (AU)
Dec.08,2022* 1-800-Flowers.Com in New York (US)
Dec.08,2022* AgriFORCE Growing Systems
Dec.08,2022* Alon Natural Gas Exploration
Dec.08,2022* Alrov Properties + Lodgings in (IL)
Dec.08,2022* Anhui Expressway in (CN)
Dec.08,2022* Argentum Silver
Dec.08,2022* Aspen Pharmacare Holdings in (ZA)
Dec.08,2022* Awilco Drilling
Dec.08,2022* Banque Saudi Fransi in (SA)
Dec.08,2022* Barksdale Capital
Dec.08,2022* Bill.com Holdings
Dec.08,2022* Bioventix
Dec.08,2022* Bone Therapeutics
Dec.08,2022* Carasso Real Estate
Dec.08,2022* Castellum in Gothenburg (SE)
Dec.08,2022* Cedergrenska
Dec.08,2022* Century Sage Scientific
Dec.08,2022* Ceres Acquisition
Dec.08,2022* CISCO Systems in San Jose (US)
Dec.08,2022* Citycon Oyj in Helsinki (FI)
Dec.08,2022* CNS Response
Dec.08,2022* Conduit Capital in (ZA)
Dec.08,2022* Crystal Exploration
Dec.08,2022* Daibochi Plastic and Packaging Industry Bhd in (MY)
Dec.08,2022* Datang Environment Industry Group Co
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