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Aug.18,2022* xG Technology
Aug.19,2022* Adharshila Capital Services
Aug.19,2022* Advanced Enzyme Technologies
Aug.19,2022* Al Qurtas Islamic Investment + Finance Bank
Aug.19,2022* ALJ Regional Holdings
Aug.19,2022* Alkali Metals
Aug.19,2022* anchiano (formerly: Biocancell) in Jerusalem (IL)
Aug.19,2022* Argent Industrial in (ZA)
Aug.19,2022* Asia Media Group Bhd in (MY)
Aug.19,2022* Asiri Hospital Holdings in (LK)
Aug.19,2022* Atlas Estates
Aug.19,2022* Bali Towerindo Sentra Tbk
Aug.19,2022* Balwin Properties
Aug.19,2022* Berjaya Food Bhd
Aug.19,2022* Best Mart 360 Holdings
Aug.19,2022* Bosnalijek dd Sarajevo in (BA)
Aug.19,2022* Bright Smart Securities &mmodities Group
Aug.19,2022* Capital Financial Indonesia Tbk
Aug.19,2022* Catholic Syrian Bank
Aug.19,2022* Catur Sentosa Adiprana Tbk in (ID)
Aug.19,2022* Colombo Fort Investments
Aug.19,2022* CROSSTEC Group Holdings
Aug.19,2022* Dadi Education Holdings
Aug.19,2022* Danasupra Erapacific Tbk in (ID)
Aug.19,2022* Dimed Distribuidora de Medicamentos in (BR)
Aug.19,2022* Earth Heat Resources in (AU)
Aug.19,2022* Easycall Co Communications Philippines
Aug.19,2022* Elanor Retail Property Fund
Aug.19,2022* Emami Paper Mills in (IN)
Aug.19,2022* EquisnZaroo Co in (KR)
Aug.19,2022* Firebird Energy
Aug.19,2022* G Willifood International in (US)
Aug.19,2022* Gain Plus Holdings
Aug.19,2022* Gapwaves
Aug.19,2022* Global Yatirim Holding AS in (TR)
Aug.19,2022* Golden Ponder Holdings
Aug.19,2022* GPT Infraprojects
Aug.19,2022* Graphite India in (IN)
Aug.19,2022* Guangzhou Automobile Group
Aug.19,2022* Guangzhou Rural Commercial Bank Co
Aug.19,2022* Gunung Raja Paksi Tbk
Aug.19,2022* Harboes Bryggeri in (DK)
Aug.19,2022* I M Quarries
Aug.19,2022* Iar in (RO)
Aug.19,2022* Indusind Bank in (IN)
Aug.19,2022* Intanwijaya Internasional Tbk
Aug.19,2022* Jamna Auto Industries
Aug.19,2022* Kalamazoo Systems
Aug.19,2022* Kin Shing Holdings
Aug.19,2022* Kin Yat Hldg in (HK)
Aug.19,2022* KNT Holdings
Aug.19,2022* La Z Boy
Aug.19,2022* Liveplex Co in (KR)
Aug.19,2022* Mahindra and Mahindra in (IN)
Aug.19,2022* Maple Peak Investments
Aug.19,2022* MD Pictures Tbk
Aug.19,2022* Media Chinese International in Hongkong (HK)
Aug.19,2022* Mediwound
Aug.19,2022* Midea Group Co
Aug.19,2022* Minda Industries
Aug.19,2022* MMIS Bhd
Aug.19,2022* Moho Resources
Aug.19,2022* Munic
Aug.19,2022* Narhex Life Sciences
Aug.19,2022* Newcapital in (ZA)
Aug.19,2022* Ngl Fine Chem
Aug.19,2022* NRB Industrial Bearings
Aug.19,2022* Oci in (KR)
Aug.19,2022* One 97 Communications
Aug.19,2022* OOH Holdings
Aug.19,2022* Openjobmetis SpA Agenzia per il Lavoro in (IT)
Aug.19,2022* Oracle Japan in (JP)
Aug.19,2022* Plava Laguna in (HR)
Aug.19,2022* Polyvision in (KR)
Aug.19,2022* Portserco Joint Stock in (VN)
Aug.19,2022* Prima Alloy Steel Universal Tbk
Aug.19,2022* Prosten Technology Holdings in Hongkong (HK)
Aug.19,2022* PT Metro Healthcare Indonesia Tbk
Aug.19,2022* PT Sitara Propertindo
Aug.19,2022* Pusan Cast Iron in (KR)
Aug.19,2022* Rajkumar Forge in (IN)
Aug.19,2022* Ramba Energy
Aug.19,2022* Renew Energy Global
Aug.19,2022* Repower Asia Indonesia Tbk
Aug.19,2022* Rivernorth Opportunities Fund
Aug.19,2022* Rohit Ferro-Tech in (IN)
Aug.19,2022* Rompetrol Rafinare
Aug.19,2022* RZ Inter Transsped AD Skopje in (MK)
Aug.19,2022* Safari Investments RSA in (ZA)
Aug.19,2022* Safety Godown in (HK)
Aug.19,2022* Sentul City Tbk in (ID)
Aug.19,2022* Shandong Sinocera Functional
Aug.19,2022* Sheela Foam Pvt
Aug.19,2022* Shelter Infra Projects
Aug.19,2022* Sheung Yue Group Holdings
Aug.19,2022* Shree Pacetronix
Aug.19,2022* Shreyans Industries
Aug.19,2022* Shun Cheong Holdings
Aug.19,2022* Sinjin SM Co in (KR)
Aug.19,2022* Summit Semiconductor
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