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AGMagenda dates in chronological order.

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Jun.02,2021 Aareal Bank in Wiesbaden (DE)
Jun.02,2021 edding in Ahrensburg (DE)
Jun.02,2021 LEIFHEIT in Frankfurt virtual meeting (DE)
Jun.02,2021 OMV in Vienna (AT)
Jun.03,2021 Aegon in Den Haag (NL)
Jun.03,2021* WENDEL Investissement in Paris (FR)
Jun.04,2021 freenet in Hamburg virtual meeting (DE)
Jun.04,2021* Greenlane Holdings
Jun.04,2021* Nlight
Jun.04,2021* Policy
Jun.09,2021 Instone Real Estate Group in Essen (DE)
Compliance Statement
Jun.09,2021* Marine Harvest in (NO)
Jun.10,2021* Adverty publ
Jun.10,2021* Dignity in (UK)
Jun.11,2021* Luka Kotor ad Kotor
Jun.15,2021 Bechtle in Neckarsulm virtual meeting (DE)
Jun.15,2021 Sonova Holding in Zurich (CH)
Jun.16,2021* Inotek Pharmaceuticals
Jun.17,2021* Advanz Pharma Corp
Jun.17,2021 Marinomed Biotech in Vienna (AT)
Jun.18,2021 Deutsche EuroShop in Hamburg virtual meeting (DE)
Compliance Statement
Jun.18,2021 immofinanz in Vienna (AT)
Jun.18,2021* PVA TePla in Giessen (DE)
Jun.18,2021 STRABAG in Vienna (AT)
Jun.22,2021 Vivendi in Paris (FR)
VIP speech
Jun.23,2021 PATRIZIA Immobilien in Augsburg (DE)
Jun.23,2021* SURTECO in Munich (DE)
Compliance Statement
Jun.25,2021* Santen Pharmaceutical in (JP)
Jun.25,2021* SCHWEIZER ELECTRONIC in Rottweil (DE)
Jun.29,2021* Matas
Jun.30,2021 Gesco in Wuppertal (DE)
Compliance Statement
Jun.30,2021* IIFL Securities
Jun.30,2021* Infonet
Jun.30,2021* Pratica Klimaquip Industria e Comercio
Jul.03,2021* Burckhardt Compression Holding
Jul.07,2021 Voestalpine AG in Linz virtual meeting (AT)
Jul.13,2021 CropEnergies in Mannheim virtual meeting (DE)
Compliance Statement
Jul.15,2021* Mindtree in (IN)
Jul.15,2021 Suedzucker in Mannheim virtual meeting (DE)
Compliance Statement
Jul.21,2021* Par Drugs and Chemicals
Jul.23,2021* Amaya Leisure
Jul.28,2021* Atento
Jul.29,2021 Johnson Matthey in London (UK)
Jul.30,2021* Atomera
Jul.30,2021* Chememan
Aug.04,2021* CML Microsystems in (UK)
Aug.04,2021* Phillips Edison Grocery Center REIT I
Aug.07,2021* Ems Chemie Holding in (CH)
Aug.12,2021* Bank of N.T. Butterfield + Son
Aug.13,2021* Zimre Holdings in (ZW)
Aug.24,2021* Wah Wo Holdings Group
Aug.27,2021* Sejahtera Bintang Abadi Textile Tbk
Aug.27,2021* Systemair in (SE)
Sep.17,2021* Supergroupin Cheltenham (UK)
Sep.29,2021* Etablissementen Frlruyt in (BE)
Sep.30,2021* HELLA GmbH + Co KGaA in Lippstadt (DE)
Compliance Statement
Oct.12,2021* Telstra Corppration in Sydney virtual meeting (AU)
Oct.13,2021 Commonwealth Bank of Australia in Sydney (AU)
Oct.26,2021* Aedifica in Brussels (BE)
Oct.29,2021* KBC Ancora CVA in Leuven (BE)
Nov.08,2021* Imperial Holdings in (ZA)
Nov.17,2021 ABENGOA in Sevilla (ES)
Jan.01,2030 testtest
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