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May.14,2019* Goldenbridge No.4 Special Purpose Acquisition Co
May.14,2019* Granite Point Mortgage Trust
May.14,2019 Grenke Leasing in Baden-Baden (DE)
May.14,2019* Hanover Insurance Group
May.14,2019* Health Ins Innovations
May.14,2019* Healthcare Realty Trust
May.14,2019* Hui Xian Real Estate Investment Trust in Hongkong (HK)
May.14,2019* Hydraulic Elements & Systems AD Yambol
May.14,2019* Hydrogenics
May.14,2019* Impact Healthcare REIT
May.14,2019* Independence Realty Trust
May.14,2019* Indo Kordsa Tbk in (ID)
May.14,2019* Industrial Buildings Corporation in Tel Aviv (IL)
May.14,2019* Innergex Renewable Energy
May.14,2019* Innophos Holdings
May.14,2019* Inter Gamma Investment Company in (IL)
May.14,2019* InvoCare in (AU)
May.14,2019* Irish Life and Permanent Group Hldg in (IE)
May.14,2019* IWG
May.14,2019* Jerusalem Economy in (IL)
May.14,2019* Juniper Networks in Sunnyvale (US)
May.14,2019* Kakuzi in (KE)
May.14,2019* Kenmare Resources in (IE)
May.14,2019* Keyera
May.14,2019* Kite Realty Group Trust
May.14,2019* KRTD Zangar AO in (KZ)
May.14,2019* Krusik Plastika ad Osecina
May.14,2019* Loews
May.14,2019* M Winkworth
May.14,2019* Macfarlane Group in (UK)
May.14,2019* Manhattan Associates
May.14,2019* Map Boga Adiperkasa Tbk
May.14,2019* Mark Dynamics Indonesia Tbk
May.14,2019* Masonite
May.14,2019* MD EX ad Kragujevac
May.14,2019* Merit Invest
May.14,2019* Metals Finance
May.14,2019* MGE Energy
May.14,2019* Microsaic Systems in (UK)
May.14,2019* mPay
May.14,2019* Multistack International
May.14,2019* National Retail Properties
May.14,2019* Navigantnsulting
May.14,2019* Nibe Industrier in (SE)
May.14,2019* Nusantara Pelabuhan Handal Tbk
May.14,2019* Omnicell in Mountain View (CA)
May.14,2019 OMV in Vienna (AT)
May.14,2019* Oncogenex Pharmaceuticals
May.14,2019* ORT Technologies
May.14,2019* P World
May.14,2019* Paperpack Printing Box Manufacturing and Paper Packaging Industrial in (GR)
May.14,2019* Power Of Canada
May.14,2019* PPL
May.14,2019* Prudential Financial
May.14,2019* Pure Biologics
May.14,2019* Puregold Price Club
May.14,2019* PV Crystalox Solar in (UK)
May.14,2019* QEP Resources
May.14,2019* Quest Diagnostics in (US)
May.14,2019* Quidel
May.14,2019* Quintana Energy Services
May.14,2019* Realtyome
May.14,2019* Rush Enterprises
May.14,2019* Sabvest in (ZA)
May.14,2019* Saudi Marketing Company CJSC
May.14,2019* Scancom
May.14,2019* Selenginskiy tsellyulozno-kartonnyi kombinat in (RU)
May.14,2019* ServiceSource International
May.14,2019 Signify (former Philips Lighting) in Amsterdam (NL)
May.14,2019* Simple in (PL)
May.14,2019* Skovin AD Skopje
May.14,2019* Smr
May.14,2019* Societatea Nationala de Gaze Naturale Romgaz in (RO)
May.14,2019 solvay in Antwerpen (BE)
May.14,2019* Spirit Airlines
May.14,2019* SPSmmerce
May.14,2019* Sredneural'skiy medeplavil'nyi zavod in (RU)
May.14,2019* SRS
May.14,2019* St James's Place in London (UK)
May.14,2019* Standard Life in (UK)
May.14,2019* STM Group in (UK)
May.14,2019* Stoneridge
May.14,2019* Suez Environnement Company in Paris (FR)
May.14,2019* Sun International in (ZA)
May.14,2019* Swire Properties
May.14,2019* Takbo Group Holdings
May.14,2019* Tenaga Nasional Bhd in (MY)
May.14,2019* Tenfu Cayman Holdings Co
May.14,2019* The Babcock + Wilcox Co
May.14,2019* TK Group(Holdings)Ltd
May.14,2019* Toumaz in (UK)
May.14,2019* Tpi Composites
May.14,2019* Travelzoo
May.14,2019* TriMas
May.14,2019* TYMLEZ Group
May.14,2019* Unibet Group in Stockholm (UK)
May.14,2019* Vedan International (Holdings) in (HK)
May.14,2019* Ventas
May.14,2019* Victory Securities (Holdings) Company
May.14,2019* Vishay Intertechnology in Malvern (US)
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