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Jun.19,2018* RAIT Financial Trust
Jun.19,2018* Ranger Direct Lending Fund
Jun.19,2018* Recruit Holdings Co
Jun.19,2018* Remotek
Jun.19,2018* Resolute Energy
Jun.19,2018* Rhone Ma Holdings Bhd
Jun.19,2018* Roxi Petroleum in (UK)
Jun.19,2018* S T in (JP)
Jun.19,2018* Sabeton in (FR)
Jun.19,2018* Sakhalinenergo in (RU)
Jun.19,2018* ServiceNow in Santa Clara virtual meeting (US)
Jun.19,2018* Seven Bank in (JP)
Jun.19,2018* Shandong Weigao Group Medical Polymer
Jun.19,2018* Shimao Property Holdings in Hongkong (HK)
Jun.19,2018* Shin Hai Gas in (TW)
Jun.19,2018* Shuang Bang Industrial in (TW)
Jun.19,2018 sleepZ in Berlin (DE)
Jun.19,2018* SLS Co
Jun.19,2018* Societe de Realisations Mecaniques in (MA)
Jun.19,2018* Sojitz in (JP)
Jun.19,2018* Sony in (JP)
Jun.19,2018* Stein Mart
Jun.19,2018* Taya in (JP)
Jun.19,2018* TCP Capital
Jun.19,2018* The Vegetexco Port Joint Stock in (VN)
Jun.19,2018* Tokyo Electron in (JP)
Jun.19,2018* Tong Ming Enterprise Co
Jun.19,2018* Trancom in (JP)
Jun.19,2018* TransAtlantic Petroleum
Jun.19,2018* TSC MEMSYS in (KR)
Jun.19,2018* Tutayevskiy motornyi zavod in (RU)
Jun.19,2018* Tyumendorstroy
Jun.19,2018* Uematsu Shokai in (JP)
Jun.19,2018* Ultragenyx Pharmaceutical
Jun.19,2018* Unimed
Jun.19,2018* Valjaonica Bakra Sevojno ad Sevojno
Jun.19,2018 VARTA in Ellwangen (DE)
Jun.19,2018* Voronezhskoye aktsionernoye samoletostroitel'noye obshchestvo in (RU)
Jun.19,2018* WAIDA MFG CO in (JP)
Jun.19,2018* WisdomTree Investments
Jun.19,2018* Yahoo! Japan in (JP)
Jun.19,2018* Yoshicon in (JP)
Jun.19,2018* Yuzhno-Kuzbasskaya GRES in (RU)
Jun.19,2018* Zhayremskiy GOK AO
Jun.20,2018* 4 Septembar ad Teslic
Jun.20,2018* Ability Opto-Electronics Technology Co in (TW)
Jun.20,2018* Aeon Credit Service in Kuala Lumpur (MY)
Jun.20,2018* Agenus
Jun.20,2018* Ahresty in (JP)
Jun.20,2018* Alconix in (JP)
Jun.20,2018* Alltek Technology in (TW)
Jun.20,2018* ALOR Bank in (RU)
Jun.20,2018* Alps Logistics in (JP)
Jun.20,2018* Alten in (FR)
Jun.20,2018 Amadeus IT Holding in Madrid (ES)
Jun.20,2018* Anshin Guarantor Svc Co
Jun.20,2018* Antero Resources
Jun.20,2018* Arakawa Chemical Industries in (JP)
Jun.20,2018* Arzamasskiy mashinostroitel'nyi zavod in (RU)
Jun.20,2018* Asante
Jun.20,2018* Asia Pacific Telecom Co in (TW)
Jun.20,2018* Asunaro Aokinstruction in (JP)
Jun.20,2018* Atomenergoremont AD Kozloduy
Jun.20,2018 Aumann in Beelen (DE)
Jun.20,2018* Aures Technologies in (FR)
Jun.20,2018* Aurotek in (TW)
Jun.20,2018* Autoventil ad Uzice
Jun.20,2018* Balchem
Jun.20,2018* Bank of Kaohsiung in (TW)
Jun.20,2018* Belozerneft' in (RU)
Jun.20,2018* Benq Materials in (TW)
Jun.20,2018* BGC Partners
Jun.20,2018* Biocryst Pharmaceuticals
Jun.20,2018* Biokarpet SA Industrial and Commercial Enterprises in (GR)
Jun.20,2018* Bionime in (TW)
Jun.20,2018* bluebird bio
Jun.20,2018* Box
Jun.20,2018 Brenntag in Duesseldorf (DE)
Compliance Statement
Jun.20,2018* BYD Electronic (International)
Jun.20,2018* BYD in (CN)
Jun.20,2018* Calbee in (JP)
Jun.20,2018* Capital Trust in New York (US)
Jun.20,2018* Carnival Industrial in (TW)
Jun.20,2018* CAS Medical Systems
Jun.20,2018* Cemedine in (JP)
Jun.20,2018* Chernogorneft' in (RU)
Jun.20,2018* Chia Ta World in (TW)
Jun.20,2018* Chien Wei Precise Technology Co in (TW)
Jun.20,2018* Chimei Innolux in Sin-Jhu (TW)
Jun.20,2018* Chimerix
Jun.20,2018* China Communicationsnstruction in (CN)
Jun.20,2018* China Steel Structure in (TW)
Jun.20,2018* Coco S Japan in (JP)
Jun.20,2018* Commonwealth Reit
Jun.20,2018* Credit Saison in (JP)
Jun.20,2018* Crest Builder Holdings Bhd in (MY)
Jun.20,2018* Cypress Technology in (TW)
Jun.20,2018* Daiko Clearing Services in (JP)
Jun.20,2018* Dalekovod in (HR)
Jun.20,2018* Denso in (JP)
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