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Feb.27,2018* Yantai Dongcheng Pharmaceutical Co in (CN)
Feb.27,2018* YFG Bhd in Naypyidaw (MY)
Feb.27,2018* Yunnan Yuntianhua in (CN)
Feb.27,2018* Zhejiang Wanliyang Transmission in (CN)
Feb.28,2018* ABN AMRO Group
Feb.28,2018* Aecom Technology in (US)
Feb.28,2018* Afcon Holdings in (IL)
Feb.28,2018* Al Khalij Holding QSC
Feb.28,2018* Alexandriantainer and Cargo Handling in (EG)
Feb.28,2018* APB Resources Bhd
Feb.28,2018* Apollo Commercial Co in New York (US)
Feb.28,2018* Bank Mega Tbk in (ID)
Feb.28,2018* Booker Group in (UK)
Feb.28,2018* C2SAT holding publ in (SE)
Feb.28,2018* Cajavec Mega ad Banja Luka
Feb.28,2018* CD Deutsche Eigenheim
Feb.28,2018* China Bearing (Singapore)
Feb.28,2018* China Everbright Bank
Feb.28,2018* China Sports Industry Group in (CN)
Feb.28,2018* China United Network Communications in (CN)
Feb.28,2018* COFCO Tunhe in (CN)
Feb.28,2018* Companhia Energetica de Minas Gerais in (BR)
Feb.28,2018* Cubes in (KR)
Feb.28,2018* Cymechs
Feb.28,2018* Deere and
Feb.28,2018* Dongnam Marine Crane Co in (KR)
Feb.28,2018* DuChemBio Co
Feb.28,2018* Ecowise Holdings in Singapore (SG)
Feb.28,2018* Enanta Pharmaceuticals in Watertown (US)
Feb.28,2018* Fair Isaac
Feb.28,2018* Fond za nedvizhimi imoti Bulgaria ADSITS Sofia
Feb.28,2018* Grupex dd Velika Kladusa
Feb.28,2018* GTG Wellness Co
Feb.28,2018* Guangdong Elecpro Electric Appliance Holding in (CN)
Feb.28,2018* Guirenniao
Feb.28,2018* Haitong Securities in (CN)
Feb.28,2018* Han's Laser Technology (Shenzhen) in (CN)
Feb.28,2018* HC SemiTek
Feb.28,2018* Hybio Pharmaceutical in (CN)
Feb.28,2018* IPCO International in (SG)
Feb.28,2018* Jiangsu Changbao Steeltube in (CN)
Feb.28,2018* Jiangsu Liba Enterprise Joint-Stock Co
Feb.28,2018* Jiangsu Nandasoft Technology in (CN)
Feb.28,2018* JPMF Guangdong Co in (CN)
Feb.28,2018* LK Designer Shops
Feb.28,2018* Mannai QSC in (QA)
Feb.28,2018* Ming Fung Jewellery Group
Feb.28,2018* Mitra Keluarga Karyasehat
Feb.28,2018* Murmanskoye morskoye parokhodstvo in (RU)
Feb.28,2018* Nanjing CEC Environmental Protection in (CN)
Feb.28,2018* Nation Multimedia Group
Feb.28,2018* NCI Building Systems
Feb.28,2018* NEOVACS
Feb.28,2018* Nuance Communications
Feb.28,2018* Philadelphia International Educational Investments Company in (JO)
Feb.28,2018* Piscines Desjoyaux in (FR)
Feb.28,2018* Plastic Co
Feb.28,2018* Polar Capital Global Healthcare Growth andome Trust in (UK)
Feb.28,2018* Poncin Yachts in (FR)
Feb.28,2018* Power Engineering Consulting Joint Stock Co 2
Feb.28,2018* QMC Co
Feb.28,2018* Ringkjoebing Landbobank in (DK)
Feb.28,2018* Ristia Bintang Mahkotasejati Tbk in (ID)
Feb.28,2018* Rongan Property Co in (CN)
Feb.28,2018* Rongfeng Holding Group in (CN)
Feb.28,2018* S&T Daewoo in (KR)
Feb.28,2018* S&T Dynamics in (KR)
Feb.28,2018* S&T Holdings in (KR)
Feb.28,2018* S&T in (KR)
Feb.28,2018* Sage Group in Newcastle (UK)
Feb.28,2018* Saudi Fisheries Company in (SA)
Feb.28,2018* Scandinavian ChemoTech
Feb.28,2018* Semen Baturaja Persero Tbk
Feb.28,2018* Shanghai Kehua Bio Engineering in (CN)
Feb.28,2018* Sheba Metal Casting Co
Feb.28,2018* Shenzhen Das Intellitech in (CN)
Feb.28,2018* Shenzhen Zhengtong Electronics in (CN)
Feb.28,2018* Simei Media
Feb.28,2018* Smalto in (FR)
Feb.28,2018* Suzhou Huayuan Pkg Co
Feb.28,2018* Suzhou Yangtze New Materials Co in (CN)
Feb.28,2018* Synel Industries in (IL)
Feb.28,2018 TESCO in (UK)
Feb.28,2018* TGK-2 in (RU)
Feb.28,2018* Trus Y 7 REIT Co in (KR)
Feb.28,2018* Tyumenneftekomplektservis in (RU)
Feb.28,2018* United Arab Stevedoring in (EG)
Feb.28,2018* Uniti
Feb.28,2018* Vitania in (IL)
Feb.28,2018* Xiamen Insight Investment Co in (CN)
Feb.28,2018* Xuancheng Valin Precision Technology Co
Feb.28,2018* Yantai Wanhua Polyurethanes in (CN)
Feb.28,2018* Yong Tai Bhd in (MY)
Feb.28,2018* Zhonglu in (CN)
Mar.01,2018* Aberforth Smaller Companies Trust in (UK)
Mar.01,2018* ADO Group in Antalya (TR)
Mar.01,2018* Aerospace Hi Tech Holding Group in (CN)
Mar.01,2018* AmerisourceBergen
Mar.01,2018* ARRK in (JP)
Mar.01,2018 Aurubis (former: Norddeutsche Affinerie) in Hamburg (DE)
Compliance Statement
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