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Jan.16,2019* Al Kout Industrial Projects KSCC in Safat (KW)
Jan.16,2019* Arad in (IL)
Jan.16,2019* Bjelasnica dd Hadzici
Jan.16,2019* Buducnost ad Novi Sad in (RS)
Jan.16,2019* C4X Discovery Holdings in London (UK)
Jan.16,2019* Catalyst Media Group in (UK)
Jan.16,2019* Client Service International
Jan.16,2019* Corus Entertainment
Jan.16,2019* Darma Henwa Tbk in (ID)
Jan.16,2019* Delek Automotive Systems in (IL)
Jan.16,2019* Dobrinja dd Sarajevo
Jan.16,2019* Edinburgh Dragon Trust in (UK)
Jan.16,2019* Erbud in (PL)
Jan.16,2019* Etika International Holdings in (SG)
Jan.16,2019* Furniweb Industrial Products Bhd in (MY)
Jan.16,2019* Grong Sparebank
Jan.16,2019* Hudson Investment Group in (AU)
Jan.16,2019* Jacobs Engineering Group
Jan.16,2019* Kiu Hung Energy Holdings in (HK)
Jan.16,2019* Logintrade
Jan.16,2019* Majedie Investments in (UK)
Jan.16,2019* Medyssey Co
Jan.16,2019* Meera Industries
Jan.16,2019* Mikrofin Osiguranje ad Banja Luka
Jan.16,2019* PKP Cargo in (PL)
Jan.16,2019* Presto
Jan.16,2019* Quali-Smart Holdings
Jan.16,2019* Red Hat
Jan.16,2019* Red Sena Bhd in Kuala Lumpur (MY)
Jan.16,2019* Washington Federal
Jan.17,2019* ABS Avtomatizatsiya in (RU)
Jan.17,2019* Cairo Poultry CompanyE in (EG)
Jan.17,2019* Cardiff Property Public Company(The) in (UK)
Jan.17,2019* Cheoum + C Co in (KR)
Jan.17,2019* EVN AG in Maria Enzersdorf (AT)
Jan.17,2019* Fitzroy Resources in (AU)
Jan.17,2019* Game Digital
Jan.17,2019* GAZ-Tek
Jan.17,2019* Golden Land Property Development
Jan.17,2019* Gujarat Raffia Industries
Jan.17,2019* Hachsharat Hayishuv Hotels in (IL)
Jan.17,2019* INC in (PL)
Jan.17,2019* Intuit in Mountain View (US)
Jan.17,2019* Kitac in (JP)
Jan.17,2019* Manufacturing Integration Technology in Singapore (SG)
Jan.17,2019* Mengke Holdings
Jan.17,2019* Micron Technology
Jan.17,2019* Modern Ekonomi Sverige Holding publ in (SE)
Jan.17,2019* Mpc Container Ships AS
Jan.17,2019* Nuance Communications
Jan.17,2019* PNE Industries in (SG)
Jan.17,2019* Polar Co Communication in (IL)
Jan.17,2019* Shaw Communications in (CA)
Jan.17,2019* Taib Bank KSC in Safat (KW)
Jan.17,2019* Tan Binh Import - Export Joint Stock in (VN)
Jan.17,2019* Terme Dobrna in (SI)
Jan.17,2019* Univentures in (TH)
Jan.17,2019* Varnost Fitep ad Beograd
Jan.17,2019* VOTUM in (PL)
Jan.18,2019* APFT Bhd
Jan.18,2019* Archos in (FR)
Jan.18,2019* Arthavest Tbk
Jan.18,2019* Bojun Education Co
Jan.18,2019* Borneo Olah Sarana Sukses Tbk
Jan.18,2019* Brilliance China Automotive Holdings in Hongkong (HK)
Jan.18,2019* BYD Electronic (International)
Jan.18,2019* Character Group in (UK)
Jan.18,2019* Chinalco Aluminium Assets
Jan.18,2019* Differ Group Holding
Jan.18,2019* Dragonfly GF in (KR)
Jan.18,2019* Elkop in (PL)
Jan.18,2019* Frasers Commercial Trust in Singapore (SG)
Jan.18,2019* Galaxy Entertainment in (IN)
Jan.18,2019* GDS Global
Jan.18,2019* GoldX International in (SE)
Jan.18,2019* Harum Energy Tbk
Jan.18,2019* Hisense Kelon Electrical Holdings in (CN)
Jan.18,2019* Jadran ad Nova Gajdobra
Jan.18,2019* Jutal Offshore Oil Services
Jan.18,2019* Kompaniya M Video in (RU)
Jan.18,2019* Leiner Pak Gelatine
Jan.18,2019* Leneco in (KR)
Jan.18,2019* Lereno Bio-Chem in (SG)
Jan.18,2019* Linocraft Holdings
Jan.18,2019 Management Resource Solutions in Southport (AU)
Jan.18,2019* MIE Holdings
Jan.18,2019* Monalisa Group Co in (CN)
Jan.18,2019* Nam Lee Pressed Metal Industries in (SG)
Jan.18,2019* Nihar Info Global
Jan.18,2019* Pavlovskiy avtobus in (RU)
Jan.18,2019* Phytopharm in (UK)
Jan.18,2019* Pinehill Pacific Bhd in (MY)
Jan.18,2019* Quasar India
Jan.18,2019* RFTech in (KR)
Jan.18,2019* Sai Baba Investment and Commercial Enterprises
Jan.18,2019* Sindh Abadgar's Sugar Mills
Jan.18,2019* Starts Proceed Investment in (JP)
Jan.18,2019* SWS Capital Bhd in Takzim (MY)
Jan.18,2019* Top Culture in (JP)
Jan.18,2019* Tsentr po perevozke gruzov v konteynerakh TransKonteyner in (RU)
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