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Jun.13,2018* China National Building Material in (CN)
Jun.13,2018* China Water Industry Group in (HK)
Jun.13,2018* Christopher & Banks
Jun.13,2018* CKM Building Material in (TW)
Jun.13,2018* CLR Investment Fund Public in (CY)
Jun.13,2018* Comtram
Jun.13,2018* Cosmos Insurance Public Co in (CY)
Jun.13,2018* Cvilux in (TW)
Jun.13,2018* CVR Energy
Jun.13,2018* DELKO in (PL)
Jun.13,2018* Delta Drone
Jun.13,2018* Dfi in (TW)
Jun.13,2018* Dicks Sporting Goods
Jun.13,2018* Draper Esprit
Jun.13,2018* E-Lead Electronic in (TW)
Jun.13,2018* Ekinops
Jun.13,2018* Electronics For Imaging
Jun.13,2018* ENE Technology in (TW)
Jun.13,2018* Enstar Group
Jun.13,2018* euromicron in Frankfurt (DE)
Jun.13,2018* Express
Jun.13,2018* Fakom AD Skopje in (MK)
Jun.13,2018* Fidelity National Financial
Jun.13,2018* Forcecon Technology in (TW)
Jun.13,2018* FUN YOURS Technology Co in (TW)
Jun.13,2018* GBGI
Jun.13,2018* Genticel
Jun.13,2018* Gigastone in (TW)
Jun.13,2018* Global Indemnity in Bala Cynwyd (US)
Jun.13,2018 Grammer in Amberg (DE)
Compliance Statement
Jun.13,2018* Grand Canyon Education
Jun.13,2018* Granolio in (HR)
Jun.13,2018* Green Seal Holding
Jun.13,2018* Groupe Gorge in Paris (FR)
Jun.13,2018* Guangdong LingXiao Pump Industry Co
Jun.13,2018* Guangdong Songfa Ceramics Co
Jun.13,2018* Hankyu Hanshin Hldg in (JP)
Jun.13,2018 home24 in Berlin (DE)
Jun.13,2018* Hua Jungmponents in (TW)
Jun.13,2018* Huatai Securities in (CN)
Jun.13,2018* I2 Development
Jun.13,2018* Imagi International Holdings in Hongkong (HK)
Jun.13,2018* Impel in (PL)
Jun.13,2018* Infodisc Technology
Jun.13,2018* Internet Union
Jun.13,2018* Iofina
Jun.13,2018* iPass in Redwood Shores (US)
Jun.13,2018* Jiangsu Wanlin Modern Logistics Co
Jun.13,2018* Jiangxi Zhengbang Technology in (CN)
Jun.13,2018* K-Bro Linen
Jun.13,2018* Kamchatrybprom
Jun.13,2018* Kelington Group Bhd
Jun.13,2018* KEYENCE CORP in Osaka (JP)
Jun.13,2018 Krones in Neutraubling (DE)
Jun.13,2018* Kuobrothers
Jun.13,2018* Layne Christensen
Jun.13,2018* Le Youngnstruction in (TW)
Jun.13,2018* Lii Hen Industries Bhd in (MY)
Jun.13,2018* Louis in (CY)
Jun.13,2018* Loxo Oncology
Jun.13,2018* Mack Cali Realty
Jun.13,2018* Magadanenergo energetiki i elektrifikatsii in (RU)
Jun.13,2018* Malta Properties Company
Jun.13,2018* Manning + Napier
Jun.13,2018* Marfin CLR Public in (CY)
Jun.13,2018* Maridive and Oil ServicesE
Jun.13,2018* Materials Analysis Technology in (TW)
Jun.13,2018* Medifast
Jun.13,2018* Metalotehna dd Tuzla
Jun.13,2018* MetroPCS Co Communications in (US)
Compliance Statement
Jun.13,2018* MF Banka ad Banja Luka
Jun.13,2018* Michaels Companies
Jun.13,2018* Mk Seiko in (JP)
Jun.13,2018* Mlinotest in (SI)
Jun.13,2018* Moj in (PL)
Jun.13,2018* Mudajaya Group Bhd in (MY)
Jun.13,2018* Nan Ren Hu Leisure Amusement Co in (TW)
Jun.13,2018* NB Global Floating Rateome
Jun.13,2018* Nextronics Engineering
Jun.13,2018* Ningxia Xinri Hengli Steel Wire Co in (CN)
Jun.13,2018* North West Company
Jun.13,2018* Novina
Jun.13,2018* NTT System in (PL)
Jun.13,2018* OMZ Gruppa Uralmash Izhora in (RU)
Jun.13,2018* Onano Industrial
Jun.13,2018* Orphan Synergy Europe Pharma in (FR)
Jun.13,2018* Penn National Gaming
Jun.13,2018* Petrobank Energy and Resources
Jun.13,2018* Pharmally Intl Hldg Co
Jun.13,2018* Pharnext SAS
Jun.13,2018* Philippine Long Distance Telephone in (PH)
Jun.13,2018* PKP Cargo in (PL)
Jun.13,2018* Plasto Sac in (IL)
Jun.13,2018* Prodways Group
Jun.13,2018* Proteologics
Jun.13,2018* PTC Therapeutics
Jun.13,2018* Q2 Holdings
Jun.13,2018* Quanta Storage in (TW)
Jun.13,2018* QuMei Home Furnishings Group Co
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