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Jun.16,2017* Wahana Phonix Mandiri Tbk in (ID)
Jun.16,2017* Wanshih Electronic in (TW)
Jun.16,2017* Ways Technical in (TW)
Jun.16,2017* We&Win Diversification in (TW)
Jun.16,2017* Well Glory Development in (TW)
Jun.16,2017* Welling Holding in Hongkong (HK)
Jun.16,2017* Win Semiconductors in (TW)
Jun.16,2017* Wisher Industrial in (TW)
Jun.16,2017* Wistron Neweb in (TW)
Jun.16,2017* Wojas in (PL)
Jun.16,2017* Xander International in (TW)
Jun.16,2017* XPEC Entertainment in (TW)
Jun.16,2017* Yida China Holdings
Jun.16,2017* YOROZU CORP in (JP)
Jun.16,2017* YoungTek Electronics in (TW)
Jun.16,2017* Yufo Electronics in (TW)
Jun.16,2017* Yungtay Engineering in (TW)
Jun.16,2017* Yuzhno-Kuzbasskaya GRES in (RU)
Jun.16,2017* Zenkoku Hosho in Tokyo (JP)
Jun.16,2017* Zenrin in (JP)
Jun.16,2017* Zhengzhoual Industry & Electric Power in (CN)
Jun.16,2017* Zhengzhoual Mining Machinery Group
Jun.16,2017* Zhongchang Marine Co in (CN)
Jun.16,2017* ZincOx Resources in (UK)
Jun.16,2017* Zlatarplast ad Nova Varos
Jun.17,2017* AK Korvet AO in (RU)
Jun.17,2017* Asia Pacific Securities Joint Stock
Jun.17,2017* Automobile Reseau Tunisien et Services ARTES in Tunis (TN)
Jun.17,2017* Axell in (JP)
Jun.17,2017* Cymao Holdings Bhd in (MY)
Jun.17,2017* Digital Garage in (JP)
Jun.17,2017* Euro B Tipi Menkul Kiymetler Yatirim Ortakligi AS in (TR)
Jun.17,2017* Euro Kapital Yatirim Ortakligi AS
Jun.17,2017* Euro Trend Yatirim Ortakligi AS
Jun.17,2017* Fancl in (JP)
Jun.17,2017* Fasil ad Arilje
Jun.17,2017* Financial Assets Management Group in (PL)
Jun.17,2017* General Co for Land Reclamation Development and Reconstruction SAE in (EG)
Jun.17,2017* Gudang Garam Tbk in (ID)
Jun.17,2017* Inex Velepromet ad Vucak
Jun.17,2017* Jammu And Kashmir Bank in (IN)
Jun.17,2017* Karatzis in (GR)
Jun.17,2017* KOA CORP in (JP)
Jun.17,2017* Kuzbassenergosbyt in (RU)
Jun.17,2017* Media Global Links in (JP)
Jun.17,2017* Mlava ad Vucak
Jun.17,2017* Nicolas Miguet Et Associes in (FR)
Jun.17,2017* Pacific Industrial in (JP)
Jun.17,2017* Pia in (JP)
Jun.17,2017* Sakai Moving Service in (JP)
Jun.17,2017* Sanso Electric in (JP)
Jun.17,2017* THK CO in Tokyo (JP)
Jun.18,2017* Abc Communications (Holdings) in Hongkong (HK)
Jun.18,2017* Amanaoperative Insurance in (SA)
Jun.18,2017* Ash Sharqiyah Development in (SA)
Jun.18,2017* Boubyan Petrochemical KSC in Safat (KW)
Jun.18,2017* Gan Shmuel Foods in (IL)
Jun.18,2017* Insuline Medical in Tel Aviv (IL)
Jun.18,2017* Kunming Dianchi Water Treatment Co
Jun.18,2017* Medicalmpression System (DBN) in (IL)
Jun.18,2017* Money Partners Group in (JP)
Jun.18,2017* Saudi Industrial Development in (SA)
Jun.19,2017 Aberdeen Asset Management in Aberdeen (UK)
Jun.19,2017* Ablerex Electronics in (TW)
Jun.19,2017* Adinotec in (DE)
Jun.19,2017* Adlink Technology in (TW)
Jun.19,2017* Advancednnection Technology in (TW)
Jun.19,2017* Advertigo
Jun.19,2017* AIDA ENGINEERING in (JP)
Jun.19,2017* Air Asia Co
Jun.19,2017* Anderson Industrial in (TW)
Jun.19,2017* Apis in (PL)
Jun.19,2017* Arthur Maury in (FR)
Jun.19,2017* Astellas Pharma in (JP)
Jun.19,2017* Auplata in (FR)
Jun.19,2017* Autoprevozturist ad Cacak
Jun.19,2017* Balkancar Zarya AD Pavlikeni
Jun.19,2017* Banatski Despotovac ad Banatski Despotovac
Jun.19,2017* Bank Capital Indonesia Tbk in Jakarta (ID)
Jun.19,2017* Bas ad Beograd
Jun.19,2017* Bayan Sulu AO in (KZ)
Jun.19,2017* Bregava dd Capljina
Jun.19,2017* Bricorama in (FR)
Jun.19,2017* Candmark Electroptics Co in (TW)
Jun.19,2017* Catcher Technology in (TW)
Jun.19,2017* Century Aluminum
Jun.19,2017* Charter Hall Group in (AU)
Jun.19,2017* Chia Hsin Cement in (TW)
Jun.19,2017* Chia Yi Steel Co
Jun.19,2017* China Bicycle Co Holdings in (CN)
Jun.19,2017* China Kangda Food Co
Jun.19,2017* China Metal Products in (TW)
Jun.19,2017* Chu Kong Petroleum And Natural Gas Steel Pipe Holdings in (HK)
Jun.19,2017* Chung Hwa Pulp in (TW)
Jun.19,2017* Chyang Sheng Dyeing + Finishing Co in (TW)
Jun.19,2017* Ci-Co
Jun.19,2017* CITIC Securities in (CN)
Jun.19,2017* Cohen Development and Industrial Buildings in (IL)
Jun.19,2017* Compagnie des Eaux de Royan in (FR)
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