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AGMagenda dates in chronological order.

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Apr.02,2015* XP Power in Singapore (SG)
May.26,2017* XPEC Art Center
Jun.16,2017* XPEC Entertainment in (TW)
Dec.10,2013* Xplore Technologies
Oct.14,2014* Xplorer
Jun.26,2018* Xplus in (PL)
May.17,2018* XPO Logistics
Nov.30,2016* Xpress Holdings in (SG)
Mar.26,2016* Xpress Integration
Sep.05,2017* Xpro India
Nov.13,2015* XRF Scientific in (AU)
Feb.20,2018* XSpray Pharma AB (publ)
May.20,2015* Xstate Resources in (AU)
Apr.29,2013 XSTRATA in Zug (CH)
Aug.30,2018* Xsystem
Nov.28,2014* Xtek
May.07,2017* Xtep International Holdings in (HK)
May.28,2018* XTPL
Jun.07,2012* Xtra-Gold Resources
Mar.13,2017* Xtract Energy in (UK)
May.18,2018* Xtranet Gruppen i Stockholm publ in (SE)
Aug.02,2013* Xtremeil Drilling
Jun.13,2017* Xu Yuan Packaging Technology
Apr.25,2016* Xuan Thanh Securities Joint Stock
May.04,2018* Xuancheng Valin Precision Technology Co
Jun.27,2017* XuanHua Construction Machinery Co in (CN)
May.25,2018* Xuchang Yuandong Drive Shaft in (CN)
Dec.16,2015* Xueda Education Group
May.10,2017* Xurpas
Jun.13,2018* Xuzhou Handler Special Vehicle
Apr.24,2018* Xuzhou Wuyang Technology Co in Xuzhou (CN)
Jan.17,2018* Xuzhoumbustionntrol Technology in (CN)
Apr.26,2017* Xvivo Perfusion in (SE)
May.27,2015* Xxentria Technology Materials in (TW)
Dec.06,2012* XXI Century Investments Public in (UA)
Jun.05,2019* XXL in Oslo (NO)
Jul.30,2015* Xyec Holdings
May.09,2018* Xylem in New York (US)
Apr.15,2015* Y Pharmaceutical Co
May.29,2018* Y S Table in (JP)
Mar.25,2016* Y-Entec Co in (KR)
Jun.26,2017* Y-S Electronic Co in (TW)
Jun.28,2018* Y.A.C. in (JP)
Jun.21,2018* Y&G Bhd in (MY)
Jun.17,2015* Ya Horng Electronic Co in (TW)
Jul.27,2018* YA-MAN in (JP)
May.07,2018* Yaacobi Brothers Group (YSB)
Aug.28,2016* Yaad Industrial Representation in (IL)
May.18,2018* Yabao Pharmaceutical Group in (CN)
Jun.27,2014* Yachiyo Bank in (JP)
Jun.26,2018* Yachiyo Industry in (JP)
May.06,2018* Yadea Group Holdings
Dec.09,2016* Yadkin Valley Financial
Jun.30,2014* Yagami in (JP)
Jun.05,2018* Yageo in (TW)
Jun.28,2018* Yagi & in (JP)
Jun.28,2018* Yahaginstruction in (JP)
Jan.22,2018* Yahgee Modular House in (CN)
Oct.16,2018* Yahoo!
Jun.25,2018* Yahoo! Japan in (JP)
Apr.07,2015* Yahotynske KHPP PAT in (UA)
Jun.27,2018* Yaizu Suisankagaku Industry in (JP)
Jun.27,2013* Yakinikuya Sakai in (JP)
Jun.20,2018* YAKULT HONSHA CO in (JP)
May.25,2018* Yakuodo in (JP)
Sep.07,2018* Yalco Constantinou in (GR)
Mar.29,2018* Yamabiko in (JP)
Jun.28,2018* Yamada Denki in (JP)
Oct.27,2016* Yamada Green Resources
Jun.28,2018* Yamada in (JP)
Mar.29,2018* Yamada Servicer Synthetic Office in (JP)
Jun.28,2018* Yamadai in (JP)
Jun.14,2018* Yamadansulting Group in (JP)
Jun.28,2012* Yamae Hisano in (JP)
Jun.26,2018* Yamaguchi Financial Group in (JP)
Jun.25,2018* Yamaha in (JP)
Mar.23,2018* Yamaha Motor in (JP)
Dec.22,2017* Yamaka Electricnstruction in (JP)
Jun.27,2018* Yamaki in (JP)
Oct.19,2018* Yamaltransstroy
Mar.19,2018* Yamamah Saudi Cement in (SA)
Sep.26,2018* Yamami Co
May.03,2018* Yamana Gold
Jun.14,2013* Yamanaka in (JP)
Jun.26,2018* Yamanashi Chuo Bank in (JP)
Jun.28,2018* Yamane Medical in (JP)
Jun.28,2018* Yamano Holdings in (JP)
Jun.27,2018* Yamashin-Filter
Jun.26,2017* YAMASHINA CORP in (JP)
Jun.26,2018* Yamatake in (JP)
Jun.27,2018* Yamatane in (JP)
Jun.28,2018* Yamato Holdings in (JP)
Jun.15,2018* YAMATO in (JP)
Jun.28,2018* Yamato Industry in (JP)
Nov.22,2017* Yamato International in (JP)
Jun.28,2018* Yamato Kogyo in (JP)
Feb.27,2012* Yamato Material in (JP)
Jun.28,2018* Yamau in (JP)
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