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Aug.14,2017* Welcast Steels
Mar.01,2018* Welcome Holdings AD Sofia
Jul.10,2015* Welcome Stranger Mining in (AU)
Mar.20,2015* Welcron Co in (KR)
Jul.24,2017* Welcure Drugs and Pharmaceuticals
Jun.17,2016* Welde Bulgaria AD Troyan in (BG)
Jul.10,2016* Welding Machines AD Pernik in Sofia (BG)
Jun.14,2018* Welgene Biotech Co
Jun.16,2017* Well Glory Development in (TW)
Jul.18,2016* Well Lead Medical Co
Jun.15,2017* Well Shin Technology in (TW)
Feb.27,2007 Wella in Frankfurt (DE)
Nov.28,2016* Wellard
Feb.26,2018* Wellcall Holdings Bhd in (MY)
May.23,2018* Wellcare Health Plans
Jan.25,2018* Wellco in (JP)
Oct.22,2014* Wellcom Group in (AU)
Jun.12,2018* Welldone in (TW)
Sep.08,2017* Wellesley Corporation
Nov.15,2016* Wellex Industries in (PH)
Dec.15,2017* Wellhope Agri-Tech
Feb.05,2018* Welling Holding in Hongkong (HK)
Jun.11,2015* Wellington Drive Technologies
May.12,2016* Wellmade Star M in (KR)
Sep.27,2017* Wellnet in (JP)
May.16,2018* WellPoint in Indianapolis (US)
May.29,2018* Wellpool
Apr.24,2018* Wells Fargo &
Apr.24,2012 Wells Fargo in San Francisco US)
May.13,2014* Wells-Gardner Electronics
Jun.10,2015* Wellstech Optical Co
Jun.19,2015* Welltend Technology in (TW)
Feb.13,2017* Welney
Sep.30,2016* Welplace Portfolio and Financial Consultancy Services
Mar.02,2015* Welspun Enterprises
Aug.31,2015* Welspun in (IN)
Jul.27,2016* Welspun India in (IN)
Sep.28,2017* Welspun Investments and Commercials
Sep.30,2014* Welspun Projects
Sep.25,2017* Welterman International
Jun.15,2017* Weltrend Semiconductor in (TW)
Oct.25,2012* Wema Bank in Lagos (NG)
Mar.30,2016* WeMade Entertainment
Apr.30,2015* Wembley in (BR)
May.17,2018* WENDEL Investissement in Paris (FR)
Jul.24,2015* Wendt India
May.23,2017* Wendy's Company
Mar.23,2015* Wenfeng Great World Chain Development in (CN)
Dec.19,2016* Weng Fine Art
Nov.25,2014* Wentworth Holdings in (AU)
Jun.22,2017* Wentworth Resources in Oslo, Norway (CA)
Jun.21,2012* Wenzel Downhole Tools
Apr.21,2017* Wenzhou Hongfeng Electrical
Jun.14,2016* Wenzhou Kangning Hosp Co
Oct.09,2017* Wenzhou Yihua Connector Co
Aug.30,2015* Weqaya Takaful Insurance and Reinsurance in Riyadh (SA)
Apr.08,2015* Wereldhave Belgium CVA in (BE)
Apr.20,2018* Wereldhave in (NL)
May.08,2018* Werner Enterprises
Mar.29,2018* Werth Holz
Apr.18,2018* WesbanCo
May.23,2017* WeSC publ in (PE)
Feb.21,2013* Wescast Industries
Jan.25,2018* Wesco Aircraft Holdings in Santa Clarita (US)
Oct.27,2017* Wesco Holdings in (JP)
Oct.25,2013* WESCO in (JP)
May.31,2018* Wesco International in Pittsburgh (US)
Nov.23,2016* Wescoal Holdings in (ZA)
May.01,2013* Wesdome Gold Mines
Nov.16,2017* Wesfarmers in Perth (AU)
May.04,2017* Wesizwe Platinum in (ZA)
May.26,2016* Wessex Exploration
Jul.26,2017* West
Nov.18,2015* West African Resources in (AU)
Apr.26,2018* West Ban Corporation
May.18,2018* West China Cement
May.13,2015 West End Indiana Bancshares in Richmond (US)
Apr.19,2018* West Fraser Timber
Nov.22,2017* West Holdings in (JP)
May.15,2015* West International publ in (SE)
Jun.22,2017* West Japan Railway in (JP)
Sep.27,2017* West Leisure Resorts
May.15,2014* West Marine
Nov.28,2014* West Peak Iron in (AU)
May.01,2018* West Pharmaceutical Services
Apr.19,2018* West Real Estate
Nov.30,2015* West Wits Mining
Jun.04,2015* Westa Isic
Apr.26,2018* Westach Station Joint Stock
Jun.27,2017* Westag & Getalit in Rheda-Wiedenbrueck (DE)
May.15,2013* Westaim
Apr.26,2018* Westamerica BanCorp
Nov.21,2017* Westar Energy
Aug.31,2017* Westast Paper Mills in (IN)
May.30,2017* Westell Technologies
May.19,2015* Western Alliance Ban Corporation
Jun.06,2017* Western Alliance Bancorporation
Nov.23,2017* Western Areas NL in (AU)
Dec.03,2014 Western Asset Claymore Inflation Linked Securities + Income Fund in New York (US)
Jun.01,2017* Western Asset Mortgage Capital
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