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Jun.09,2017* Yaroslavskiy zavod toplivnoy apparatury in (RU)
Sep.30,2016* Yash Chemex
Jun.23,2017* Yash Management and Satellite
Jul.30,2016* Yash Papers in (IN)
Jun.02,2017* Yashili International Holdings
Jun.27,2017* Yashima Denki in (JP)
Sep.27,2016* Yashraj Containeurs
Jun.15,2017* Yaskawa Electric in (JP)
Jun.13,2017* Yaskawa Information Systems in (JP)
Apr.17,2015* Yasna Poliana PAT
Jun.28,2017* Yasuda Warehouse in (JP)
Jun.27,2017* YASUNAGA CORP in (JP)
Feb.28,2012* Yasuragi in (JP)
Jul.25,2017* Yasynivs'kyi koksokhimichnyi zavod PAT
Nov.30,2016* Yat Sing Holdings
Jun.22,2017* Yatas Yatak ve Yorgan Sanayi Ticaret AS in (TR)
Nov.07,2017* YATEK in (RU)
Sep.15,2015* Yatra Capital in (UK)
Aug.26,2015* Yau Lee Holdings in (HK)
Jun.01,2015* Yavor AD Petrich
Jun.23,2016* Yavor AD Varna
Apr.17,2017* Yaxia Automobile in (CN)
Apr.27,2017* Yayla Enerji Uretim Turizm ve Insaat Ticaret AS in (TC)
Jun.09,2017* YaZDA in (RU)
Apr.28,2017* Yazicilar Holding AS in (TR)
Jun.23,2010 Ybarra y compania in Sevilla (ES)
Mar.27,2015* YBMSisa.com in (KR)
Mar.20,2015* Ybroad in (KR)
Jun.19,2017* YCC Parts MFG in (TW)
Oct.18,2017* YD More Investments
Aug.05,2016* YD Online in (KR)
Jun.16,2015* Ye Data in (JP)
Mar.27,2015* Yearimdang Publishing in (KR)
Jun.26,2015* YeaShin International Development in (TW)
Jul.31,2017* YeboYethu
Mar.17,2017* Yechiu Metal Recycling China
Sep.16,2013* Yedang in (KR)
Aug.25,2017* Yedinye Tekhno Sistemy PAO
Sep.04,2017* Yee Hop Holdings
May.30,2017* Yee Leeoration Bhd in (MY)
Sep.07,2017* Yeebo (International Holdings) in (HK)
Jun.13,2017* Yeh Chiang Technology in (TW)
May.26,2017* Yekatyerinburgskiy Munitsipal'nyi Bank PAO
Jun.08,2017* Yeland Group in (CN)
Jan.02,2014* Yell Group in (UK)
Nov.24,2014* Yellow Brick Road Holdings
Jun.22,2017* Yellow Hat in (JP)
May.05,2014* Yellow Media
May.10,2017* Yellow Pages
Nov.08,2017* Yellow Rock Resources in (AU)
Mar.20,2015* Yelopay
Jun.15,2017* Yelp
Jun.28,2017* Yem Chio in (TW)
May.08,2017* Yen Global Bhd in (MY)
Jun.19,2017* Yen Sun Technology in (TW)
Apr.21,2017* YenBai Cement and Minerals JSC
Mar.26,2017* Yenbai Joint Stock Forest Agricultural and Foodstuffs in (VN)
Apr.09,2017* Yeni Gimat Gayrimenkul Yatirim Ortakligi AS in (TR)
Jun.29,2015* Yeniseyskoye rechnoye parokhodstvo in (RU)
Apr.26,2017* Yeo Hiap Seng in (SG)
Jun.05,2015* Yeong Guan Energy Technology Group Co in (CN)
Mar.18,2016* Yeonghwa Metal in (KR)
Jun.15,2017* Yeou Yih Steel in (TW)
Jun.06,2017* Yes Bank in (IN)
Mar.18,2016* YES24 in (KR)
Mar.20,2015* Yesco in (KR)
Sep.29,2016* Yesil Gayrimenkul Yatirim Ortakligi AS
Jun.15,2015* Yesil Yapi Endustrisi AS in (TR)
Jul.03,2015* Yesil Yatirim Holding AS
Nov.05,2015* Yest in (KR)
May.07,2015* Yestar International Hldgs
Jun.15,2017* Yeun Chyang Industrial in (TW)
Mar.30,2015* YEVRAZ Bahliikoks PAT in (UA)
Mar.30,2015* Yevraz DMZ im. Petrovs'koho PAT in (UA)
Apr.25,2017* YEvro-M-Trans PAT
Jun.26,2017* Yevroplan PAO
Jul.27,2017* Yevroprombank PAT
Jun.14,2017* YFC Boneagle Electric in (TW)
Feb.28,2017* YFG Bhd in Naypyidaw (MY)
Aug.31,2016* YG Entertainment in (KR)
Mar.30,2015* YG-1 in (KR)
May.26,2017* YGL Convergence Bhd in (MY)
Sep.20,2017* Ygm Trading in (HK)
Jun.06,2017* YGSOFT INC in (CN)
Apr.03,2017* YH Dimrinstruction and Development in (IL)
Apr.26,2017* YHI International in (SG)
Dec.30,2015* Yi Hua Dept Store Hldgs
Dec.13,2017* Yi Jinn Industrial in (TW)
May.25,2017* Yi-Lai Bhd in (MY)
Sep.10,2017* Yiaco Medical KSCC
May.21,2015* Yibin Paper Industry Co in (CN)
May.15,2017* Yibin Tianyuan Group
Apr.20,2017* Yibitas Yozgat Isci Birligi Insaat Malzemeleri Ticaret Sanayi AS
Oct.13,2017* Yichang Hec Changjiang Pharmaceutical Co
Jun.16,2017* Yida China Holdings
Jun.21,2017* Yieh Hsing Enterprise in (TW)
Jun.22,2017* Yieh Phui Enterprise in (TW)
Jun.26,2017* Yieh United Steel in (TW)
Mar.15,2017* Yield Life Science publ in (NU)
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