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AGMagenda dates in chronological order.

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Dec.22,2017* Abelco in (SE)
Jun.25,2019 ABENGOA in Sevilla (ES)
Jun.20,2019* Abengoa Yield in Brentford (UK)
Jul.18,2018* Abeo SAS
Jun.12,2019* Abercrombie & Fitch
Jul.09,2019* Aberdeen All Asia Investment Trust in (UK)
Dec.02,2014* Aberdeen Asian Smallermpanies Investment Trust in (UK)
May.15,2019* Aberdeen Asianome Fund in (UK)
Jun.19,2017 Aberdeen Asset Management in Aberdeen (UK)
Apr.12,2018* Aberdeen Emerging Markets Investment Company
Jul.18,2013* Aberdeen International in (CA)
Dec.09,2014* Aberdeen Latin American Income Fund
Nov.15,2018* Aberdeen Leaders
Sep.04,2019* Aberdeen New Dawn Investment Trust in (UK)
Jun.25,2019* Aberdeen New Thai Investment Trust in (UK)
Sep.13,2016* Aberdeen Private Equity Fund
Apr.19,2018* Aberdeen Smallermpanies Highome Trust
Oct.25,2016* Aberforth Gearedome Trust
Feb.28,2019* Aberforth Smaller Companies Trust in (UK)
Feb.08,2019 Abertis Infraestruturas in Barcelona (ES)
Sep.04,2018* Abetrans
Dec.31,2018* ABG Infralogistics in (IN)
Sep.26,2014* ABG Shipyard in (IN)
Apr.26,2018* ABG Sundalllier Holding in (NO)
Sep.22,2018* Abhijit Trading Co
Sep.27,2018* Abhinandan Enterprises
Sep.26,2018* Abhinav Capital Services
Jul.25,2015* Abhinav Leasing + Finance
Sep.30,2015* Abhishek Corp
Apr.27,2018* Abico Holdings
Jun.03,2011 ABID Biotreibstoffe AG in (AT)
Jun.23,2017* Ability Enterprise in (TW)
Jun.20,2018* Ability Opto-Electronics Technology Co in (TW)
Aug.08,2018* Abiomed
Nov.20,2017* Abion
Sep.27,2018* Abirami Financial Services (India)
Dec.21,2018* ABIST
May.30,2018* Abitare In
Jun.01,2016* AbitibiBowater
Jun.07,2019* Abivax
Mar.23,2018* Able C&C in (KR)
Jan.27,2012* Able Chintai Holdings in (JP)
Aug.31,2018* Able Engineering Holdings
May.24,2019* AbleGroup Bhd in (VE)
Jun.19,2017* Ablerex Electronics in (TW)
Jul.12,2013* Ablon Group in (HU)
Apr.28,2016* Ablynx in (BE)
Jun.28,2017* Ablytek Co
May.30,2019* ABM Fujiya Bhd
Mar.27,2019* ABM Industries
Sep.19,2018* Abm International
May.02,2019* ABM Investama Tbk
May.09,2016* Abm Resources NL in (AU)
Jun.28,2019* ABM Solid SA w upadlosci ukladowej in (PL)
Apr.24,2019* ABN AMRO Group
Sep.20,2007 ABN Amro in Amsterdam (NL)
Jun.23,2017* Abnova (Taiwan) in (TW)
Aug.23,2018* ABO Invest
Apr.22,2020* ABO Mix
Dec.20,2017* ABO Wind in (DE)
May.21,2018* Abocom Systems in (TW)
Apr.22,2019* Aboitiz Equity Ventures
Apr.22,2019* Aboitiz Power in (PH)
Mar.25,2016* ABOV Semiconductor in (KR)
Jun.30,2014* Abpol Company Polska in (PL)
Apr.25,2019* ABR Holdings in (SG)
Dec.22,2016* Abra Mining and Industrial in (PH)
May.28,2019* Abrasives Manufacturing Co in (OM)
Jun.20,2019* Abrau-Durso in (RU)
May.07,2019* Abraxas Petroleum
Apr.06,2016* Abric Bhd in (MY)
Apr.28,2017* Abril Educacao
Jan.17,2019* ABS Avtomatizatsiya in (RU)
Apr.25,2019* Abs Cbn in (PH)
Dec.12,2016* ABS-CBN Holdings
Jun.04,2019* ABSA Group in (ZA)
May.22,2018* Absolent Group
May.14,2018* Absolicon Solar Collector
Nov.16,2018* Absolute Equity Performance Fund
Nov.20,2013* Absolute Return Trust
Dec.08,2014* Absolute Software
Oct.31,2016* Abterra in (SG)
Mar.04,2019* Abu Dhabi Aviation in Abu Dhabi (AE)
Mar.21,2019* Abu Dhabi Commercial Bank PJSC in Abu Dhabi (AE)
Mar.13,2019* Abu Dhabi Islamic Bank PJSC in Abu Dhabi (AE)
Apr.17,2019* Abu Dhabi National Energy PJSC in Abu Dhabi (AE)
Apr.25,2019* Abu Dhabi National for Building Materials Bildco PJSC in Abu Dhabi (AE)
Mar.03,2019* Abu Dhabi National Hotels PJSC in Abu Dhabi (AE)
Mar.19,2018* Abu Dhabi National Insurance PSC in Abu Dhabi (AE)
Apr.04,2019* Abu Dhabi National Oil Company for Distribution PJSC
Mar.19,2019* Abu Dhabi National Takaful PSC in Abu Dhabi (AE)
Apr.23,2019* Abu Dhabi Ship Building PJSC in Abu Dhabi (AE)
Sep.29,2018* Abu Qir Fertilizers and Chemical IndustriesE in (EG)
Nov.19,2018* Abundant Produce
Jun.03,2019* Abyaar Real Estate Development KSCC
Sep.21,2015* Abzena
Jul.09,2019* AC Hldg in (JP)
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