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AGMagenda dates in chronological order.

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Feb.26,2015* A/S Noerresundby Bank in (DK)
Mar.21,2018* A/S Nordfyns Bank in (DK)
Jun.28,2018* A&A Material in (JP)
Jun.26,2018* A&D in (JP)
Mar.26,2019* A&T in (JP)
Apr.28,2020* A&W Revenue Royaltiesome Fund in (CA)
Jan.06,2016* A1 Consolidated Gold in (AU)
Nov.28,2018* A1 Investments + Resources in (AU)
May.27,2020* A10 Networks
Jun.29,2012* A123 Systems
Jan.24,2019* A1M Pharma
Nov.18,2019* A2 Milk in Auckland (NZ)
May.13,2019 A2A in Brescia (IT)
Jun.20,2017* A2micile Europe
Sep.28,2019* A2Z Maintenance and Engineering Services
May.29,2020* A8 New Media Group
Jun.26,2020* AA Group Holdings
Jun.19,2020* AA in London (UK)
Apr.23,2018* AA Industrial Belting Shanghai Co
Jun.16,2014* AAA Auto Group in (CZ)
Jun.02,2020* AAC Microtec
May.15,2020* AAC Technologies Holdings in Hongkong (HK)
Nov.04,2015* AACL Holdings in (AU)
Sep.29,2018* Aadhaar Ventures India
Sep.27,2019* Aadi Industries
Jun.27,2017* Aaeon Technology in (TW)
May.13,2020* AAG Energy
Sep.28,2019* Aagam Capital
Apr.22,2020* Aages
Aug.06,2020* AAJ Capital 1
May.07,2021* AAK Aarhuskarlshamn in Malmoe (SE)
Jun.27,2019* AAK Progress imeni N.I.Sazykina in (RU)
May.11,2019* Aakash Exploration Services
May.27,2021* Aalberts Industries in Utrecht (NL)
Apr.04,2019* Aalborg Boldspilklub in (DK)
Apr.01,2020* Aamal QSC in Doha (QA)
Dec.24,2017* Aamra Technologies in Dhaka (BD)
Sep.30,2019* Aananda Lakshmi Spinning Mills
Sep.21,2018* Aanchal Ispat
May.12,2020* AAON
Jun.17,2016* Aap Implantate in (DE)
Apr.22,2020* AAPICO Hitech in (TH)
Jun.25,2020* AAQ Holdings in (AU)
Sep.30,2019* AAR Commercial Co
Sep.24,2019* AAR corp in Wood dale (US)
Sep.26,2019* AAR Shyam India Investment Company
May.18,2021 Aareal Bank in Wiesbaden (DE)
Sep.20,2014* Aarey Drugs and Pharmaceuticals
Oct.24,2019* Aarhus Elite in (DK)
Aug.20,2020* Aaron Industries
Jun.18,2020* Aarons
Sep.30,2019* Aartech Solonics
Aug.25,2020* Aarti Drugs in (IN)
Sep.21,2018* Aarti Industries in (IN)
Sep.25,2018* Aarvee Denims and Exports in (IN)
Aug.31,2018* Aarvi Encon
Oct.29,2019* Aasen Sparebank
Sep.29,2019* Aashee Infotech
Apr.29,2020* Aastrom Biosciences
Sep.23,2016* Aaswa Trading and Exports
Apr.12,2018* AAT Holding
Jul.22,2020* Aavas Financiers
Jun.14,2020* Aayan Leasing and Investment KSCC in (KW)
Jun.04,2020* Aayan Real Estate KSC in Safat (KW)
Sep.25,2018* Aayush Food and Herbs
Sep.02,2020* AB Bank in (BD)
Jun.05,2020* Ab Builders Group
Jun.06,2019* Ab Dynamics
Apr.23,2012* AB EFFECTENBET.AG O.N. in (AT)
May.16,2011 AB Effectenbeteiligungen AG in (AT)
Apr.26,2017* AB Ekspres-Bank PAT
Apr.24,2015* AB Fagerhult in (SE)
Apr.28,2015* AB Geveko in (SE)
Aug.27,2020* AB in (PL)
May.19,2015* AB Novestra
Apr.17,2020* AB Pivdennyi PAT in (UA)
Aug.31,2020* AB Science
Apr.24,2017* AB Stolychnyi PAT
May.06,2020* AB Traction in (SE)
Apr.23,2015* AB Ukoopspilka PAT
Jul.07,2020* AB Ukrhazbank PAT
Jun.26,2015* AB-Biotics
Feb.27,2018* Aba Chemicals
Sep.30,2015* Abacus Computers
Jul.10,2015* Abacus Consolidated Resources & Holdings in (PH)
May.30,2018 Abacus Medicine in Copenhagen (DK)
Nov.14,2019* Abacus Property Group in (AU)
Dec.17,2018* Abadon Real Estate in (PL)
Jun.26,2015* ABAG Aktienmarkt Beteiligungs in (DE)
Jul.28,2020* Abak in (PL)
Jun.10,2019* Abakanvagonmash in (RU)
Sep.21,2020* Aban Offshore in (IN)
Nov.24,2019* Abano Healthcare Group in (NZ)
Sep.18,2020* Abans Finance
Jul.31,2018* Abaxis
Mar.26,2020 ABB Asea Brown Boveri in Zurich (CH)
Jul.24,2020* ABB in (IN)
Aug.13,2020* ABB Power Products and Systems India
Oct.02,2020* Abbey in (IE)
Dec.02,2013* Abbey Protection
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