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AGMagenda dates in chronological order.

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Jun.19,2020* 3sbio in (US)
May.20,2020* 3U Holding in Marburg (DE)
May.19,2015* 3W Power Holdings in Luxembourg (LU)
May.21,2012* 4 Kids Entertainment
Jun.20,2020* 4 Septembar ad Teslic
Mar.23,2020* 4Aim Societa di Investimento per Azioni a Capitale Fisso
Jun.30,2020* 4d pharma
May.22,2015* 4Energy Invest in (BE)
Jul.30,2020* 4Fun Media in (PL)
May.05,2020* 4imprint Group in (UK)
Jun.29,2020* 4Mass
Jun.19,2020* 4Mobility
May.08,2020* 4SC in Munich (DE)
May.27,2019* 5 oktobar ad Srpska Crnja
May.17,2017* 5-y Taksomotornyi Park
Jul.07,2017* 500 Volt
Aug.19,2020* 51 Credit Card
Oct.09,2018* 51job in (CN)
Sep.30,2019* 52 Weeks Entertainment in Mumbai (IN)
Oct.31,2014* 524 Participacoes
Sep.07,2020* 58.com
Nov.23,2018* 5G Networks
May.20,2020* 5n Plus
Aug.31,2020* 5th Avenue Holding
Mar.17,2016* 600 Group
Jun.21,2016* 6pm Hldg in St.Julians (MT)
Compliance Statement
Jun.26,2013* 7 Days Group Holdings in (CN)
Feb.07,2020* 7 Eleven Malaysia Holdings Bhd
Apr.27,2020* 715. JSC
Aug.19,2020* 71Media
Jun.28,2018* 77 Bank in (JP)
Jul.17,2020* 7C Solarparken
Jun.01,2018* 7C Solarparken (former: Colexon Energy) in Cologne (DE)
Oct.17,2014* 7days Music Entertainment in (DE)
Jun.15,2020* 7Levels
Sep.07,2018* 7NR Retail
Oct.17,2019* 7Road Holdings
Oct.21,2016* 800 Super Holdings
May.20,2020* 888 Holdings in (UK)
Nov.30,2018* 8Common
Jul.07,2015* 8I Holdings
Aug.01,2019* 8IP Emerging Companies
Sep.30,2014* 8K Miles Software Services
May.23,2018* 8point3 Energy Partners LP
Nov.28,2018* 8Telecom International Holdings in (CN)
Aug.10,2020* 8x8
Jan.12,2012* 99 Cents Only Stores
Jun.29,2020* 99 Wuxian
Jun.30,2017* 9Splay Entertainment Technology Co
Jun.20,2019* A & J Mucklow Group P L C in (UK)
Sep.28,2018* A + M Febcon
Jun.20,2019* A + M Realty Bhd in (MY)
Aug.21,2020* A + S Group (Holdings) Limited
Aug.19,2020* a a a AG allgemeine anlageverwaltung in (DE)
Jun.09,2017* A and P Andreou and Paraskevaides Enterprises Public in (CY)
Sep.03,2020* A Brown in (PH)
May.30,2017* A City Media in (SE)
Aug.27,2014* A D S Diagnostic
Apr.28,2020* A Dong Paint JSC
Sep.30,2019* A F Enterprises
Jun.25,2020* A G Barr P L C in (UK)
May.17,2018* A Group Of Retail Assets Sweden
Jun.06,2018* A H Belo
Jun.14,2019* A Infrastructure
Sep.29,2019* A K Capital Services in (IN)
Mar.07,2018* A Levi Investment + Construction in (IL)
Apr.30,2019* A Libental Holdings in (IL)
Jul.27,2016* A M Castle and
Jun.26,2020* A Modas
Apr.15,2020* A O Smith in Franklin (US)
Jun.05,2017* A ONE ALFORM
Jun.05,2017* A Online Capital (AOC) in Tel Aviv (IL)
Mar.24,2015* A Panayides Contracting Public in (CY)
May.10,2020* A Saffa FoodsOG in Maskat (OM)
Jun.14,2018* A Schulman
May.18,2020* A Sharqiya Investment HoldingOG
Jun.17,2020* A Soriano in (PH)
Apr.26,2012* A T Cross
Aug.28,2014* A Tec Industries in (AT)
Sep.23,2020* A Tsokkos Hotels Public in (CY)
May.16,2017* A Ultra Clean Technology Co in (CN)
Jun.26,2020* A Vuong Hydropower JSC
Jun.26,2013* A Zorbas and Sons Public in (CY)
Oct.31,2014* A-Cap Resources in (AU)
Mar.23,2018* A-Jin Industrial Co
Apr.30,2020* A-Labs Capital I
Sep.16,2020* A-Living Services Co
Jan.26,2017* A-Mark Precious Metals
Jul.17,2017* A-motion in (KR)
Sep.22,2018* A-One Seimitsu in (JP)
Dec.04,2019* A-Rank Bhd in (MY)
Jun.26,2020* A-Sonic Aerospace
Aug.31,2011 A-TEC INDUSTRIES AG in (AT)
Mar.25,2016* A-Tech Solution in (KR)
May.22,2018* A-Zenith Furniture Co
Jun.02,2020* A. H. Belo
Jun.26,2018* A.D.Works in (JP)
Mar.27,2020* A.F.W Co
Aug.16,2013 a.i.s. in Mannheim (DE)
Compliance Statement
Mar.20,2019* A/S Moens Bank in (DK)
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