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Sep.04,2020* Cupid
Sep.04,2020* Dalal Street Investments
Sep.04,2020* Devernois in (FR)
Sep.04,2020* Diversa Commercial Imports Technical Services in (GR)
Sep.04,2020* Dupnitsa Tabak AD Dupnitsa in (BG)
Sep.04,2020* Dutron Polymers
Sep.04,2020* E Lighting Group Holdings
Sep.04,2020* Elektrokrajina ad Banja Luka
Sep.04,2020* Epicurean and Co
Sep.04,2020 FLUGHAFEN WIEN AG in (AT)
Compliance Statement
Sep.04,2020* Genesis Minerals in (AU)
Sep.04,2020* Glaston Oyj Abp in Helsinki (FI)
Sep.04,2020* Goldway Education Group
Sep.04,2020* Halma p.l.c. in (UK)
Sep.04,2020* Harel Mallac + Co
Sep.04,2020* Harmonic Strait Financial Holdings
Sep.04,2020* Hester Biosciences in (IN)
Sep.04,2020* i.century Holding
Sep.04,2020* I3 Energy
Sep.04,2020* IFB Agro Industries
Sep.04,2020* IFB Industries
Sep.04,2020* Indian Hume Pipe in (IN)
Sep.04,2020* Inox
Sep.04,2020* Interglobe Aviation
Sep.04,2020* Ishan Dyes and Chemicals
Sep.04,2020* ITC in (IN)
Sep.04,2020* iX Biopharma
Sep.04,2020* Jiangxipper in (CN)
Sep.04,2020* JKP Vodovod i Kanalizacija dd Konjic
Sep.04,2020* Josts Engineeringmapny in (IN)
Sep.04,2020* KMM AD Shumen
Sep.04,2020* Komunalne Usluge ad Prijedor
Sep.04,2020* Korporatsiya VSMPO-AVISMA in (RU)
Sep.04,2020* Kotlostroene AD Sofia in (BG)
Sep.04,2020* KPS in Munich (DE)
Sep.04,2020* Lks Holding Group
Sep.04,2020* Manraj Housing Finance
Sep.04,2020* Mauritius Chemical and Fertilizer Industry in (MU)
Sep.04,2020* Megal ad Bujanovac
Sep.04,2020* Mexan
Sep.04,2020* Mo-Bruk in (DE)
Sep.04,2020* Neuralstem
Sep.04,2020* One Media Publishing Group in (UK)
Sep.04,2020* Opera Software in (NO)
Sep.04,2020* Orissa Bengal Carrier
Sep.04,2020* Pargesa Holding in Genva (CH)
Sep.04,2020* Pfizer in Short Hills (US)
Sep.04,2020* PYI in Hongkong (HK)
Sep.04,2020* RCM Technology Trust in (UK)
Sep.04,2020* Sanroc International Holdings
Sep.04,2020* Sat Industries in (IN)
Sep.04,2020* Shriram Asset Management Co
Sep.04,2020* Standard Chartered Bank Zambia in (UK)
Sep.04,2020* Steed Oriental (Hldg) Co
Sep.04,2020* Sudarshan Chemical Industries
Sep.04,2020* TeamLease Services Pvt
Sep.04,2020* The K C P in (IN)
Sep.04,2020* Uraniumsa in (AU)
Sep.04,2020* Vantage International (Holdings)
Sep.04,2020* VMV Holidays
Sep.04,2020* Yee Hop Holdings
Sep.04,2020* ZMAY Holdings in Hongkong (HK)
Sep.05,2020* Ashika Credit Capital
Sep.05,2020* Associated Alcohol + Breweries
Sep.05,2020* China Metal Resources
Sep.05,2020* Ecoplast
Sep.05,2020* Famos Gradnja dd Sarajevo in (BA)
Sep.05,2020* HCKK Ventures
Sep.05,2020* Milestone Global in (IN)
Sep.05,2020* Siyaram Silk Mills
Sep.05,2020* SMIFS Capital Markets in (IN)
Sep.06,2020* Etihad Atheeb Telecommunication in Riyadh (SA)
Sep.07,2020* 3d Diagnostic Imaging
Sep.07,2020* 58.com
Sep.07,2020* Abhishek Infraventures
Sep.07,2020* Aditya Birla Fashion and Retail
Sep.07,2020* Agroplod AD Resen in (MK)
Sep.07,2020* Akritas in (GR)
Sep.07,2020* B + S International Holdings
Sep.07,2020* Baghdad Soft Drinks
Sep.07,2020* Bulgar Czech Invest Holding AD Smolyan in (BG)
Sep.07,2020* Cann Group
Sep.07,2020* Come Sure Group (Holdings)
Sep.07,2020* Cougar Logistics in (SG)
Sep.07,2020* Current Motor
Sep.07,2020* Cygnus Gold
Sep.07,2020* D + S Anastopoulos
Sep.07,2020* Dunav-re ad Beograd
Sep.07,2020* Gokul Agro Resources
Sep.07,2020* Grindrod in (ZA)
Sep.07,2020* Hang Yick Holdings Co
Sep.07,2020* Hoteli Jadran in (HR)
Sep.07,2020* Indiabulls Housing Finance
Sep.07,2020* International Consolidated Airlines Group in
Sep.07,2020* International Nickel Indonesia Tbk in (ID)
Sep.07,2020* Jauharabad Sugar Mills
Sep.07,2020* JJ Entertainment
Sep.07,2020* L + A International Holdings
Sep.07,2020* Lankabangla Finance
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