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Sep.02,2020* Sunway Bhd
Sep.02,2020* Tabak ad Nis
Sep.02,2020* Tariq Glass Industries
Sep.02,2020* Ujjivan Small Finance Bank
Sep.02,2020* Vico International Holdings
Sep.02,2020* Viohalco
Sep.02,2020* Wereldhave Belgium CVA in (BE)
Sep.02,2020* Yellow Cake
Sep.03,2020* 11 Mart ad Potocari
Sep.03,2020* A Brown in (PH)
Sep.03,2020* Albion Enterprise VCT in (UK)
Sep.03,2020* Allied Digital Services in (IN)
Sep.03,2020* Allied Group
Sep.03,2020* Alterity Therapeutics (formerly: Prana Biotechnology) in AU
Sep.03,2020* Batliboi in (IN)
Sep.03,2020* Bina Darulaman Bhd in (MY)
Sep.03,2020* CASH Financial Services Group
Sep.03,2020* Charlotte's Web Holdings
Sep.03,2020 colas in (FR)
Sep.03,2020* Computime Group in (HK)
Sep.03,2020* Cortina Holdings in (SG)
Sep.03,2020* Csi Properties in Hongkong (HK)
Sep.03,2020* Dabur India in (IN)
Sep.03,2020* Darma Henwa Tbk in (ID)
Sep.03,2020* Domiki Kritis in (GR)
Sep.03,2020* Douja Promotion Groupe Addoha in Casablanca (MA)
Sep.03,2020* Elegant Marbles and Grani Industries
Sep.03,2020* ELK Desa Resources Sdn Bhd
Sep.03,2020* Foresight 4 VCT
Sep.03,2020* FutureFuel in Clayton (US)
Sep.03,2020* Garudafood Putra Putri Jaya Tbk
Sep.03,2020* General Environmentalnservation in (TH)
Sep.03,2020* Ground Properties Co
Sep.03,2020* Hamilton Lane
Sep.03,2020* Hindustan Zinc in (IN)
Sep.03,2020* Hoegh LNG Partners LP
Sep.03,2020* Hong Kong Johnson Holdings Co
Sep.03,2020* In Construction Holdings
Sep.03,2020* Intercontinental Leasing and Finance
Sep.03,2020* Invesco Asia Trust in (UK)
Sep.03,2020* John Laing Environmental Assets Group
Sep.03,2020* Kanpur Plastipack in (IN)
Sep.03,2020* Lakshmi Mills
Sep.03,2020* Lapis Technologies
Sep.03,2020* Les Toques Blanches du Monde
Sep.03,2020* Lightbridge
Sep.03,2020* Lindsell Train Investment Trust
Sep.03,2020* M Development
Sep.03,2020* Malita Investments
Sep.03,2020* Mallouppas and Papacostas Public Co in (CY)
Sep.03,2020* MD Medical Group Invest
Sep.03,2020* Nature et Logis SARL
Sep.03,2020* Neolife
Sep.03,2020* NEOVACS in Paris (FR)
Sep.03,2020* Net2Gather (China) Holdings in (HK)
Sep.03,2020* Ninety One
Sep.03,2020* Noble Jewelry Holdings in (HK)
Sep.03,2020* North Asia Strategic Holdings in Hongkong (HK)
Sep.03,2020* Nsx
Sep.03,2020* Oriental City Group Holdings in (HK)
Sep.03,2020* Pecos Hotels and Pubs
Sep.03,2020* RF Industries
Sep.03,2020* Severfield Rowen in (UK)
Sep.03,2020* Shougang Fushan Resources Group in Hongkong (HK)
Sep.03,2020* Shun Wo Group Holdings
Sep.03,2020* Skyline Medical
Sep.03,2020* Somany Home Innovation
Sep.03,2020* Swati Projects
Sep.03,2020* Timeless Software in Hongkong (HK)
Sep.03,2020* TMK Artrom in (RO)
Sep.03,2020* Trans World Entertainment
Sep.03,2020* Value &ome Trust in (UK)
Sep.03,2020* Viasat
Sep.03,2020* Winfair Investment in (HK)
Sep.03,2020* XiDeLang Holdings
Sep.04,2020* Able Engineering Holdings
Sep.04,2020* ABM Knowledgeware
Sep.04,2020* Active Group Holdings
Sep.04,2020* Alfred Herbert India
Sep.04,2020* Amber Enterprises India
Sep.04,2020* Amino Technologies in London (GB)
Sep.04,2020* Argent Industrial in (ZA)
Sep.04,2020* Balkrishna Paper Mills
Sep.04,2020* Berkeley Group Holdings in (UK)
Sep.04,2020* Bhagiradha Chemicals and Industries
Sep.04,2020* Black Cat Syndicate
Sep.04,2020 Bouygues in Paris (FR)
Sep.04,2020* Camlin
Sep.04,2020* Champion Commercial Co
Sep.04,2020* China Healthcare Holdings
Sep.04,2020* China Water Affairs Group
Sep.04,2020* Conart Engineers
Sep.04,2020* Cupid
Sep.04,2020* Dalal Street Investments
Sep.04,2020* Devernois in (FR)
Sep.04,2020* Diversa Commercial Imports Technical Services in (GR)
Sep.04,2020* Dupnitsa Tabak AD Dupnitsa in (BG)
Sep.04,2020* Dutron Polymers
Sep.04,2020* E Lighting Group Holdings
Sep.04,2020* Elektrokrajina ad Banja Luka
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