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AGMagenda dates in chronological order.

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Jul.30,2020* Piramal Healthcare in (IN)
Jul.30,2020* Precision Camshafts
Jul.30,2020* Prehrana Promet dd Tuzla
Jul.30,2020* Prestige International in (JP)
Jul.30,2020* Primus Telecommunications Group
Jul.30,2020* Professio Energia
Jul.30,2020* PSG Group in Stellenbosch (ZA)
Jul.30,2020* PUC Founder (MSC) Bhd in (MY)
Jul.30,2020* QTC Energy
Jul.30,2020* Quality and Reliability in (GR)
Jul.30,2020* R Stahl in (DE)
Jul.30,2020* Rade Koncar ad Beograd
Jul.30,2020* Raja Ferry Port
Jul.30,2020* Ralph Lauren in virtual meeting (US)
Jul.30,2020* Sacen ad Novi Sad
Jul.30,2020* Safaricom in (KE)
Jul.30,2020* Sahara One Media and Entertainment
Jul.30,2020* Santierul Naval 2 Mai in (RO)
Jul.30,2020* Sariguna Primatirta
Jul.30,2020* Shanghai La Chapelle Fashion Co
Jul.30,2020* Shankara Building Products
Jul.30,2020* Sigstrat
Jul.30,2020* Singapore Telecommunications in Singapore (SG)
Jul.30,2020* Slanchev Bryag AD Nesebar
Jul.30,2020* SLC Agricola in (BR)
Jul.30,2020* Sloga ad Kac
Jul.30,2020* Societa Cattolica di Assicurazione Sc in (IT)
Jul.30,2020* Specialized Business Systems AD Sofia in (BG)
Jul.30,2020* Spyrosoft
Jul.30,2020* Staar Surgical
Jul.30,2020* Stamparija Obod ad Cetinje
Jul.30,2020* Stobart Group
Jul.30,2020* Sundaram Clayton in (IN)
Jul.30,2020* Super Sales India
Jul.30,2020* Swisstek (Ceylon)
Jul.30,2020* Tallink Grupp AS in (EE)
Jul.30,2020* Tata Power in Mumbai (IN)
Jul.30,2020* TCPL Packaging in (IN)
Jul.30,2020* Teka Tecelagem Kuehnrich in (BR)
Jul.30,2020* Teledigital dd Sarajevo
Jul.30,2020* Terratech Group in (SG)
Jul.30,2020* Textil Renauxview in (BR)
Jul.30,2020* Thai Carbon Black in (TH)
Jul.30,2020* Thai Rayon in (TH)
Jul.30,2020* TMT Investments
Jul.30,2020* Torrent Pharmaceuticals in (IN)
Jul.30,2020* TPI Polene in (TH)
Jul.30,2020* Trans Power Marine Tbk
Jul.30,2020* Trastor Real Estate Investment Company in (GR)
Jul.30,2020* Ukrproduct Group in (UK)
Jul.30,2020* Unipar Participacoes in (BR)
Jul.30,2020* United Group for Publishing Advertising and Marketing in (SY)
Jul.30,2020* Vaibhav Global in (IN)
Jul.30,2020* Varna Plod AD in (BG)
Jul.30,2020* Vassilico Cement Works Public in (CY)
Jul.30,2020* Veterinarski Centar ad Kraljevo
Jul.30,2020* Vino Kalem ad Velika Drenova
Jul.30,2020* Vintage Engineering in (TH)
Jul.30,2020* VIS Containers Manufacturing in (GR)
Jul.30,2020* Visant in (US)
Jul.30,2020* Volex in (UK)
Jul.30,2020* VP Dunav ad Backa Palanka
Jul.30,2020* Wave Entertainment
Jul.30,2020* Wheels India in (IN)
Jul.30,2020* WorldCall Telecom
Jul.30,2020* Xanadu Mines in Sydney (AU) - postponed -
Jul.30,2020* Yelooo Integra Datanet Tbk
Jul.30,2020* ZUE in (PL)
Jul.31,2020* Abterra in (SG)
Jul.31,2020* Acorda Therapeutics in (US)
Jul.31,2020* Adriatic Croatia International Club in (HR)
Jul.31,2020* AES Tiete Energia
Jul.31,2020* Alfa Plam ad Vranje in (RS)
Jul.31,2020 ALPHA Bank in Athens (GR)
Jul.31,2020* American Superconductor
Jul.31,2020* Ashler et Manson SARL
Jul.31,2020* Asia Grocery Distribution
Jul.31,2020* Atishay Infotech
Jul.31,2020* Atlas Hotels Group ad Bar
Jul.31,2020* Atul in (IN)
Jul.31,2020 Audi in Ingolstadt virtual meeting (DE)
Jul.31,2020* Audio Visual Enterprises
Jul.31,2020* AXIS Bank in (IN)
Jul.31,2020* Ayudhya Insurance in Bangkok (TH)
Jul.31,2020* Backa ad Sivac u restrukturiranju
Jul.31,2020* Bafna Pharmaceuticals in (IN)
Jul.31,2020* Bancolombia in (US)
Jul.31,2020* BANESTES Banco do Estado do Espirito Santo in (BR)
Jul.31,2020* Bangkok First Investment & Trust in (TH)
Jul.31,2020* Bank of Baroda in (IN)
Jul.31,2020* Bar Pacific Group Holdings
Jul.31,2020* Barbara Bui in (FR)
Jul.31,2020* Baumer in (BR)
Jul.31,2020* Belvedere in (FR)
Jul.31,2020* Biocept
Jul.31,2020* BK Brasil Operacao e Assessoria a Restaurantes
Jul.31,2020* Blue Dart Express in (IN)
Jul.31,2020* Bogo Medellin Milling
Jul.31,2020* BrainJuicer Group in (UK)
Jul.31,2020* Braster
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