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Aug.29,2019* China Eastern Airlines in (CN)
Aug.29,2019* China Fortune Financial Group in (HK)
Aug.29,2019* Chinney Investments in (HK)
Aug.29,2019* CryptoStar
Aug.29,2019* Datatec in Johannesburg (ZA)
Aug.29,2019* DRB Industrial Co in Shah Alam (KR)
Aug.29,2019* DVM Technology Bhd in (MY)
Aug.29,2019* Eclerx Services
Aug.29,2019* Elegance Commercial and Financial Printing Group
Aug.29,2019* Esthetics International Group Bhd in (MY)
Aug.29,2019* Feedback in (DE)
Aug.29,2019* FTB Turizam
Aug.29,2019* Garuda Maintenance Facility AeroAsia
Aug.29,2019* Gayety Holdings
Aug.29,2019 Gesco in Wuppertal (DE)
Compliance Statement
Aug.29,2019* Global Oriental Bhd in (MY)
Aug.29,2019* Global Payments in Atlanta (US)
Aug.29,2019* Green Oceanoration Bhd
Aug.29,2019* GSB Group Bhd in (MY)
Aug.29,2019* Hanan Mor Group Holding
Aug.29,2019* Hon Kwok Land Investment in (HK)
Aug.29,2019* Hopson Development Holdings in Hongkong (HK)
Aug.29,2019* Hotblok in (PL)
Aug.29,2019* Hoteli Vodice
Aug.29,2019* House of Agriculture Spirou in (GR)
Aug.29,2019* Hua Yang Bhd in (MY)
Aug.29,2019* Ingenuity Solutions Bhd in (MY)
Aug.29,2019* Interchina Holdings in (HK)
Aug.29,2019* IOL Chemicals and Pharmaceuticals in (IN)
Aug.29,2019* IQ Group Holdings Bhd
Aug.29,2019* Ireka Bhd in (MY)
Aug.29,2019* Isracard
Aug.29,2019* Ithmaar Bank BSC
Aug.29,2019* Kingston Financial Group
Aug.29,2019* Koninklijke Wessanen in Amsterdam (NL)
Aug.29,2019* Kwong Man Kee Group
Aug.29,2019* Lansdowne Oil & Gas in (UK)
Aug.29,2019* Liburnia Riviera Hoteli in (HR)
Aug.29,2019* Link Net Tbk in Jakarta (ID)
Aug.29,2019* LNG Resources Bhd in (MY)
Aug.29,2019* MarkLines Co
Aug.29,2019* Mostostal Warszawa in (PL)
Aug.29,2019* NIIME i Mikron in (RU)
Aug.29,2019* Nsx
Aug.29,2019* Oceania Healthcare
Aug.29,2019* Omskiy kauchuk in (RU)
Aug.29,2019* PF Group Holdings
Aug.29,2019* Plava Laguna in (HR)
Aug.29,2019* PNE PCB Bhd in (MY)
Aug.29,2019* Popovo Polje ad Trebinje
Aug.29,2019* Pretoria Portland Cement in (ZA)
Aug.29,2019* QL Resources Bhd in (MY)
Aug.29,2019* Romcarbon in Buzau (RO)
Aug.29,2019* Rural Electrification Rec in (IN)
Aug.29,2019* SEEC Media Group in Hongkong (HK)
Aug.29,2019* SHLnsolidated Bhd in (MY)
Aug.29,2019* SMPC Bhd in (MY)
Aug.29,2019* Sparkle Roll Group in (HK)
Aug.29,2019* Systemair in (SE)
Aug.29,2019* T O Ogasawara in (JP)
Aug.29,2019* Terra Mediterranea
Aug.29,2019* Thessaloniki Port Authority in (GR)
Aug.29,2019* Total System Services in Atlanta(US)
Aug.29,2019* Trifecta Gold
Aug.29,2019* Triwira Insanlestari Tbk
Aug.29,2019* Tyumenneftekomplektservis in (RU)
Aug.29,2019* ULJANIK PLOVIDBA in (HR)
Aug.29,2019* Wecon Holdings
Aug.29,2019* Winfair Investment in (HK)
Aug.29,2019* Zrak dd Sarajevo in Sarajevo (BA)
Aug.29,2019* Zvecevo in (HR)
Aug.30,2019* Agritech
Aug.30,2019* Akritas in (GR)
Aug.30,2019* Asuransi Ramayana Tbk in (ID)
Aug.30,2019* Bank Negara Indonesia (Persero) Tbk in (ID)
Aug.30,2019* Bank of Chongqing in Chongqing (CN)
Aug.30,2019* Bharat Petroleum in (IN)
Aug.30,2019* Bobar Osiguranje ad Bijeljina
Aug.30,2019* Borneo Aqua Harvest Bhd in (MY)
Aug.30,2019* Buryatzoloto in (RU)
Aug.30,2019* Capital Trade Links
Aug.30,2019* Century Textile Industry Tbk
Aug.30,2019* China Investment Development in Hongkong (HK)
Aug.30,2019* China Railsmedia
Aug.30,2019* China Suntien Green Energy
Aug.30,2019* Chong Kin Group Holdings
Aug.30,2019* Dabur India in (IN)
Aug.30,2019* DFNN
Aug.30,2019* Distribuidora Internacional De Alimentacion in Madrid (ES)
Aug.30,2019* Essex Minerals
Aug.30,2019* Euroherc Osiguranje dd Sarajevo in Sarajevo (BA)
Aug.30,2019* Gear4music (Holdings)
Aug.30,2019* GRAND HOTEL UNION in (SI)
Aug.30,2019* Grande Holdings
Aug.30,2019* Grawe Osiguranje ad Banja Luka
Aug.30,2019* Heritage Foods India in (IN)
Aug.30,2019* HindalCo Industries in (IN)
Aug.30,2019* Hkc International Holdings in (HK)
Aug.30,2019* Hoteli Maestral
Aug.30,2019* Hwashintech in (KR)
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