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Apr.08,2020* Astra Agro Lestari Tbk in jakarta (ID)
Apr.08,2020* Astra Graphia Tbk in (ID)
Apr.08,2020* Bahrain National Holding BSC
Apr.08,2020* Balochistan Particle Board
Apr.08,2020* Banca Mediolanum
Apr.08,2020* Basilea Pharmaceutica in Basel (CH)
Apr.08,2020* BIDV Insurance
Apr.08,2020* Blumerang Investors in (PL)
Apr.08,2020* Canadian Imperial Bank of Commerce in Halifax (CA)
Apr.08,2020* Cerealcom
Apr.08,2020* Chiangmai Rimdoi
Apr.08,2020* Commercial Bank of KuwaitK in Safat (KW)
Apr.08,2020* Computer Stationery IndustryOG
Apr.08,2020* Confectii Vaslui in (RO)
Apr.08,2020* Coris Bank International
Apr.08,2020* Danang Petroleum Machinery Technology JSC
Apr.08,2020* Danang Seaproducts Import - Export in (VN)
Apr.08,2020* Delta Dunia Makmur Tbk in (ID)
Apr.08,2020* Deyaar Development PJSC in (AE)
Apr.08,2020* Dharma Satya Nusantara Tbk in (ID)
Apr.08,2020* Drogasil in (BR)
Apr.08,2020* Duratex in (BR)
Apr.08,2020* Educational Book Joint Stock in Ho Chi Minh City in (VN)
Apr.08,2020* EMA
Apr.08,2020* Energa in (PL)
Apr.08,2020* Firstservice
Apr.08,2020* FPT in (VN)
Apr.08,2020* GetBack
Apr.08,2020* Gulf Energy Development
Apr.08,2020* Hanoi Electromechanical Manufacturing JSC
Apr.08,2020* Hong Ha Son La Processing Agricutural Product JSC
Apr.08,2020* Irbid District Electricity in (JO)
Apr.08,2020* Japfamfeed Indonesia Tbk in (ID)
Apr.08,2020* Kiattana Transport in (TH)
Apr.08,2020* Kovrovskiy elektromekhanicheskiy zavod in (RU)
Apr.08,2020* Krungdhon Hospital in (TH)
Apr.08,2020* Levi Strauss + Co
Apr.08,2020* LICOGI 14 Joint Stock
Apr.08,2020 Logwin (vormals: Thiel) Logistik in Luxemburg (LU)
Compliance Statement
Apr.08,2020* Luka Leget ad Sremska Mitrovica
Apr.08,2020* Luzerner Kantonalbank in (CH)
Apr.08,2020* M Pictures Entertainment in (TH)
Apr.08,2020* MabaneeK in Safat (KW)
Apr.08,2020 Magyar Telekom in Budapest (HU)
Compliance Statement
Apr.08,2020* Mecanica Codlea
Apr.08,2020* Mega Lifesciences
Apr.08,2020* Moara Cibin in (RO)
Apr.08,2020* Multifiling Mitra Indonesia Tbk in (ID)
Apr.08,2020* Najran Cement in Najaran (SA)
Apr.08,2020 Nokia in Helsinki (FI)
Compliance Statement
Apr.08,2020* North Books and Educational Equipment JSC
Apr.08,2020* Nuveen Credit Strategiesome Fund
Apr.08,2020* Nuveen Equity Premiumome Fund
Apr.08,2020* Nuveen Quality Preferredome Fund 2
Apr.08,2020* Olvi Oyj in (FI)
Apr.08,2020* Orava Residential REIT in Helsinki (FI)
Apr.08,2020* Pacific Basin Shipping in Hongkong (HK)
Apr.08,2020* Petrolimex Hanoi Transportation And Trading Joint Stock in (VN)
Apr.08,2020* Pharmaron Beijing Co
Apr.08,2020* PP Presisi Tbk in (ID)
Apr.08,2020* Primi sui Motori
Apr.08,2020* Profident Agro
Apr.08,2020* Prykarpattiaoblenerho PAT in (GOV)
Apr.08,2020* Pupin Telecom ad Beograd in (RS)
Apr.08,2020* PV Oil Lube JSC
Apr.08,2020* Replek AD Skopje
Apr.08,2020 Rio Tinto plc in London (UK)
Apr.08,2020* Royal Ahold Delhaize in Amsterdam (NL)
Apr.08,2020* Royal Bank of Canada
Apr.08,2020* SBM Offshore in Monaco (MC)
Apr.08,2020* Scentre Group
Apr.08,2020* Share in (UK)
Apr.08,2020* SidoMuncul
Apr.08,2020* Somboon Advance Technology in (TH)
Apr.08,2020* Sun in (JP)
Apr.08,2020* T2 Investment in (PL)
Apr.08,2020* Telefonica Brasil in (BR)
Apr.08,2020* Thai-German Products in (TH)
Apr.08,2020* Tutunski Kombinat AD Prilep in (MK)
Apr.08,2020* TV Direct
Apr.08,2020* UATK Aviapostach PAT
Apr.08,2020* Union of Survey and Construction JSC
Apr.08,2020* Unione di Banche Italiane ScpA in (IT)
Apr.08,2020* United Tractors Tbk in (ID)
Apr.08,2020* Viet Dragon Securities in (VN)
Apr.08,2020* Vietnam Tanker Joint Stock in (VN)
Apr.08,2020* Vnsteel Hanoi Steel
Apr.08,2020 volvo in Gothenburg (SE)
Compliance Statement
Apr.08,2020* Waskita Beton Precast Tbk
Apr.08,2020* Zagrebacka Banka in (HR)
Apr.09,2020* Adobe Systems in San Jose (US)
Apr.09,2020* Amata in (TH)
Apr.09,2020* Ambuja Cements in (IN)
Apr.09,2020* Anixter International
Apr.09,2020* Antibiotice in (RO)
Apr.09,2020* Aquaoration
Apr.09,2020* ASN Broker
Apr.09,2020* Bank Central Asia Tbk in Jakarta (ID)
Apr.09,2020* Bank CIMB Niaga Tbk in (ID)
Apr.09,2020* Baramulti Suksessarana Tbk
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