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AGMagenda dates in chronological order.

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Mar.17,2019* Bram Industries
Mar.17,2019* GMO AD Partners in (JP)
Mar.17,2019* GMO Cloud KK in (JP)
Mar.17,2019* ITGI Medical
Mar.17,2019* Oman Cables IndustryOG
Mar.17,2019* Paperboy&Co in (JP)
Mar.17,2019* Rak Properties PJSC in (AE)
Mar.17,2019* Saudi Real Estate co in (SA)
Mar.18,2019* Aerodrom Nikola Tesla in Beograd (RS)
Mar.18,2019* Africa Israel Properties in (IL)
Mar.18,2019* Al Ain Ahlia Insurance PSC in (AE)
Mar.18,2019* Aldrees Petroleum and Transport Services in (SA)
Mar.18,2019* Anzherskiy Mashinostroitel'nyi Zavod
Mar.18,2019* Bangkok Expressway and Metro
Mar.18,2019* Beijing Digital Telecom Co
Mar.18,2019 Danske Bank Copenhagen (DK)
Compliance Statement
Mar.18,2019* Energoprojekt Industrija ad Beograd
Mar.18,2019* G1 Secure Solutions
Mar.18,2019* GMO Research
Mar.18,2019* Human Soft Holding KSCC in (KW)
Mar.18,2019* ICSH
Mar.18,2019* Jordan Mortgage Refinance in (JO)
Mar.18,2019* Kriti Nutrients
Mar.18,2019* LV Technology
Mar.18,2019* Mediterranean Tourism Investment in (JO)
Mar.18,2019* Metav
Mar.18,2019* Now in (PH)
Mar.18,2019* Oman Oil MarketingOG
Mar.18,2019* Selca
Mar.18,2019* Shing Chi Holdings
Mar.18,2019* Theopermpanies
Mar.18,2019 TomTom international in Amsterdam (NL)
Mar.18,2019* Trans Polonia in (PL)
Mar.18,2019* TRF in (IN)
Mar.18,2019* Uponor Oyj in (FI)
Mar.18,2019* Valbiotis SAS
Mar.18,2019* Xenia Venture Capital
Mar.19,2019* Abu Dhabi National Takaful PSC in Abu Dhabi (AE)
Mar.19,2019* AKB Rosbank
Mar.19,2019* Al Dhafra Insurance PSC in (AE)
Mar.19,2019* Amita Holdings in (JP)
Mar.19,2019* Avanza Bank Holding in (SE)
Mar.19,2019* Bemco Hydraulics
Mar.19,2019* BriQ Properties REIC
Mar.19,2019* BronCo Billy in (JP)
Mar.19,2019* Cargotec Oyj in (FI)
Mar.19,2019 Carl Zeiss Meditec in Weimar (DE)
Mar.19,2019* Corpbanca Sociedad Anonima Bancaria in (US)
Mar.19,2019* Digistar Bhd in (MY)
Mar.19,2019* Dongjiang Environmental in (CN)
Mar.19,2019* Esterad Investment BSC in Manama (BH)
Mar.19,2019* France Tourisme Immobilier
Mar.19,2019* GMO Media
Mar.19,2019* GMO TECH
Mar.19,2019* Guangdong Adway Construction Group Holdings Co
Mar.19,2019* Hana Materials
Mar.19,2019* Hovnanian Enterprises
Mar.19,2019* Mermeren Kombinat AD Prilep in (GR)
Mar.19,2019* Minexfor
Mar.19,2019* NH Special Purpose Acquisition 10 Co
Mar.19,2019* Oriola Kd Oyj in (FI)
Mar.19,2019* Polymer Link Holdings Bhd
Mar.19,2019* Promprylad PAT
Mar.19,2019* Qatar Gas Transport QSC in Doha (QA)
Mar.19,2019* Qatar Telecom QSC in Doha (QA)
Mar.19,2019* Raisio Oyj in (FI)
Mar.19,2019* Seya Industries
Mar.19,2019* Suominen Yhtyma Oyj in (FI)
Mar.19,2019* Synektik in (PL)
Mar.19,2019* TAIYO INDUSTRIAL CO in (JP)
Mar.19,2019* Thong Nhat JSC
Mar.19,2019* Toro
Mar.19,2019* Triton Development in (PL)
Mar.19,2019* William Demant Holding in (DK)
Mar.20,2019* Agilent Technologies in Santa Clara (US)
Mar.20,2019* Aldar Properties Company in (AE)
Mar.20,2019* Alimtiaz Investment Group KSC in (KW)
Mar.20,2019* Aqar Real Estate Investments KSCC in Safat (KW)
Mar.20,2019* Arden Partners in (UK)
Mar.20,2019* Ayalon Holdings in (IL)
Mar.20,2019* Bioanalytical Systems
Mar.20,2019* Brand New Vintage in (AU)
Mar.20,2019* Canare Electric in (JP)
Mar.20,2019* Comcereal
Mar.20,2019* Commercial Bank of Qatar QSC in Doha (QA)
Mar.20,2019* Concivia
Mar.20,2019* Cyberm in (JP)
Mar.20,2019* DDS in (JP)
Mar.20,2019* Digital Adventure in (JP)
Mar.20,2019* Distribuidora Internacional De Alimentacion in Madrid (ES)
Mar.20,2019* Elso Hazai Energia-Portfolio in (HU)
Mar.20,2019* Emirates Telecommunication in (AE)
Mar.20,2019* Endymed in (IL)
Mar.20,2019 Finnair in Helsinki (FI)
Mar.20,2019* IFIS JAPAN in (JP)
Mar.20,2019* Insurance House PSC in Abu Dhabi (AE)
Mar.20,2019* Interior HotelsOG
Mar.20,2019* Japan Real Estate Investment in (JP)
Mar.20,2019* Japan Tobacco in (JP)
Mar.20,2019* Kokhavyns'ka PF PAT
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