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May.27,2020* TCP Capital
May.27,2020* Telefield International (Holdings)
May.27,2020* Television Broadcasts in Hongkong (HK)
May.27,2020* The GYM Group
May.27,2020* The Vitec Group in (UK)
May.27,2020* Thenergo Nv in (BE)
May.27,2020* TOM TAILOR Holding
May.27,2020* Transgene in (FR)
May.27,2020* Trident Resources
May.27,2020* TTS Group in Bergen (NO)
May.27,2020 Twitter in San Francisco virtual meeting (US)
May.27,2020* Tysan Holdings in (HK)
May.27,2020* Ultimate Games
May.27,2020* Under Armour in Baltimore (US)
May.27,2020* Union Technologies Informatique Group in (FR)
May.27,2020* United Insurance
May.27,2020* US Xpress Enterprises
May.27,2020* Valuenvergence Holdings in Hongkong (HK)
May.27,2020* Vectura Group in (UK)
May.27,2020* Wanda Commercial Properties Group Co in Hongkong (HK)
May.27,2020* Wawel in (PL)
May.27,2020* Wendy's Company
May.27,2020* Wo Kee Hong (Holdings) in (HK)
May.27,2020* XLMedia
May.27,2020* Yong Thai
May.27,2020* zetton inc in (JP)
May.28,2020* 21st Century Holding in Los Angeles (US)
May.28,2020* AdociaS
May.28,2020* Advanced Card Systems Holdings in Hongkong (HK)
May.28,2020* Advantech in (TW)
May.28,2020* Advtech in Sandton (ZA)
May.28,2020* Agios Pharmaceuticals
May.28,2020* Aleqbal Investment
May.28,2020 Allgemeine Baugesellschaft - A.Porr AG in Wien (AT)
May.28,2020* Amoeba
May.28,2020* Angang Steel in (CN)
May.28,2020* Apergy
May.28,2020* Applus Services in Madrid (ES)
May.28,2020* Arbutus Biopharma
May.28,2020* Arc Exploration in (AU)
May.28,2020 ARIMA REAL ESTATE SOCIMI in Madrid (ES)
May.28,2020* Asia Poly Holdings Bhd in (MY)
May.28,2020* Atoss Software in (DE) - postponed -
May.28,2020* Austevoll Seafood in (NO)
May.28,2020* AxoGen
May.28,2020* Baguio Green Group
May.28,2020* Bain Capital Specialty Finance
May.28,2020* Bancfirst
May.28,2020* Beijing Jingneng Clean Energy in Beijing (CN)
May.28,2020* Beijing Urban Construction
May.28,2020* Ben Thanh Water Supply Joint Stock in (VN)
May.28,2020* BF Holding
May.28,2020 Biofrontera in Leverkusen virtual meeting (DE)
Compliance Statement
May.28,2020* Bioinvent International in (SE)
May.28,2020* Bodycote in (UK)
May.28,2020* Boiron in (FR)
May.28,2020* Borgestad in (NO)
May.28,2020* Bosna RE dd Sarajevo in Sarajevo (BA)
May.28,2020* Brigham Minerals
May.28,2020* Briscoe Group in (NZ)
May.28,2020* Brown Shoe
May.28,2020* BRP
May.28,2020* Buon Don Hydropower JSC
May.28,2020* Career Education
May.28,2020 Cassiopea in Lainate (IT)
May.28,2020* CEIntract Manufacturing in (SG)
May.28,2020* Cencorp Oyj in (FI)
May.28,2020* Ceneric Holdings in (HK)
May.28,2020* Centrotec
May.28,2020* Century Logistics Holdings Bhd in (MY)
May.28,2020* Champion Real Estate Investment Trust in Hongkong (HK)
May.28,2020* Cheesecake Factory
May.28,2020* Chernomorski Holding AD Burgas
May.28,2020* China Bluechemical in (CN)
May.28,2020* China Boon Hldg
May.28,2020* China Hanking Holdings
May.28,2020* China Oilfield Services in (CN)
May.28,2020* China Shanshui Cement Group in Hong Kong (CN)
May.28,2020* China Sunshine Paper Holdings in (CN)
May.28,2020* China Tobacco International HK Co
May.28,2020* Civitas Social Housing
May.28,2020* Comalex
May.28,2020* Community Entertainment Svenska in (SE)
May.28,2020* Compagnie de Chemins de Fer Departementaux in (FR)
May.28,2020* Compania Nationala De Transport Al Energiei Electrice Transelectrica in (RO)
May.28,2020* Computer and Technologies Holdings in Hongkong (HK)
May.28,2020* Conferize
May.28,2020* Conn's
May.28,2020* Contel Technology Co
May.28,2020* Cosmo Pharmaceuticals in Milan (IT)
May.28,2020* CPPGroup in (UK)
May.28,2020* Crossword Cybersecurity
May.28,2020* D'Ieteren in (BE)
May.28,2020* DalsSpira Mejeri
May.28,2020* Denbury Resources in (IL)
May.28,2020* Descartes Systems Group
May.28,2020* Dierig Holding in (DE)
May.28,2020* Dimemmunity Bancshares
May.28,2020* Dof in (NO)
May.28,2020* Dongwu Cement Intl
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