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May.27,2020* I Synergy Holdings Bhd
May.27,2020* IDL Biotech in (SE)
May.27,2020* Illumina in virtual meeting (US)
May.27,2020* Imperial Metals
May.27,2020* INC Research Holdings
May.27,2020* Industrial Rubber JSC
May.27,2020* International Press Softcom in (SG)
May.27,2020* International Public Partnerships in (UK)
May.27,2020* Intra-Cellular Therapies
May.27,2020* Investar Bank-Holding Company
May.27,2020* Investment Friends Se
May.27,2020* Irish Residential Properties
May.27,2020* Jilin Province Chuncheng Heating Co
May.27,2020* Jordan Trade Facilities in (JO)
May.27,2020* Ju Teng International Holdings in (TW)
May.27,2020* Jumbo in (GR)
May.27,2020* K & P International Holdings in (HK)
May.27,2020* Keywords Studios
May.27,2020* Kid
May.27,2020* Kingsoft
May.27,2020* Kingworld Medicines Group
May.27,2020* KREnergy in (IT)
May.27,2020* Kunlun Energy in Hongkong (HK)
May.27,2020* LAWSON INC in Tokio (JP)
May.27,2020* Legrand SNC in Paris (FR)
May.27,2020* Leroy Seafood Group in (NO)
May.27,2020* Lifestyle Properties Development
May.27,2020* Linamar
May.27,2020* Macronix International in (TW)
May.27,2020* Mainova in (DE)
May.27,2020* Marathon Oil
May.27,2020* Marin Software in virtual meeting (US)
May.27,2020* Marinus Pharmaceuticals
May.27,2020* Matlin + Partners Acquisition
May.27,2020* Mecelec in (FR)
May.27,2020* Micropos Medical publ in (SE)
May.27,2020* Microstrategy in Toysons Corner (US)
May.27,2020* Ming Fai International Holdings
May.27,2020* Minto Apartment Real Estate Investment Trust
May.27,2020 MorphoSys in Munich (DE)
Compliance Statement
May.27,2020* Mueller Die Lila Logistik in (DE)
May.27,2020* Nan Hai in Hongkong (HK)
May.27,2020* National Development Bank
May.27,2020* New Energy Solar
May.27,2020* Next Games Oyj
May.27,2020* NI Holdings
May.27,2020* Nitro Software
May.27,2020 Nokia in Helsinki (FI)
Compliance Statement
May.27,2020* North Energy in (NO)
May.27,2020* Novabay Pharmaceuticals
May.27,2020* NXP Semiconductors in Eindhoven (NL)
May.27,2020* Ocwen Financial
May.27,2020* Onconova Therapeutics in (US)
May.27,2020 PAION in Aachen (DE)
Compliance Statement
May.27,2020* Paperpack Printing Box Manufacturing and Paper Packaging Industrial in (GR)
May.27,2020* PC Tel
May.27,2020* PCI Biotech Holding in Fornebu (NO)
May.27,2020* PCnnection
May.27,2020* Pegavision
May.27,2020* People Infrastructure
May.27,2020* People's Utah Bancorp
May.27,2020* Philippine Savings Bank in (PH)
May.27,2020* Provident New York Bancorp in New York City (US)
May.27,2020 Publicis Groupe in Paris (FR)
May.27,2020* RE/MAX Holdings in virtual meeting (US)
May.27,2020* Reckon in (AU)
May.27,2020* Revasum
May.27,2020* Rimex ad Beograd
May.27,2020* RMG in (AU)
May.27,2020* Rotala in (UK)
May.27,2020* Sabre Insurance Group
May.27,2020* Saint Petersburg Bank OJSC in (RU)
May.27,2020* Sanochemia Pharmazeutika in (AT)
May.27,2020* Scandion Oncology
May.27,2020* Scotgems
May.27,2020* Seacoast Banking Of Florida in (US)
May.27,2020 Serviceware in Bad Camberg (DE)
May.27,2020* Shareholder Value Beteiligungen in (DE)
May.27,2020* Sherborne Investors (Guernsey) B
May.27,2020* Sherborne Investors (Guernsey) C
May.27,2020* Shimao Property Holdings in Hongkong (HK)
May.27,2020* Shirohato
May.27,2020* Shopify
May.27,2020* Shougang Concord Century Holdings in (HK)
May.27,2020* Shui On Land in Hongkong (HK)
May.27,2020* Sinatex
May.27,2020* Sino-i Technology in Hongkong (HK)
May.27,2020* SM Energy
May.27,2020* Societe de Distribution d Eau de Late d Ivoire
May.27,2020* Societe de La Tour Eiffel in Paris (FR)
May.27,2020* Societe Industrielle Et Financiere De L Artois in (FR)
May.27,2020* Socket Mobile
May.27,2020* Southern in (VN)
May.27,2020* Spark Infrastructure Group in (AU)
May.27,2020* Sparkasse Bank dd Sarajevo in (BA)
May.27,2020* Sprout Social
May.27,2020* Stopanska Banka AD Bitola in (MK)
May.27,2020* Suchuang Gas Corp
May.27,2020* Surgery Partners
May.27,2020* Tandem Diabetes Care
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