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May.27,2020 Aareal Bank in Wiesbaden (DE)
May.27,2020 acciona in Madrid (ES)
May.27,2020* Accretive Health
May.27,2020* Actia Group in (FR)
May.27,2020* ADS Crude Carriers
May.27,2020* ADVENTRX Pharmaceuticals
May.27,2020* Aeon Credit Service in Kuala Lumpur (MY)
May.27,2020* Aimmune Therapeutics
May.27,2020* Amazon.com in Seattle, Washington virtual meeting (US)
May.27,2020* Americold Realty Trust
May.27,2020* Anglo Pacific Group
May.27,2020* Angropromet Tikvesanka AD Kavadarci
May.27,2020* Anxo Pharmaceutical Co
May.27,2020* Argosy Minerals in (AU)
May.27,2020* Arista Networks
May.27,2020* ASSECO POLAND in (PL)
May.27,2020* Audio Visual Enterprises
May.27,2020* Automated Systems Holdings in (HK)
May.27,2020* Aziana
May.27,2020* B2holding AS
May.27,2020* Barrett Business Services
May.27,2020* BayCurrent Consulting
May.27,2020 Bechtle in Neckarsulm virtual meeting (DE)
May.27,2020* Bindar Trading and Investment
May.27,2020* Biomarin Pharmaceutical
May.27,2020* BOC Aviation Pte
May.27,2020 Bollore in Paris (FR)
May.27,2020* Bonheur in (NO)
May.27,2020 BP in London (UK)
Compliance Statement
May.27,2020* Brunner Investment Trust in (UK)
May.27,2020* Byggma in (NO)
May.27,2020* California Water Service Group in (US)
May.27,2020* Capcon Holdings in (UK)
May.27,2020* Capital Hotel
May.27,2020* Carbon Minerals in (AU)
May.27,2020* Cargotec Oyj in (FI)
May.27,2020* Cedar Shopping Centers
May.27,2020* Cerealcom
May.27,2020* Chailease Holding
May.27,2020* Chevron in San Ramon (US)
May.27,2020* China East Education Holdings
May.27,2020* China Financial Leasing Group in (HK)
May.27,2020* China Sunsine Chemical Holdings
May.27,2020* China Tianbao Group Development Co
May.27,2020* China Zhongdi Dairy Holdings Co
May.27,2020* Class Editori in (IT)
May.27,2020* Clear Media in Hongkong (HK)
May.27,2020* CO Cyprus Opportunity Energy Public Co
May.27,2020* Columbia Banking System
May.27,2020* Compagnia Immobiliare Azionaria in (IT)
May.27,2020* Compagnie du Cambodge in (FR)
May.27,2020* Compass Diversified Holdings in Westport (US)
May.27,2020* Compx International
May.27,2020* Comvex in (RO)
May.27,2020* ContourGlobal
May.27,2020* Corcept Therapeutics
May.27,2020* Coupa Software
May.27,2020* CPI Card Group
May.27,2020* CSE Global in Singapore (SG)
May.27,2020* Customers Bancorp
May.27,2020 DNO International in Oslo (NO)
May.27,2020* Dollar General
May.27,2020* DowDuPont
May.27,2020* EasyFill publ in (SE)
May.27,2020* Eidos Therapeutics
May.27,2020* Emperor Watch & Jewellery in (HK)
May.27,2020* Energy Fuels
May.27,2020* Envista Holdings
May.27,2020* Epistem Holdings in (UK)
May.27,2020* Ernest Borel Holdings
May.27,2020* Eva Airways in (TW)
May.27,2020* Evoke Pharma
May.27,2020* Exacompta Clairefontaine in (FR)
May.27,2020* Exxon Mobil in (IL)
May.27,2020 facebook in Milbrae virtual meeting (US)
May.27,2020* FAR in (AU)
May.27,2020* Feroelektro dd Sarajevo in (BA)
May.27,2020* Financiere Moncey in (FR)
May.27,2020* FNM in (IT)
May.27,2020* Freelancer
May.27,2020 freenet in Hamburg virtual meeting (DE)
May.27,2020* Fujian Holdings
May.27,2020* Funko
May.27,2020* G
May.27,2020* Gayety Holdings
May.27,2020* Global Telecom And Technology
May.27,2020* Goal Rise Logistics (China) Holdings
May.27,2020* Gocompare.Com Group
May.27,2020* Government Propertiesome Trust
May.27,2020* Granitul
May.27,2020* Greenheart Group
May.27,2020* Gullberg + Jansson publ
May.27,2020* Gzi Real Estate Investment Trust in Hongkong (HK)
May.27,2020* Haidilao International Holding
May.27,2020* HMS Holdings
May.27,2020* Howard Bancorp
May.27,2020 HUGO BOSS in Stuttgart (DE)
May.27,2020* i - SENS
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