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Sep.17,2018* Saral Mining
Sep.17,2018* Satkar Finlease
Sep.17,2018* Shalby
Sep.17,2018* Shree Ganesh BioTech India
Sep.17,2018* Simplex Trading and Agencies
Sep.17,2018* Sintex Industries in (IN)
Sep.17,2018* Sintex Plastics Technology
Sep.17,2018* Societe Des Brasseries Du Maroc Sa in (MA)
Sep.17,2018* Sun Techno Overseas
Sep.17,2018* Turbotech Engineering
Sep.17,2018* UBM Holding Zrt
Sep.17,2018* United Breweries in (IN)
Sep.17,2018* Vascon Engineers
Sep.17,2018* Wison Engineering Services
Sep.17,2018 Xiaomi Tech in Beijing (CN)
Sep.18,2018* Acrow India
Sep.18,2018* Adeunis RF
Sep.18,2018* Allahabad Bank in (IN)
Sep.18,2018* Asian Granito India in (IN)
Sep.18,2018* B+M European Value Retail in Luxembourg (LU)
Sep.18,2018* Baoshan Iron & Steel in (CN)
Sep.18,2018* Biancamano in Rozzano (IT)
Sep.18,2018* Biosino Bio Technology And ScienceoCorporation in Hongkong (HK)
Sep.18,2018* BLS International Services
Sep.18,2018* C & Cnstructions in (IN)
Sep.18,2018* Century Ginwa Retail Holdings in (HK)
Sep.18,2018* China Suntien Green Energy
Sep.18,2018* Chokhani Securities
Sep.18,2018* Clear Lift Holdings
Sep.18,2018* Continental Seeds and Chemicals
Sep.18,2018* Diana Tea in (IN)
Sep.18,2018* eDynamics Solutins
Sep.18,2018* Electrica
Sep.18,2018* Envair Holding Bhd
Sep.18,2018* Formis Resources Bhd in (MY)
Sep.18,2018* Gati in (IN)
Sep.18,2018* Gel Groupe
Sep.18,2018* Gokak Textiles
Sep.18,2018* Great Eastern Energyoration in (IN)
Sep.18,2018* GreaterChina Professional Services in (HK)
Sep.18,2018* Grodno in (PL)
Sep.18,2018* Gujarat Intrux
Sep.18,2018* Hao Tian Resources Group in (HK)
Sep.18,2018* Hcl Technologies
Sep.18,2018* Heartland New Zealand in (NZ)
Sep.18,2018* Hexindo Adiperkasa Tbk in (ID)
Sep.18,2018* Hindusthan National Glass And Industries in (IN)
Sep.18,2018* Igc Foils
Sep.18,2018* Indian Energy Exchange
Sep.18,2018* Investors Real Estate Trust
Sep.18,2018* Jarigold Textiles
Sep.18,2018* Kailash Auto Finance
Sep.18,2018* KC Property in (TH)
Sep.18,2018* King Fook Holdings in (HK)
Sep.18,2018* KJ Pretech in (KR)
Sep.18,2018* Korporacja Budowlana Dom
Sep.18,2018* Krishna Ventures
Sep.18,2018* Kulcs Soft Szamitastechnika in (HU)
Sep.18,2018* Kumar Wire Cloth Manufacturing Co
Sep.18,2018* Lords Ishwar Hotels
Sep.18,2018* Maverick Drilling and Exploration
Sep.18,2018* MB Financial in Rosemont (US)
Sep.18,2018* Mediazest in (EG)
Sep.18,2018* Napredak ad Pirot
Sep.18,2018* Natraj Proteins
Sep.18,2018* NITCO in (IN)
Sep.18,2018* Northgate in (UK)
Sep.18,2018* Novorossiyskiy sudoremontnyi zavod in (RU)
Sep.18,2018* NPO Saturn in (RU)
Sep.18,2018* Onmobile Global in (IN)
Sep.18,2018* Ormester Vagyonvedelmi in (HU)
Sep.18,2018* P B M Polytex
Sep.18,2018* Peninsula Energy in (AU)
Sep.18,2018* PF Group Holdings
Sep.18,2018* Power Gridoration of India in (IN)
Sep.18,2018* Punjab National Bank in (IN)
Sep.18,2018* Rainbow Denim
Sep.18,2018* RDB Realty & Infrastructure
Sep.18,2018* Real Estate Credit Investments PCC in (UK)
Sep.18,2018* Reliance Capital in (IN)
Sep.18,2018* Reliance Co Communications in Mumbai (IN)
Sep.18,2018* Reliance Home Finance
Sep.18,2018* Reliance Infrastructure in (IN)
Sep.18,2018* Reliance Nippon Life Asset Management
Sep.18,2018* Rent A Center in (IL)
Sep.18,2018* Samson Paper Holdings in (HK)
Sep.18,2018* Shanghai Electric Group in (CN)
Sep.18,2018* Shri Krishna Devcon
Sep.18,2018* Sino Prosper State Gold Resources Holdings in (HK)
Sep.18,2018* State Bank Financial
Sep.18,2018* Superlon Holdings Bhd in (MY)
Sep.18,2018* Synergy Group Holdings International
Sep.18,2018* Tashi India
Sep.18,2018* Tayo Rolls in (IN)
Sep.18,2018* TTI Enterprise
Sep.18,2018* Ujaas Energy in (IN)
Sep.18,2018* Usha Martin in (IN)
Sep.18,2018* Van Elle Holdings
Sep.18,2018* Williamson Magor and Co in (IN)
Sep.18,2018* Zhejiang Tengy Environmental Technology Co
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