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Dec.31,2017* Carmit Candy Industries in (IL)
Dec.31,2017* Israel Land Development Company Energy in (IL)
Dec.31,2017* Shaniv Paper Industry in (IL)
Dec.31,2017* Xenia Venture Capital
Dec.31,2017* ZBI in (IL)
Jan.01,2018* Danel Adir Yeoshua in (IL)
Jan.01,2018* Micromedic Technologies in (IL)
Jan.02,2018* Abetrans
Jan.02,2018* Alrov Properties + Lodgings in (IL)
Jan.02,2018* Arad in (IL)
Jan.02,2018* Bio-Cell in (IL)
Jan.02,2018* Camper + Nicholsons Marina Investments
Jan.02,2018* Ilex Medical in (IL)
Jan.02,2018* Itay Financial AA Investments
Jan.02,2018* Playmakers
Jan.02,2018* Sejin Electron in (KR)
Jan.02,2018* The Gold Bond Group in (IL)
Jan.03,2018* AD.Dragowski in (PL)
Jan.03,2018* Atlantis in (PL)
Jan.03,2018* Cantel Medical
Jan.03,2018* Clal Insurance Enterprises Holdings Limited in Tel Aviv (IL)
Jan.03,2018* Concifor
Jan.03,2018* Elkop in (PL)
Jan.03,2018* Fon in (FR)
Jan.03,2018* Golf + Co in (IL)
Jan.03,2018* Investment Friends Capital in (PL)
Jan.03,2018* Investment Friends in (PL)
Jan.03,2018* Jugoprevoz ad Bileca
Jan.03,2018* Platige Image
Jan.03,2018* Polskie Towarzystwo Wspierania Przedsiebiorczosci
Jan.03,2018* Resbud in (PL)
Jan.03,2018* Seeing Machines in (AU)
Jan.03,2018* Silver Spring Networks
Jan.03,2018* Soho Development in (PL)
Jan.03,2018* SR Accord in (IL)
Jan.04,2018* BTS Group Holdings in (TH)
Jan.04,2018* China Telecom in (CN)
Jan.04,2018* CK Company in Seoul (KR)
Jan.04,2018* Indata in (PL)
Jan.04,2018* Natural Park in (TH)
Jan.04,2018* Oncology Venture Sweden
Jan.04,2018* Ravad in (IL)
Jan.04,2018* Selected Textile Industries Association in (GR)
Jan.05,2018* Acanthe Developpement in (FR)
Jan.05,2018* Acuity Brands in Atlanta (US)
Jan.05,2018* Alejasamochodowa.pl
Jan.05,2018* Anthera Pharmaceuticals
Jan.05,2018* Biosilu Healthcare (formerly: AMP Biosimilars) in Berlin (DE)
Jan.05,2018* Caromet
Jan.05,2018* Greenbrier Companies in Portland (US)
Jan.05,2018* KTB Special Purpose Acq Co 3
Jan.05,2018* Osung LST in (KR)
Jan.05,2018* Post Holdings
Jan.05,2018* Skybee Tbk
Jan.05,2018* SM Robotics
Jan.05,2018* VS Industry Bhd in (MY)
Jan.07,2018* Birman Wood and Hardware in (IL)
Jan.07,2018* Cham Foods Israel in (IL)
Jan.07,2018* Fridenson Logistic Services
Jan.07,2018* IBI Investment House in (IL)
Jan.07,2018* Rimoni Industries in (IL)
Jan.07,2018* Technoplus Ventures in (IL)
Jan.08,2018* Bio Light Israeli Life Sciences Investments in (IL)
Jan.08,2018* Endomines (Publ) in (SE)
Jan.08,2018* Flamura
Jan.08,2018* Forte Energy NL in (AU)
Jan.08,2018* Griffin Premium RE
Jan.08,2018* Infant Bacterial Therapeutics
Jan.08,2018* Intan Baruprana Finance Tbk
Jan.08,2018* Micronet in (IL)
Jan.08,2018* Naeem Holding for InvestmentsE
Jan.08,2018* Pegroco Invest AB (publ)
Jan.08,2018* Somplast
Jan.08,2018* SYF Resources Bhd in (MY)
Jan.08,2018* Trakiysko Pivo AD Pazardzhik
Jan.08,2018* Trigano in (FR)
Jan.08,2018* Unisem
Jan.08,2018* Vantiv
Jan.09,2018* Atomenergoremont AD Kozloduy
Jan.09,2018* Ayalon Holdings in (IL)
Jan.09,2018* Bob Evans Farms
Jan.09,2018* Cho Thavee Dollasien in (TH)
Jan.09,2018* Cyfrowy Polsat in (PL)
Jan.09,2018* GORENJE in (SI)
Jan.09,2018* Mitrabara Adiperdana
Jan.09,2018* PCC Exol
Jan.09,2018* Remarul 16 Februarie
Jan.09,2018* Stillfront Group AB (publ)
Jan.09,2018* Top Glove Bhd in (MY)
Jan.09,2018* Unifirst
Jan.09,2018* Union Bank of Israel in (IL)
Jan.09,2018* Zodiac Aerospace in (FR)
Jan.10,2018* Bank Bukopin Tbk in (ID)
Jan.10,2018* Bayan Resources Tbk in (ID)
Jan.10,2018* Bram Industries
Jan.10,2018* BuilderSmart
Jan.10,2018* Commercial Metals
Jan.10,2018* Elang Mahkota Teknologi Tbk in (ID)
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