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Sep.14,2018* Metminco in (AU)
Sep.14,2018* Natl Buildingsnstr
Sep.14,2018* Neodecortech
Sep.14,2018* Novo Group
Sep.14,2018* Omega Diagnostics Group in Alva (UK)
Sep.14,2018* OneForce Holdings
Sep.14,2018* Peria Karamalai Tea + Produce Company
Sep.14,2018* Petronet LNG in (IN)
Sep.14,2018* Pintaras Jaya Bhd in (MY)
Sep.14,2018* Pokarna
Sep.14,2018* Poujoulat in (FR)
Sep.14,2018* Pushpsons Industries
Sep.14,2018* Ronson Europe in (PL)
Sep.14,2018* Ros Agro in (RU)
Sep.14,2018* Royal Catering Group Holdings Co
Sep.14,2018* Rudraksh Cap Tech
Sep.14,2018* Shinewell Leasing
Sep.14,2018* Shree Ganesh Elastoplast
Sep.14,2018* Swojas Energy Foods
Sep.14,2018* Termbray Industries International (Holdings) in (HK)
Sep.14,2018* Trident in (IN)
Sep.14,2018* Unibel in (FR)
Sep.14,2018* Vegetable Products
Sep.14,2018* Vinayak Vanijya in New Dehli (IN)
Sep.14,2018* Weichai Power in (CN)
Sep.14,2018* Yinda Infocomm
Sep.14,2018* Zions Ban Corporation
Sep.14,2018* Zublin Immobiliere France in (FR)
Sep.15,2018* Alba Polymers
Sep.15,2018* Arrowated Products
Sep.15,2018* Canal Shipping Agencies in (EG)
Sep.15,2018* Cihan Bank for Islamic Investment and Finance PSC
Sep.15,2018* Cinerad Communications
Sep.15,2018* Emkay Taps And Cutting Tools
Sep.15,2018* Ganesha Ecosphere
Sep.15,2018* GNA Axles
Sep.15,2018* H Ptton Textile Mills
Sep.15,2018* Intermediate Petrochemicals Industries in (JO)
Sep.15,2018* Jhaveri Credits and Capital
Sep.15,2018* Milestone Global in (IN)
Sep.15,2018* Natco Pharma in (IN)
Sep.15,2018* PTC Industries
Sep.15,2018* Ram Ratna Wires
Sep.15,2018* South Asian Enterprises
Sep.15,2018* Sumedha Fiscal Services
Sep.15,2018* Thirani Projects
Sep.16,2018* Babylon in Jerusalem (IL)
Sep.16,2018* BGI Investments (1961) in (IL)
Sep.16,2018* Nawi Brothers Group in (IL)
Sep.17,2018* 3i Infrastructure in London (JE)
Sep.17,2018* 3Legs Resources
Sep.17,2018* Amber Enterprises India
Sep.17,2018* Amrutanjan Health Care in (IN)
Sep.17,2018* Appu Marketing and Manufacturing
Sep.17,2018* Arab Financial Investment
Sep.17,2018* Asian Oilfield Services in (IN)
Sep.17,2018* AVI Polymers
Sep.17,2018* Bank of Baghdad PJSC
Sep.17,2018* Bezeq the Israeli Telecomunication in (IL)
Sep.17,2018* Brasil Telecom in (BR)
Sep.17,2018* Bricorama in (FR)
Sep.17,2018* Celanese in (IL)
Sep.17,2018* Cham Foods Israel in (IL)
Sep.17,2018* China Investment and Finance Group
Sep.17,2018* China New Economy Fund
Sep.17,2018* Cistro Telelink
Sep.17,2018* Coastal Greenland in (HK)
Sep.17,2018* Cravatex
Sep.17,2018* DoubleU Games Co
Sep.17,2018* Dynavision
Sep.17,2018* Ellen
Sep.17,2018* Eltel
Sep.17,2018* Exdon Trading Company
Sep.17,2018* Farry Industries
Sep.17,2018* Fiem Industries
Sep.17,2018* Flare Finance (India)
Sep.17,2018* FS Engineering and Construction Co
Sep.17,2018* Golden Legand Leasing and Finance
Sep.17,2018* Hindustan Wires in (IN)
Sep.17,2018* Hisense Kelon Electrical Holdings in (CN)
Sep.17,2018* Hysonic Co in (KR)
Sep.17,2018* Integrated Device Technology
Sep.17,2018* J J Finance Corp in Kolkata (IN)
Sep.17,2018* Kancelaria Medius
Sep.17,2018* Kong Shum Union Property Mgt L
Sep.17,2018* Luoyang Glass Co in (CN)
Sep.17,2018* Mahanagar Gas
Sep.17,2018* Mayanot Tamda in (IL)
Sep.17,2018* Mouwasat Medical Services in (SA)
Sep.17,2018* Omax Autos in (IN)
Sep.17,2018* Pashupati Cotspin
Sep.17,2018* Pattersonmpanies
Sep.17,2018* Pharmaxis in Sidney (AU)
Sep.17,2018* Prestige Estates Projects in Bangalore (IN)
Sep.17,2018* Prithvi Softech
Sep.17,2018* Promact Plastics
Sep.17,2018* Purohit Construction
Sep.17,2018* Ravalgaon Sugar Farm
Sep.17,2018* Restile Ceramics
Sep.17,2018* S.I.Capital + Financial Services
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