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Dec.26,2017* Idea Bank PAT
Dec.26,2017* IFD Resmi AO in (KZ)
Dec.26,2017* Lapidoth-Heletz LP in (IL)
Dec.26,2017* Mcnex Co
Dec.26,2017* Niskogradnja ad Teslic
Dec.26,2017* People & Telecommunication in (KR)
Dec.26,2017* Tefen Industrial Engineering Management and Systems Analysis in (IL)
Dec.26,2017* Trabzonspor Sportif Yatirim ve Futbol Isletmeciligi Ticaret AS in (TR)
Dec.26,2017* Vinnytsiaoblenerho PAT in (UA)
Dec.27,2017* Adiuvo Investments in Warzaw (PL)
Dec.27,2017* Airway Medix
Dec.27,2017* Arco Vara AS in (EE)
Dec.27,2017* Aromasoft in (KR)
Dec.27,2017* Art New Media in (PL)
Dec.27,2017* Atlas
Dec.27,2017* Atlasbx in (KR)
Dec.27,2017* Bonne Co
Dec.27,2017* Bosnamontaza ad Prijedor
Dec.27,2017* Brack Capital Properties in Amsterdam (NL)
Dec.27,2017* Cacanska Banka ad Cacak in Cacak (RS)
Dec.27,2017* Cambridge Chocolate Technologies
Dec.27,2017* China Pacific Insurance (Group) in (CN)
Dec.27,2017* Delta Galil Industries in (IL)
Dec.27,2017* Djuro Djakovic Holding
Dec.27,2017* DLF in (IN)
Dec.27,2017* EG in (KR)
Dec.27,2017* Ekoton+ AO in (KZ)
Dec.27,2017* Energoinvest dd Sarajevo in (BA)
Dec.27,2017* Financial Levers in (IL)
Dec.27,2017* Fondova Birzha PFTS PAT
Dec.27,2017* Geely Automobile Holdings in Hongkong (HK)
Dec.27,2017* Grand Hoover Bhd in (MY)
Dec.27,2017* Hilan Tech in (IL)
Dec.27,2017* Huatai Securities in (CN)
Dec.27,2017* IDN in (KR)
Dec.27,2017* Igoria Trade
Dec.27,2017* Imako ad Banja Luka
Dec.27,2017* INIX Technolgies Holdings Bhd in (MY)
Dec.27,2017* Kardan Yazamut 2011
Dec.27,2017* KIC in (KR)
Dec.27,2017* Korea Investment & Credit Capital in (KR)
Dec.27,2017* Levinstein Properties in Tel Aviv (IL)
Dec.27,2017* Livnica ad Kikinda
Dec.27,2017* Luka Rijeka in (HR)
Dec.27,2017* Mazor Robotics in (IL)
Dec.27,2017* Medicalmpression System (DBN) in (IL)
Dec.27,2017* National for Maize Products in (EG)
Dec.27,2017* Nitgen&Company in (KR)
Dec.27,2017* OMZ Gruppa Uralmash Izhora in (RU)
Dec.27,2017* Orient Bio in (KR)
Dec.27,2017* Ptakhofabryka Vasyl'kivs'ka PAT
Dec.27,2017* Qiwi
Dec.27,2017* Ristia Bintang Mahkotasejati Tbk in (ID)
Dec.27,2017* Samhwa Networks Co in (KR)
Dec.27,2017* Sanwa
Dec.27,2017* Saudi Cement in (SA)
Dec.27,2017* Senim-bank AO in Astana (KZ)
Dec.27,2017* Sirius Petroleum in (UK)
Dec.27,2017* SoftForum Co in (KR)
Dec.27,2017* Sovremen Dom AD Prilep
Dec.27,2017* SR Signal PAO
Dec.27,2017* Syrymbet AO
Dec.27,2017* Three Sixty Five in Bangkok (TH)
Dec.27,2017* TyraTech
Dec.27,2017* Unidus in (KR)
Dec.27,2017* Unified Factory
Dec.27,2017* United Aircraft Corporation in Moscow (RU)
Dec.27,2017* Victoria Insurance Tbk
Dec.28,2017* ACT
Dec.28,2017* Altinyag Kombinalari AS in (TR)
Dec.28,2017* Asian Citrus Holdings in Hongkong (HK)
Dec.28,2017* Asuransi Harta Aman Pratama Tbk in (ID)
Dec.28,2017* Atinum Investment in (KR)
Dec.28,2017* Aura Investments in (IL)
Dec.28,2017* Bank Tabungan Negara (Persero) Tbk
Dec.28,2017* Best Fuel in (IL)
Dec.28,2017* Bet Shemesh Engines Holdings 1997 in (IL)
Dec.28,2017* BH Co in (KR)
Dec.28,2017* Bossa Ticaret ve Sanayi Isletmeleri TAS in (TR)
Dec.28,2017* Cajavec Mega ad Banja Luka
Dec.28,2017* Calgon Carbon
Dec.28,2017* CBA Asset Management AD Debelets
Dec.28,2017* Champion Technology Holdings in Hongkong (HK)
Dec.28,2017* China Shippingntainer Lines in (CN)
Dec.28,2017* Chunil Express Co in (KR)
Dec.28,2017* CIL Holdings
Dec.28,2017* Denge Yatirim Holding AS
Dec.28,2017* Dfi in (TW)
Dec.28,2017* Digital Multimedia Technology
Dec.28,2017* Ds Apex Holding in (IL)
Dec.28,2017* DuzonBizon in (KR)
Dec.28,2017* El Nasr Transformers and Electrical Products in (EG)
Dec.28,2017* ENEA in (PL)
Dec.28,2017* Ezen Tech in (KR)
Dec.28,2017* Forum Plasman ad Novi Sad
Dec.28,2017* Fotex Holding SE in (HU)
Dec.28,2017* GBS Software
Dec.28,2017* Giprovostokneft AO in (RU)
Dec.28,2017* Hagag Group Real Estate Entrepreneurship
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