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Dec.21,2017* Saudi Airlines Catering Co SJSC in (SA)
Dec.21,2017* Septeni Holdings in (JP)
Dec.21,2017* Serma Technologies in (FR)
Dec.21,2017* SFC Co
Dec.21,2017* Shougang Fushan Resources Group in Hongkong (HK)
Dec.21,2017* Southern Province Cement in (SA)
Dec.21,2017* Sukegawa Electric in (JP)
Dec.21,2017* T.Hasegawa in (JP)
Dec.21,2017* Thai-German Products in (TH)
Dec.21,2017* Tortoise Energy Independence F
Dec.21,2017* Tortoise Energy Infrastructure
Dec.21,2017* Tortoise MLP Fund
Dec.21,2017* Tortoise Pipeline + Energy Fund
Dec.21,2017* Tortoise Power and Energy Infrastructure Fund
Dec.21,2017* Ucar
Dec.21,2017* Umenohana in (JP)
Dec.21,2017* Unis Telekom dd Mostar
Dec.21,2017* Unitronics 1989 RG
Dec.21,2017* Universe International Holdings in (HK)
Dec.21,2017* Vale in Sao Paulo (BR)
Dec.21,2017* Veterinarska stanica ad Bijeljina
Dec.21,2017* Waberer's International
Dec.21,2017* Willy Food Investments in (IL)
Dec.21,2017* Xavitech
Dec.21,2017* Xinhua Winshare Publishing and Media
Dec.21,2017* Young Bag Micro Motors Co
Dec.21,2017* Zvenyhorods'kyi Syrorobnyi Kombinat PAT
Dec.22,2017* Abelco in (SE)
Dec.22,2017* ABIST
Dec.22,2017* AC Hldg in (JP)
Dec.22,2017* ACKG in (JP)
Dec.22,2017* Aeroport Kol'tsovo in (RU)
Dec.22,2017* AEW UK Long Lease REIT
Dec.22,2017* Agrana Romania
Dec.22,2017* Ahnlab in (KR)
Dec.22,2017* AltPlus
Dec.22,2017* Anam Information Technology in (KR)
Dec.22,2017* Apamanshop Holdings in (JP)
Dec.22,2017* Aucfan
Dec.22,2017* Bank of Baroda in (IN)
Dec.22,2017* Bimal dd Brcko
Dec.22,2017* Borgosesia
Dec.22,2017* Bricorama in (FR)
Dec.22,2017* Budapesti Ingatlan Hasznositasi es Fejlesztesi in (HU)
Dec.22,2017* C Reit
Dec.22,2017* Capitol Nusantara Indonesia
Dec.22,2017* Charm Engineering in (KR)
Dec.22,2017* China Eastern Airlines in (CN)
Dec.22,2017* China Railwaynstruction in (CN)
Dec.22,2017* CHODAI CO in (JP)
Dec.22,2017* Ckb Riul Isteit Fond ADSIC Sofia
Dec.22,2017* COLOPL
Dec.22,2017* Daiichi in (JP)
Dec.22,2017* Dogtas Kelebek Mobilya Sanayi ve Ticaret AS in (TR)
Dec.22,2017* Ehwa Technologies Information Co in (KR)
Dec.22,2017* Elektro Bijeljina ad Bijeljina
Dec.22,2017* Elektrodistribucija ad Pale
Dec.22,2017* EMW Co
Dec.22,2017* Eps in (JP)
Dec.22,2017* Euglena
Dec.22,2017* Eurasia Travel in (JP)
Dec.22,2017* Evolable Asia
Dec.22,2017* Favorina in (JP)
Dec.22,2017* Free2Move Holding
Dec.22,2017* Fuhrmeister Electronics in (JP)
Dec.22,2017* Gakken Holdings in (JP)
Dec.22,2017* Gigamon
Dec.22,2017* GP Put ad Istocno Sarajevo
Dec.22,2017* Graphic
Dec.22,2017* Groupe Rivalis in (FR)
Dec.22,2017* Hansa Medical
Dec.22,2017 Hidroelektrane na Drini ad Visegrad in Visegrad (HU)
Dec.22,2017* Holosfind
Dec.22,2017* Horizontal Software SAS
Dec.22,2017* ILX Group in (UK)
Dec.22,2017* Imv in (JP)
Dec.22,2017* Industrijske Plantaze ad Banja Luka
Dec.22,2017* Information Creative in (JP)
Dec.22,2017* Inner Mongolia Yitaial in (CN)
Dec.22,2017* Inter M in (KR)
Dec.22,2017* Interspace in (JP)
Dec.22,2017* Intertrade in (JP)
Dec.22,2017* JAKKS Pacific
Dec.22,2017* Jorudan in (JP)
Dec.22,2017* JP Komus ad Nevesinje
Dec.22,2017* Kanamic Network Co
Dec.22,2017* Kato Sangyo in (JP)
Dec.22,2017* KB Finansovyi partner PAT
Dec.22,2017* KB Metal Co in (KR)
Dec.22,2017* Keppel Thai Properties in (TH)
Dec.22,2017* Kyivenerho PAT in (UA)
Dec.22,2017* La Francaise de l'Energie
Dec.22,2017* Leed
Dec.22,2017* Leju Holdings
Dec.22,2017* Linkbal
Dec.22,2017* Lockon Co
Dec.22,2017* M & A Capital Partners
Dec.22,2017* Mammy Mart in (JP)
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