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Jun.05,2019 DWS Group in Frankfurt (DE)
Compliance Statement
Jun.05,2019* Dynagreen Environmental
Jun.05,2019* EOS Imaging
Jun.05,2019* EPAM Systems
Jun.05,2019* Eyang Holdings Group Co
Jun.05,2019* Fakom AD Skopje in (MK)
Jun.05,2019* Far East Horizon
Jun.05,2019* FibroGen
Jun.05,2019* FingerTango
Jun.05,2019* Flowtech Fluidpower
Jun.05,2019* Fosun International in Shanghai (CN)
Jun.05,2019* Franshion Properties-hotel pro
Jun.05,2019* FTInsulting
Jun.05,2019* Funding Circle Holdings
Jun.05,2019* General Commercial and Industrial in (GR)
Jun.05,2019* Genworth MI Canada
Jun.05,2019* GigCapital
Jun.05,2019* Globus Medical
Jun.05,2019* Good Friend International Holdings in (HK)
Jun.05,2019* Great China Holdings
Jun.05,2019* GSV Capital
Jun.05,2019* Guangnan (Holdings) in (HK)
Jun.05,2019* GVC Holdings in (UK)
Jun.05,2019* Harmonic
Jun.05,2019* Healthcare Invt Opportunities
Jun.05,2019* Herti AD Shumen in (BG)
Jun.05,2019* hess in Villingen-Schwenningen (DE)
Jun.05,2019* Hoegh LNG Holdings
Jun.05,2019* HubSpot
Jun.05,2019* Hunter Douglas in (NL)
Jun.05,2019* Hurricane Energy
Jun.05,2019* Huscoke Resources Holdings
Jun.05,2019* ICube Technology Holdings in (HK)
Jun.05,2019* Imagis in (KR)
Jun.05,2019* IMAX
Jun.05,2019* Independent Resources in (UK)
Jun.05,2019* Inovalon Holdings
Jun.05,2019* Intrasense
Jun.05,2019* ITESOFT in (FR)
Jun.05,2019* Jiashili Group
Jun.05,2019* K WAH International Holdings in Hongkong (HK)
Jun.05,2019* KCOM Group in London (UK)
Jun.05,2019* Khimprom in (RU)
Jun.05,2019* Kosmos Energy
Jun.05,2019* Kowloon Development in Hongkong (HK)
Jun.05,2019 Krones in Neutraubling (DE)
Jun.05,2019* Learning Technologies Group
Jun.05,2019* LendingClub in San Francisco virtual meeting (US)
Jun.05,2019* Lululemon Athletica
Jun.05,2019* Magellan Petroleum
Jun.05,2019* Mammoth Energy Services
Jun.05,2019* Marfin CLR Public in (CY)
Jun.05,2019* Maritzatex AD Plovdiv in (BG)
Jun.05,2019* Marketaxess Holdings
Jun.05,2019* Mcgrath Rentcorp
Jun.05,2019* MECOM Power and Construction
Jun.05,2019* MERCATOR in (SI)
Jun.05,2019* Mirna Therapeutics
Jun.05,2019* Moelis + co Company
Jun.05,2019* Nanjing Sinolife United
Jun.05,2019* Natus Medical
Jun.05,2019* Neothetics
Jun.05,2019* New Century Real Estate Investment Trust
Jun.05,2019* New Times Energy in (HK)
Jun.05,2019* Newag
Jun.05,2019* Newocean Energy Holdings in (HK)
Jun.05,2019* Nexstar Broadcasting Group in (IL)
Jun.05,2019* Novatek Microelectronics in (TW)
Jun.05,2019* Octava in (PL)
Jun.05,2019* Parfex in (FR)
Jun.05,2019* Penn West Petroleum in Calgary (CA)
Jun.05,2019* PennyMac Mortgage Investment Trust
Jun.05,2019* Phoenix SatelliteTelevision Holdings in Hongkong (HK)
Jun.05,2019* Platform Specialty Products
Jun.05,2019* Plaza Centres
Jun.05,2019* Plemzavod im. V.I.Chapayeva in (RU)
Jun.05,2019* PME Group
Jun.05,2019* Polytec Asset Holdings in Hongkong (HK)
Jun.05,2019* Prairie Downs Metals in (AU)
Jun.05,2019* Prvi Partizan ad Uzice
Jun.05,2019* Qiwi
Jun.05,2019* Radford Capital Investment
Jun.05,2019* Raymond in (IN)
Jun.05,2019* REM Group (Holdings)
Jun.05,2019 RHOEN-KLINIKUM in Bad Neustadt a.d.Saale (DE)
Compliance Statement
Jun.05,2019* Ribbon Communications
Jun.05,2019* Riviera Resources
Jun.05,2019* Robertet in (FR)
Jun.05,2019* Ronshine China Holdings
Jun.05,2019* Ruspolimet in (RU)
Jun.05,2019* SalMar in (NO)
Jun.05,2019* San Miguel Pure Foods in (PH)
Jun.05,2019* Sanlam in Cape Town (ZA)
Jun.05,2019* Science Applications International
Jun.05,2019* SEACOR Holdings
Jun.05,2019* Seadrill in (NO)
Jun.05,2019* Seco/Warwick in (PL)
Jun.05,2019* Sfakianakis in (GR)
Jun.05,2019* Shangri La Asia in Hongkong (HK)
Jun.05,2019* Shanshan Brand Management Co
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