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Dec.20,2017* Ruby Tuesday in Tennessee (US)
Dec.20,2017* Sanyo Trading
Dec.20,2017* Sarajevoputevi dd Sarajevo
Dec.20,2017* Saudi Arabia Refineries in (SA)
Dec.20,2017* Saudi Ground Services Co
Dec.20,2017* Saudia Dairy and Foodstuff in Jeddah (SA)
Dec.20,2017* Shinozakiya in (JP)
Dec.20,2017* Shinyoung HappyTomorrow No.2 Special Purpose Acquisition Co
Dec.20,2017* Sinergiya in (RU)
Dec.20,2017* SINOPEC Engineering Group
Dec.20,2017* Societatea Nationala de Gaze Naturale Romgaz in (RO)
Dec.20,2017* Societatea Nationala Nuclearelectrica in (RO)
Dec.20,2017* SolTech Energy Sweden in (SE)
Dec.20,2017* Soufun Holdings in (CN)
Dec.20,2017* Standard ad Prnjavor
Dec.20,2017* Tohoku Chemical in (JP)
Dec.20,2017* Tosnet in (JP)
Dec.20,2017* Totvs in (BR)
Dec.20,2017* Toyo in (JP)
Dec.20,2017* Vilniaus Baldai in (LT)
Dec.20,2017* WESTGRUND in (NO)
Dec.20,2017* XPO Logistics
Dec.20,2017* YAMAURA CORP in (JP)
Dec.20,2017* ZIF Crobih Fond dd Mostar
Dec.20,2017* Zur Shamir Holdings in (IL)
Dec.21,2017* Agromedjimurje dd Cakovec
Dec.21,2017* AI Energy in (TH)
Dec.21,2017* Aier Eye Hospital Group in (CN)
Dec.21,2017* Albaad Massuot Yitzhak in (IL)
Dec.21,2017* Amurskoye parokhodstvo in (RU)
Dec.21,2017* Appeninn Vagyonkezelo Holding
Dec.21,2017* Argus in (RO)
Dec.21,2017* Ascot in (JP)
Dec.21,2017* Asian Insulators in (TH)
Dec.21,2017* Asuransi Mitra Maparya Tbk
Dec.21,2017* ATM in (PL)
Dec.21,2017* Avelco in (JP)
Dec.21,2017* Beijing Capital International Airport in Beijing (CN)
Dec.21,2017* Brilliance China Automotive Holdings in Hongkong (HK)
Dec.21,2017* Can Fite Biopharma
Dec.21,2017* Career Co
Dec.21,2017* Centris Multi Persada Pratama Tbk
Dec.21,2017* Concord Medical Services Holdings in Beijing (CN)
Dec.21,2017* Conroy Gold And Natural Resources in (IE)
Dec.21,2017* Courbet
Dec.21,2017* CRI Middleware Co
Dec.21,2017* Ctrip.com International in (CN)
Dec.21,2017* Custom Solutions in (FR)
Dec.21,2017* Dear Life in (JP)
Dec.21,2017* Editions du Signe in (FR)
Dec.21,2017* Eyeonid Group
Dec.21,2017* Feper
Dec.21,2017* Fortis Microfinance Bank
Dec.21,2017* FreakOut
Dec.21,2017* Fuso Dentsu in (JP)
Dec.21,2017* Global Eagle Entertainment
Dec.21,2017* Grinders Producing Plant AD Asenovgrad
Dec.21,2017* Hankook Technology in (KR)
Dec.21,2017* Heng Tainsumables Group in Hongkong (HK)
Dec.21,2017* Homemaid in (SE)
Dec.21,2017* Horai in (JP)
Dec.21,2017* Hoteli Makarska
Dec.21,2017* Hubwoo in (FR)
Dec.21,2017* Incitec Pivot
Dec.21,2017* Information Planning CO in (JP)
Dec.21,2017* Inrom Construction Industries
Dec.21,2017* Internet Gold Golden Lines in (IL)
Dec.21,2017* Interpipe Novomoskovs'kyi Trubnyi Zavod PAT
Dec.21,2017* Invincible Investment in (JP)
Dec.21,2017* Japan Best Rescue System in (JP)
Dec.21,2017* Japan Food&Liquor Alliance in (JP)
Dec.21,2017* Jay Mart in (TH)
Dec.21,2017* Kangwon Land in (KR)
Dec.21,2017* Karelian Diamond Resources in (IE)
Dec.21,2017* Koatsu Kogyo in (JP)
Dec.21,2017* KP Toplana ad Gradiska
Dec.21,2017* Kriukivs'kyi vahonobudivnyi zavod PAT
Dec.21,2017* KuybyshevAzot in (RU)
Dec.21,2017* Kyivs'kyi shovkovyi kombinat PAT
Dec.21,2017* Medi Power Overseas Public
Dec.21,2017* MEDINET in (JP)
Dec.21,2017* Medtechnica in (IL)
Dec.21,2017* mic in Munich (DE)
Dec.21,2017* Minel Koncern ad Beograd
Dec.21,2017* Ming Le Sports in (DE)
Dec.21,2017* Mosys
Dec.21,2017* MPO im. I. Rumyantseva in (RU)
Dec.21,2017* Netprice.com in (JP)
Dec.21,2017* Newstar Financial in Boston (US)
Dec.21,2017* Next in (JP)
Dec.21,2017* Nextbike Polska
Dec.21,2017* Nihon Form Service in (JP)
Dec.21,2017* OmniCar Holding
Dec.21,2017* PCI Holdings
Dec.21,2017* Promyslovo-finansovyi bank PAT
Dec.21,2017* Q Soft Verwaltungs in (DE)
Dec.21,2017* Realworld
Dec.21,2017* Reit 1 in (IL)
Dec.21,2017* Reserve Capital ADSITS Sofia
Dec.21,2017* Rnb Retail And Brands in Stockholm (SE)
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