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Oct.25,2017* Maridive and Oil ServicesE
Oct.25,2017 Meridian Energy in Christchurch (NZ)
Oct.25,2017* Narra Industries Bhd in (MY)
Oct.25,2017* National Metallic and Bicycles Industries
Oct.25,2017* Nauka-Svyaz' in (RU)
Oct.25,2017* Netindex in (JP)
Oct.25,2017* Oman Hotels and TourismOG
Oct.25,2017 ORKLA GROUP in Oslo (NO)
Oct.25,2017* Papilly AB (publ)
Oct.25,2017* Parker Hannifin
Oct.25,2017* Pensonic Holdings Bhd in (MY)
Oct.25,2017* Pharma Foods International in (JP)
Oct.25,2017* Photo-Me International P L C in (UK)
Oct.25,2017* Planet in (JP)
Oct.25,2017* Quinstreet
Oct.25,2017* Ready Mixncrete andnstruction Supplies in (JO)
Oct.25,2017* SDIC Xinji Energy in (CN)
Oct.25,2017* Spindex Industries in (SG)
Oct.25,2017* Star Gas Partners LP
Oct.25,2017* Steadfast Group
Oct.25,2017* Stockland in (AU)
Oct.25,2017* Sunway Real Estate Investment Trust in (MY)
Oct.25,2017* Synel Industries in (IL)
Oct.25,2017* Tea Life
Oct.25,2017* Therapix Biosciences in (IL)
Oct.25,2017* Tiong Woon Holding in (SG)
Oct.25,2017* UG Healthcare Corp
Oct.25,2017* Union Bank of Israel in (IL)
Oct.25,2017* Whitehavenal in (AU)
Oct.26,2017* Aarhus Elite in (DK)
Oct.26,2017* AB Science
Oct.26,2017* Advance Residence Investment
Oct.26,2017 AIA Auckland International Airport in Auckland (NZ)
Oct.26,2017* Aluminum of China in (CN)
Oct.26,2017* APA Group in Sydney (AU)
Oct.26,2017* ARDEPRO in (JP)
Oct.26,2017* Array Biopharma
Oct.26,2017* AS Roma in (IT)
Oct.26,2017* Asseco Business Solutions in (PL)
Oct.26,2017* Ateam
Oct.26,2017* AusGroup
Oct.26,2017* BALNIBARBI Co
Oct.26,2017* Berjaya Bhd in (MY)
Oct.26,2017* Bofi Holding
Oct.26,2017* Brimag Digital Age in (IL)
Oct.26,2017* Capital Partners in (PL)
Oct.26,2017* Cat Loi Joint Stock in (VN)
Oct.26,2017* Cheops Technology France in (FR)
Oct.26,2017* China Yuanbang Property Holdings in (CN)
Oct.26,2017* Civmec
Oct.26,2017* Daiwamputer in (JP)
Oct.26,2017* EcoFirst Consolidated Bhd in (MY)
Oct.26,2017* Electrica
Oct.26,2017* Electroconstructia Elco Timisoara
Oct.26,2017* Elverket Vallentuna in (SE)
Oct.26,2017* Etihad Atheeb Telecommunication in Riyadh (SA)
Oct.26,2017* Fondul Proprietatea
Oct.26,2017* Freightways in Auckland (NZ)
Oct.26,2017* Global Yellow Pages in Singapore (SG)
Oct.26,2017* Grand Banks Yachts in (US)
Oct.26,2017* GRP in (SG)
Oct.26,2017* Hai Leck Holdings
Oct.26,2017* Hatena Co
Oct.26,2017* Hollywood
Oct.26,2017* Hong Leong Financial Group Bhd in (MY)
Oct.26,2017* Hopewell Highway Infrastructure in Hongkong (HK)
Oct.26,2017* Hopewell Holdings in Hongkong (HK)
Oct.26,2017* I'LL in (JP)
Oct.26,2017* Integra Indocabinet Tbk
Oct.26,2017* Japan Logistics Fund in (JP)
Oct.26,2017* Kazakhstanskaya kompaniya po upravleniyu elektricheskimi setyami AO
Oct.26,2017* Latvijas Kugnieciba AS in (LV)
Oct.26,2017* Linas Agro Group in (LT)
Oct.26,2017* Mattioli Woods in (UK)
Oct.26,2017* Meiho Enterprise in (JP)
Oct.26,2017* Mirland Development Corporation in Limassol (RU)
Oct.26,2017* Mitra Pinasthika Mustika Tbk
Oct.26,2017* MPL Verbum in (PL)
Oct.26,2017* N1 hf
Oct.26,2017* Nippon Parking Development in (JP)
Oct.26,2017* Novabase Sociedade Gestora De Participacoes Sociais in Lisboa (PT)
Oct.26,2017* ORT Technologies
Oct.26,2017* Pal Aqar for Real Estate Development and Management
Oct.26,2017* Petrochina in (CN)
Oct.26,2017* Promsvyaz'bank in (RU)
Oct.26,2017* Shanghai Jiao Yun Group in (CN)
Oct.26,2017* Sino Land in Hongkong (HK)
Oct.26,2017* Sougou Shouken in (JP)
Oct.26,2017* Standard Life UK Smaller Companies Trust in (UK)
Oct.26,2017* Standex International
Oct.26,2017* Starcom
Oct.26,2017* Techne
Oct.26,2017* The Star Entertainment Group Limited (formerly: Echo Entertainment Group) in Melbourne (AU)
Oct.26,2017* Torikizoku Co
Oct.26,2017* Transpacific Industries Group in (AU)
Oct.26,2017* Twin Disc
Oct.26,2017* Valbiotis SAS
Oct.26,2017* VGO in (SG)
Oct.26,2017* Vitimas
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