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Jun.04,2019* Nostrum Oil + Gas
Jun.04,2019* Odessil'mash PrAT
Jun.04,2019* Opera Software in (NO)
Jun.04,2019* Orca Investment
Jun.04,2019* Pacific Drilling
Jun.04,2019* Pacira Pharmaceuticals
Jun.04,2019* Paris Realty Fund in (FR)
Jun.04,2019* Pediapharm
Jun.04,2019* Performant Financial
Jun.04,2019* Petrokemija in (HR)
Jun.04,2019* Philippine Bank Of Co Communications
Jun.04,2019* Prosegur Cia De Seguridad in (ES)
Jun.04,2019* PW Medtech Group
Jun.04,2019* Rad ad Teslic
Jun.04,2019* Read Gene in (PL)
Jun.04,2019* Rent A Center in (IL)
Jun.04,2019* Rockrose Energy
Jun.04,2019* SA Floridienne Nv in (BE)
Jun.04,2019* Sagicor Financial
Jun.04,2019* Sherborne Investors (Guernsey) B
Jun.04,2019* Sherborne Investors (Guernsey) C
Jun.04,2019 sixt in Munich (DE)
Compliance Statement
Jun.04,2019* Sling Group Holdings
Jun.04,2019* Sun Cheong Creative Development Holdings
Jun.04,2019* Sun Pharmaceutical Industries in (IN)
Jun.04,2019* Sunac China Holdings in (CN)
Jun.04,2019* Tasty
Jun.04,2019* Telefonica Czech Republic as in Prague (CZ)
Jun.04,2019* The GYM Group
Jun.04,2019* The United Laboratories International Holdings in (US)
Jun.04,2019* Tian Ge Interactive Holdings
Jun.04,2019* Tiffany in New York (US)
Jun.04,2019* TJX companies in Framingham (US)
Jun.04,2019* TruFin
Jun.04,2019* TSC MEMSYS in (KR)
Jun.04,2019* Unimot
Jun.04,2019* Urban Outfitters in Philadelphia (US)
Jun.04,2019* Velbazhd AD Kyustendil
Jun.04,2019* Vera Bradley
Jun.04,2019* VITA 34 in Leipzig (DE)
Jun.04,2019* Wendy's Company
Jun.04,2019* Western Alliance Bancorporation
Jun.04,2019* Woodman Labs
Jun.04,2019* Xin Point Holdings
Jun.04,2019* Yip S Chemical Holdings in (HK)
Jun.04,2019* Zaklad Budowy Maszyn Zremb-Chojnice in (PL)
Jun.04,2019* Zaklady Urzadzen Kotlowych Staporkow in (PL)
Jun.04,2019* Zillow Group
Jun.05,2019 1000mercis in Paris (FR)
Jun.05,2019* 1ste Nederlandsche Onroerendgoed Maatschappij in (NL)
Jun.05,2019* AA in London (UK)
Jun.05,2019* Active Group Holdings
Jun.05,2019* Advanced Medical Solutions Group in (UK)
Jun.05,2019* Allegion
Jun.05,2019* Allied Overseas in Hongkong (HK)
Jun.05,2019* Alpha Trust Andromeda Investment Trust in (GR)
Jun.05,2019 ams AG in (AT)
Jun.05,2019* Applegreen
Jun.05,2019* Aqua Bio Technology in (NO)
Jun.05,2019* Arco Real Estate Fund EADSITS
Jun.05,2019 AST Groupe in Decines (FR)
Jun.05,2019* Atal in (PL)
Jun.05,2019* Atlantic Insurance Company Public in (CY)
Jun.05,2019* Aviatsionnyi kompleks im.S.V.Il'yushina in (RU)
Jun.05,2019* Axway Software
Jun.05,2019* Beigene
Jun.05,2019* Beijing Digital Telecom Co
Jun.05,2019* BJS Restaurants
Jun.05,2019* Black Diamond
Jun.05,2019* Brilliant Circle Holdings International
Jun.05,2019* Bulgarian American Credit Bank AD Sofia in (BG)
Jun.05,2019* C Cheng Holdings
Jun.05,2019* Card Factory
Jun.05,2019* Castlight Health
Jun.05,2019* Cbo Territoria in (GR)
Jun.05,2019* Cedar Fair LP
Jun.05,2019* CeWe Stiftung (formerly: cewe color) in Oldenburg (DE)
Compliance Statement
Jun.05,2019* China Agri-Products Exchange in (HK)
Jun.05,2019* China Pacific Insurance (Group) in (CN)
Jun.05,2019* China Rundong Auto Group
Jun.05,2019* China Vehicle Components Technology Holdings
Jun.05,2019* China Weaving Materials Hlgds
Jun.05,2019* Citic Pacific in Hongkong (HK)
Jun.05,2019* Clasquin in (FR)
Jun.05,2019* Clean Harbors
Jun.05,2019* CLR Investment Fund Public in (CY)
Jun.05,2019* CNT Group
Jun.05,2019* Comcast in virtual meeting (US)
Jun.05,2019* Come And Stay in (FR)
Jun.05,2019* Costar Group
Jun.05,2019* CPM Group
Jun.05,2019* Credit Acceptance
Jun.05,2019* Crocs
Jun.05,2019* Crystal International Group
Jun.05,2019* Dafa Properties Group
Jun.05,2019* Datronix Holdings in (HK)
Jun.05,2019* Dektra
Jun.05,2019* Devon Energy in Oklahoma City (US)
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