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Dec.18,2017* Auplata in (FR)
Dec.18,2017* Australia and New Zealand Banking Group in Melbourne (AU)
Compliance Statement
Dec.18,2017* Brangista
Dec.18,2017* Centar za odmor rekreaciju i lijecenje Igalo ad Igalo
Dec.18,2017* Ceprohart
Dec.18,2017* China Shipping Development in (CN)
Dec.18,2017* China Spacesat in (CN)
Dec.18,2017* ChinasCo Holdings in (CN)
Dec.18,2017* Ciech in (PL)
Dec.18,2017* COMCM in (RO)
Dec.18,2017* Crocodile Garments in (HK)
Dec.18,2017* Daqo New Energy
Dec.18,2017* DDM Holding
Dec.18,2017* Eko Export in (PL)
Dec.18,2017* El Saeedntracting in (EG)
Dec.18,2017* El Shams Pyramids Co for Hotels and Touristic Projects SAE
Dec.18,2017* Equity Financial Holdings
Dec.18,2017* Foraj Sonde
Dec.18,2017* Gan Shmuel Foods in (IL)
Dec.18,2017* Gastronom
Dec.18,2017* Guangzhou Automobile Group
Dec.18,2017* independent capital in (DE)
Dec.18,2017* Independenta in (RO)
Dec.18,2017* Intakus in (PL)
Dec.18,2017* Kartonpack Dobozipari in (HU)
Dec.18,2017* Kofola CeskoSlovensko as in (CZ)
Dec.18,2017* Kompaniya M Video in (RU)
Dec.18,2017* Kyivs'kyi doslidnyi remontno-mekhanichnyi zavod PAT
Dec.18,2017* L'vivs'kyi Instrumental'nyi Zavod PAT
Dec.18,2017* Makkah Construction and Development in Jeddah (SA)
Dec.18,2017* Malrag 2011 Engineering and Construction in (IL)
Dec.18,2017* Maslavinstruction Company
Dec.18,2017* Minexfor
Dec.18,2017 Monte dei Paschi di Siena in Siena (IT)
Dec.18,2017* Motorcar Parts of America
Dec.18,2017* Navitas Petroleum LP
Dec.18,2017* NetQin Mobile
Dec.18,2017* Nusasiri in (TH)
Dec.18,2017* Nutanix
Dec.18,2017* Only World Group Holdings Bhd
Dec.18,2017* Opera Software in (NO)
Dec.18,2017* Orava Asuinkiinteistorahasto Oyj in Helsinki (FI)
Dec.18,2017* Polet dd Sarajevo
Dec.18,2017* PPT Armature ad Aleksandrovac
Dec.18,2017* Prilepska Pivarnica AD Prilep
Dec.18,2017* Remat Maramures
Dec.18,2017* Ripasso Energy
Dec.18,2017* Saudi Cable in Jeddah (SA)
Dec.18,2017* Sinopharm Group in (HK)
Dec.18,2017* SIT
Dec.18,2017* Taageer FinanceOG
Dec.18,2017* Tenaga Nasional Bhd in (MY)
Dec.18,2017* Torpol in (PL)
Dec.18,2017* Treatt in (UK)
Dec.18,2017* Trostianets'kyi m'iasokombinat PAT
Dec.18,2017* United Media Sweden
Dec.18,2017* Vispak dd Visoko
Dec.18,2017* Vodoprivreda ad Smederevska Palanka
Dec.18,2017* Vologodskaya sbytovaya kompaniya in (RU)
Dec.18,2017* Vologodskiy optiko-mekhanicheskiy zavod in (RU)
Dec.18,2017* Yume Technology in (JP)
Dec.18,2017* Zeljeznicka Infrastruktura Crne Gore ad Podgorica
Dec.19,2017* Africa Israel Residences
Dec.19,2017* Altus Towarzystwo Funduszy Inwestycyjnych in (PL)
Dec.19,2017* Anaam International Holding Group in (SA)
Dec.19,2017* Autoprevoz Janjusevic ad Priboj
Dec.19,2017* Avgol Industries 1953 in (IL)
Dec.19,2017* Avioane Craiova
Dec.19,2017* Aviv Arlon
Dec.19,2017* Axel Mark in (JP)
Dec.19,2017* Banca Piccolo Credito Valtellinese Societaoperativa in (IT)
Dec.19,2017* BF Holding
Dec.19,2017* Bixolon in (KR)
Dec.19,2017* Capital Asset Planning
Dec.19,2017* China Online Education Group
Dec.19,2017* Chinaal Energy in (CN)
Dec.19,2017* Comcereal
Dec.19,2017* Confectii Vaslui in (RO)
Dec.19,2017* Constructii Complexe Buzau
Dec.19,2017* Csi in (JP)
Dec.19,2017* Davide Campari Milano in Milan (IT)
Dec.19,2017* DBT
Dec.19,2017* Defactostandard
Dec.19,2017* Digital360
Dec.19,2017* Dof in (NO)
Dec.19,2017* dotDigital Group in (UK)
Dec.19,2017* Electroconstructia ELCO Alba Iulia
Dec.19,2017* Factset Research Systems
Dec.19,2017* Financial Products Group
Dec.19,2017* Fintech Globalorporated in (JP)
Dec.19,2017* Gai Beach Hotel in (IL)
Dec.19,2017* Global Group
Dec.19,2017* Heki
Dec.19,2017* Hong Kong Education Intl Investments
Dec.19,2017* Hosokawa Micron in (JP)
Dec.19,2017* Hovid Bhd in (MY)
Dec.19,2017* Intellecta in (SE)
Dec.19,2017* Internetworking + Broadband
Dec.19,2017* Interpipe NTZ PAT
Dec.19,2017* Jazan Development in (SA)
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