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AGMagenda dates in chronological order.

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Mar.22,2018* Samyung Trading in (KR)
Mar.22,2018* Sanoma Oyj in (FI)
Mar.22,2018* Sejong Materials Co
Mar.22,2018* SNet Systems in (KR)
Mar.22,2018* Ssangyong Materials in (KR)
Mar.22,2018* Stockmann Oyj Abp in (FI)
Mar.22,2018 Swedbank in Stockholm (SE)
Mar.22,2018* Thanasiri Group in (TH)
Mar.22,2018* Throgmorton Trust in (UK)
Mar.22,2018* Thuan An Wood Processing Joint Stock in (VN)
Mar.22,2018* Tieto Oyj in (FI)
Mar.22,2018* Traphaco High Tech Joint Stock
Mar.22,2018* Verifone Systems
Mar.22,2018* Vietnamnstruction Joint Stock No 2 in (VN)
Mar.22,2018* Vinaconex Power Development and Construction Investment JSC
Mar.22,2018* Wave Entertainment
Mar.22,2018* WiISoL in (KR)
Mar.22,2018* William Demant Holding in (DK)
Mar.22,2018* Yeonghwa Metal in (KR)
Mar.23,2018* A-Jin Industrial Co
Mar.23,2018* A&T in (JP)
Mar.23,2018* Abc Multiactive
Mar.23,2018* Abco Electronics in (KR)
Mar.23,2018* Access Bio
Mar.23,2018* Aekyung Petrochemical in (KR)
Mar.23,2018* Anam Electronics Co
Mar.23,2018* Andritz AG in Graz (AT)
Mar.23,2018* Artra
Mar.23,2018* Baiksan in (KR)
Mar.23,2018 Banco Santander in Santander (ES)
Compliance StatementAGM  video
Mar.23,2018* Bank Tabungan Negara (Persero) Tbk
Mar.23,2018* BCworld Pharm Co
Mar.23,2018* BP Castrol KK in (JP)
Mar.23,2018* CAB Cakaran Corporation Bhd in (MY)
Mar.23,2018* Canare Electric in (JP)
Mar.23,2018* Caregen Co
Mar.23,2018* Ccs in (JP)
Mar.23,2018* Cds in (JP)
Mar.23,2018* Chem Tech Research Incorporation
Mar.23,2018* Cheongbo Industrial in (KR)
Mar.23,2018* Chofu Seisakusho in (JP)
Mar.23,2018* Choong Ang Vaccine Laboratory in (KR)
Mar.23,2018* Clio Cosmetics Co
Mar.23,2018* Construction Joint Stock No 1 in (VN)
Mar.23,2018* Coreanasmetics in (KR)
Mar.23,2018* Cosmax in (KR)
Mar.23,2018* Cosmo Bio in (JP)
Mar.23,2018* Crown Confectionery Co
Mar.23,2018* ctech in (KR)
Mar.23,2018* D
Mar.23,2018* Daehyun in (KR)
Mar.23,2018* Daesang in (KR)
Mar.23,2018* Daewon Kang Up in (KR)
Mar.23,2018* Daiki Axis
Mar.23,2018* Daouincube in (KR)
Mar.23,2018* Dietswell in (FR)
Mar.23,2018* Digital Adventure in (JP)
Mar.23,2018* Dk Tech
Mar.23,2018* Dong Il Steel Mfg Co
Mar.23,2018* Dongwon Development in (KR)
Mar.23,2018* DoubleU Games Co
Mar.23,2018* Dynapac in (JP)
Mar.23,2018* E1 in (KR)
Mar.23,2018* Earth Chemical in (JP)
Mar.23,2018* Ebara Jitsugyo in (JP)
Mar.23,2018* Echo Marketing Co
Mar.23,2018* Educational Book Joint Stock in Ho Chi Minh City in (VN)
Mar.23,2018* Elan
Mar.23,2018* EM-Tech Co in (KR)
Mar.23,2018* Eneres
Mar.23,2018* Engis Technologies
Mar.23,2018* EPCO in (JP)
Mar.23,2018* Esn Japan in (JP)
Mar.23,2018* Exicon Co
Mar.23,2018* Farmsco in (KR)
Mar.23,2018* Feelux in (KR)
Mar.23,2018* Fine Semitech in (KR)
Mar.23,2018* FNC Entertainment Co
Mar.23,2018* Fujisan Magazine Service Co
Mar.23,2018* Fujiya in (JP)
Mar.23,2018* Fullcast Holdings in (JP)
Mar.23,2018* Fursys in (KR)
Mar.23,2018* Gamesa Corporacion Tecnologica in Zamudio (ES)
Mar.23,2018* Genebiotech in (KR)
Mar.23,2018* Genexine in (KR)
Mar.23,2018* Golfzon Co
Mar.23,2018* Green Plus Co
Mar.23,2018* Gungho Online Entertainment in (JP)
Mar.23,2018* Gwanak Construction and Equipment Service Co
Mar.23,2018* Haesung DS Co
Mar.23,2018* Haitai Confectionery + Foods Co
Mar.23,2018* Hakuyosha in (JP)
Mar.23,2018* Halla Engineering &nstruction in (KR)
Mar.23,2018* Hanchang Ind in (KR)
Mar.23,2018* Hanchang Paper Co in (KR)
Mar.23,2018* Hankook Technology in (KR)
Mar.23,2018* Hankuk Steel Wire Co in (KR)
Mar.23,2018* Hargreave Hale Aim VCT 1 in (US)
Mar.23,2018* Hung-Gu Oil in (KR)
Mar.23,2018* Hwacheon Machinery in (KR)
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