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Dec.19,2018* Brainspark in (UK)
Dec.19,2018* Brand 24 in Wroclaw (PL)
Dec.19,2018* British Empire Securities and General Trust in (UK)
Dec.19,2018* Cantel Medical
Dec.19,2018* Champion Technology Holdings in Hongkong (HK)
Dec.19,2018* Change
Dec.19,2018* China Natural Investment in (HK)
Dec.19,2018* Commercial Bank of KuwaitK in Safat (KW)
Dec.19,2018* Enerhomashspetsstal' PAT in (UA)
Dec.19,2018* Fintech Globalorporated in (JP)
Dec.19,2018* Fuji Pharma in (JP)
Dec.19,2018* Global Group
Dec.19,2018* GMK Kazakhaltyn AO
Dec.19,2018* Internetworking + Broadband
Dec.19,2018* Kantone Holdings in Hongkong (HK)
Dec.19,2018* Kobelco Eco Solutions in (JP)
Dec.19,2018* MAEDA KOSEN CO in (JP)
Dec.19,2018* Mainrom Line Logistics
Dec.19,2018* Malrag 2011 Engineering and Construction in (IL)
Dec.19,2018* Mediterranean Towers
Dec.19,2018* MedPeer
Dec.19,2018 MUNICH BRAND HUB in Aschheim (DE)
Dec.19,2018* Nihon Falcom in (JP)
Dec.19,2018* Nishio Rent All in (JP)
Dec.19,2018* NPO Moskovskiy radiotekhnicheskiy zavod in (RU)
Dec.19,2018* Onix Capital Tbk in Jakarta Pusat (ID)
Dec.19,2018* Open House
Dec.19,2018* Palma in Tokyo (JP)
Dec.19,2018* Panasia Indo Resources Tbk
Dec.19,2018* Paraca in (JP)
Dec.19,2018* Pharmena in (PL)
Dec.19,2018* PLANT in (JP)
Dec.19,2018* Proactis Holdings in (UK)
Dec.19,2018* S K I in (JP)
Dec.19,2018* Saudi Chemical in Riyadh (SA)
Dec.19,2018* Septeni Holdings in (JP)
Dec.19,2018* Shinozakiya in (JP)
Dec.19,2018* Siantar Top Tbk in (ID)
Dec.19,2018* Sino-i Technology in Hongkong (HK)
Dec.19,2018* Sky Solar Holdings
Dec.19,2018* Speco in (KR)
Dec.19,2018* SPG Land (Holdings)
Dec.19,2018* Umenohana in (JP)
Dec.19,2018* Yumeshin Hldg in (JP)
Dec.19,2018* Zebra Nusantara Tbk in Surabaya (ID)
Dec.19,2018* Zodiac Ventures
Dec.20,2018* AB in (PL)
Dec.20,2018* AFI Development in (CY)
Dec.20,2018* AKB Industrialbank PAT in (UA)
Dec.20,2018* Al Manara Insurance Co
Dec.20,2018* Amplitude Surgical SAS
Dec.20,2018* Axel Mark in (JP)
Dec.20,2018* Bukaka Teknik Utama Tbk in (ID)
Dec.20,2018* Chasivoiars'kyi vohnetryvkyi kombinat PAT
Dec.20,2018* China Zenith Chemical Group in (HK)
Dec.20,2018* CRI Middleware Co
Dec.20,2018* Ctrip.com International in (CN)
Dec.20,2018* Dear Life in (JP)
Dec.20,2018* Deccan Gold Mines
Dec.20,2018* Device ENG Co
Dec.20,2018* Dynam
Dec.20,2018* E Guardian in (JP)
Dec.20,2018* El Oro
Dec.20,2018* EOS Imaging
Dec.20,2018* First Finance Co PSC
Dec.20,2018* First International Bank of Israel in (IL)
Dec.20,2018* Fit
Dec.20,2018* Forebase International Holdings in Hongkong (HK)
Dec.20,2018* Fuso Dentsu in (JP)
Dec.20,2018* Gfinity
Dec.20,2018* Government Propertiesome Trust
Dec.20,2018* Honghua Group in (CN)
Dec.20,2018* Horai in (JP)
Dec.20,2018* Hybrigenics in (FR)
Dec.20,2018* Hydraulic Elements & Systems AD Yambol
Dec.20,2018* Industrial Buildings Corporation in Tel Aviv (IL)
Dec.20,2018* Information Planning CO in (JP)
Dec.20,2018* Japan Best Rescue System in (JP)
Dec.20,2018* Jullundur Motor Agency (Delhi)
Dec.20,2018* Juridica Investments in (UK)
Dec.20,2018* Kamada in Ness Ziona (IL)
Dec.20,2018* Kawagishi Bridge Works in (JP)
Dec.20,2018* Korea Development in (KR)
Dec.20,2018* LAND BUSINESS CO in (JP)
Dec.20,2018* LS Industries
Dec.20,2018* Maruyama MFG in (JP)
Dec.20,2018* Media Nusantara Citra Tbk in (ID)
Dec.20,2018* MEDINET in (JP)
Dec.20,2018* Micronics Japan in (JP)
Dec.20,2018* Mitsubishi Research Institute in (JP)
Dec.20,2018* Modern Waterproofing Co SAE in (EG)
Dec.20,2018* Molkom in (RU)
Dec.20,2018* Mtd Finance in (FR)
Dec.20,2018* NB Global Floating Rateome
Dec.20,2018* Nihon Form Service in (JP)
Dec.20,2018* Nissou Co
Dec.20,2018* Northern 3 VCT in (UK)
Dec.20,2018* Ohmoriya in (JP)
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