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Dec.07,2018* Yuanta 1 Special Purpose Acquisition Co
Dec.08,2018* VOYAGE GROUP
Dec.09,2018* Bank of Gansu Co
Dec.09,2018* Eastern CompanyE in (EG)
Dec.09,2018* General Company for Paper Industry in (EG)
Dec.09,2018* Leejam Sports Company SJSC
Dec.09,2018* Mainstream Holdings
Dec.09,2018* Misr Chemical Industries in (EG)
Dec.09,2018* Mousil for Funfairs and Tourism Investment
Dec.10,2018* Aspen Insurance Holdings in Hamilton (US)
Dec.10,2018* Bumech in (PL)
Dec.10,2018* Citadel Capital Algerie in Dely ibrahim (DZ)
Dec.10,2018* Dharma Satya Nusantara Tbk in (ID)
Dec.10,2018* Dongbu Lightec Co in (KR)
Dec.10,2018* Fastube in (SG)
Dec.10,2018* Global EcoPower in (FR)
Dec.10,2018* GPPI in (PL)
Dec.10,2018* JWA
Dec.10,2018* Kernel Holding
Dec.10,2018* Maslavinstruction Company
Dec.10,2018* NetSol Technologies
Dec.10,2018* Nisshin Steel Holdings
Dec.10,2018* Oil Terminal
Dec.10,2018* OSI Systems
Dec.10,2018* Powerhouse Gym + Wellness
Dec.10,2018* Shanghai Electric Group in (CN)
Dec.10,2018* Skarbiec Holding
Dec.10,2018* Sutton Harbour Holding in (UK)
Dec.10,2018* Thob Al Aseel Co in Riyadh (SA)
Dec.10,2018* Trek 2000 International
Dec.10,2018* Westmount Energy
Dec.11,2018* 1-800-Flowers.Com
Dec.11,2018* Akebia Therapeutics
Dec.11,2018* Bank Gospodarki Zywnosciowej in (PL)
Dec.11,2018* Bank Pembangunan Daerah Jawa Barat dan Banten Tbk in (ID)
Dec.11,2018* Banque Saudi Fransi in (SA)
Dec.11,2018* Bayside Landoration in (IL)
Dec.11,2018* Bexcellent Group Holdings
Dec.11,2018* Dell Technologies
Dec.11,2018* Dustin Group
Dec.11,2018* Iar in (RO)
Dec.11,2018* Indusind Bank in (IN)
Dec.11,2018* Jimoto Holdings in (CN)
Dec.11,2018* Keryx Biopharmaceuticals
Dec.11,2018* Komi energosbytovaya kompaniya
Dec.11,2018* Kumho Electric in (KR)
Dec.11,2018* Made in (FR)
Dec.11,2018* Nine Dragons Paper (Holdings) in Hongkong (HK)
Dec.11,2018* Nordic American Offshore
Dec.11,2018* Nordic American Tanker in (BM)
Dec.11,2018* Olmix
Dec.11,2018* Pan Malaysia Corporation Bhd in (MY)
Dec.11,2018* Pan Malaysia Holdings Bhd in (MY)
Dec.11,2018* Precision Drilling
Dec.11,2018* Przedsiebiorstwo Modernizacji Urzadzen Energetycznych Remak in (PL)
Dec.11,2018* Shore Capital Group in (UK)
Dec.11,2018* Surface Transforms in (UK)
Dec.11,2018* Tech Trans Co
Dec.11,2018* Ubiquiti Networks
Dec.11,2018* VIPshop Holdings in Guangzhou (CN)
Dec.11,2018* WD-40
Dec.11,2018* Winnebago Industries
Dec.12,2018* A-Rank Bhd in (MY)
Dec.12,2018* Advance Frontier Markets Fund
Dec.12,2018* Advanced Ocular Sciences
Dec.12,2018* Amwal International Investment Co KSCC
Dec.12,2018* Ask in (FR)
Dec.12,2018* Borneo Oil Bhd
Dec.12,2018* Ceylon Printers
Dec.12,2018* CISCO Systems
Dec.12,2018* Coal Energy
Dec.12,2018* Csc Hldg in Singapore (SG)
Dec.12,2018* e-Kiosk in (PL)
Dec.12,2018* Fks Multi Agro Tbk in (ID)
Dec.12,2018* Gaz servis in (RU)
Dec.12,2018* GAZKON in (RU)
Dec.12,2018* Hoteli Brela
Dec.12,2018* Howden Africa Hldg in (ZA)
Dec.12,2018* Invincible Investment in (JP)
Dec.12,2018* Kingwell Group
Dec.12,2018* Kubanskaya Step Joint Stock in (RU)
Dec.12,2018 KWS Saat in Einbeck (DE)
Dec.12,2018* Lauren Peso Polska in (PL)
Dec.12,2018 Linde in Munich (DE)
Compliance Statement
Dec.12,2018* Litoral
Dec.12,2018* London Biscuits Bhd in (MY)
Dec.12,2018* Mecanica Codlea
Dec.12,2018* Medaphor Group
Dec.12,2018* N2Nnnect Bhd in (MY)
Dec.12,2018* Office Quipment
Dec.12,2018* OHTL in (TH)
Dec.12,2018* Orchid Chemicals & Pharmaceuticals in (IN)
Dec.12,2018* Qingling Motors Co
Dec.12,2018* Rami Levi Chain Stores Hashikma Marketing 2006
Dec.12,2018* Rhone Ma Holdings Bhd
Dec.12,2018* Sanlam in Cape Town (ZA)
Dec.12,2018* Saudi Public Transport in (SA)
Dec.12,2018* Seadrill Partners LLC
Dec.12,2018* Seamico Securities in (TH)
Dec.12,2018* Tata Power in Mumbai (IN)
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