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Aug.24,2017* Forbes & Company in (IN)
Aug.24,2017* Gazprom promgaz in (RU)
Aug.24,2017* Gladstone Investment in McLean (US)
Aug.24,2017* Hon Kwok Land Investment in (HK)
Aug.24,2017* James Latham in (UK)
Aug.24,2017* Kaimei Electronic in (TW)
Aug.24,2017* Karrie International Holdings
Aug.24,2017* KLX
Aug.24,2017* Kyoshin in (JP)
Aug.24,2017* Lido
Aug.24,2017* Lisi Group Holdings in (HK)
Aug.24,2017* LNG Resources Bhd in (MY)
Aug.24,2017* LV Technology
Aug.24,2017* Meshulam Levinstein Contracting + Engineering in (IL)
Aug.24,2017* Minetech Resources Bhd in (MY)
Aug.24,2017* MNRB Holdings Bhd in (MY)
Aug.24,2017* National Electronics Holdings
Aug.24,2017* Navkar Corporation
Aug.24,2017* NCC in (IN)
Aug.24,2017* Neto ME Holdings in (IL)
Aug.24,2017* Nobles for Money Transfer
Aug.24,2017* Norske Skogindustrier in (NO)
Aug.24,2017* OHBA in (JP)
Aug.24,2017* OP Financial Investments in Hongkong (HK)
Aug.24,2017* Orchestra Kazibao in (FR)
Aug.24,2017* Oriental Food Industries Holdings Bhd in (MY)
Aug.24,2017* Oversea Enterprise Bhd in (MY)
Aug.24,2017* Pharmarise Holdings in (JP)
Aug.24,2017* Pilani Investment And Industries Corporation
Aug.24,2017* Prijedorputevi ad Prijedor in (BA)
Aug.24,2017* Rane Madras in (IN)
Aug.24,2017* Satori Electric in (JP)
Aug.24,2017* Servision in (UK)
Aug.24,2017* Shanghai Weaver Network Co
Aug.24,2017* SHLnsolidated Bhd in (MY)
Aug.24,2017* Sinterom in (RO)
Aug.24,2017* Societatea Nationala Nuclearelectrica in (RO)
Aug.24,2017* Societe Ldc in (FR)
Aug.24,2017* Sundram Fasteners in (IN)
Aug.24,2017* Systemair in (SE)
Aug.24,2017* T O Ogasawara in (JP)
Aug.24,2017* Telkom in (ZA)
Aug.24,2017* Telrad Networks
Aug.24,2017* Tsui Wah Restaurant
Aug.24,2017* United BioPharma
Aug.24,2017* Unjha Formulations
Aug.24,2017* UOL Group in Singapore (SG)
Aug.24,2017* Wuyi International Pharmaceutical in (HK)
Aug.24,2017* Zhayremskiy GOK AO
Aug.24,2017* Zitoprerada dd Bihac u stecaju
Aug.25,2017* 17 Septembar dd Bosanska Krupa
Aug.25,2017* 4SC in Munich (DE)
Aug.25,2017* Aerodromi Republike Srpske ad Banja Luka
Aug.25,2017* AHB Holdings Bhd in (MY)
Aug.25,2017* Alco Holdings in (HK)
Aug.25,2017* APARTMANI MEDENA in (HR)
Aug.25,2017* Arthavest Tbk
Aug.25,2017* Bank Of China in (CN)
Aug.25,2017* Bengal and Assam
Aug.25,2017* Borneo Aqua Harvest Bhd in (MY)
Aug.25,2017* Bosideng International Holdings
Aug.25,2017* China Grand Forestry Green Resources Group in Hongkong (HK)
Aug.25,2017* COSMOS Pharmaceutical in (JP)
Aug.25,2017* Create SD Holdings in (JP)
Aug.25,2017* DragonWave
Aug.25,2017* DVM Technology Bhd in (MY)
Aug.25,2017* Extrawell Pharmaceutical Holdings in Hongkong (HK)
Aug.25,2017* First-Corporation
Aug.25,2017* Grafoprojekt ad Beograd
Aug.25,2017* Guangdong Hongtu Technology (Holdings) in (CN)
Aug.25,2017* Gunosy
Aug.25,2017* Happigo Home Shopping Co
Aug.25,2017* Hero Supermarket Tbk in (ID)
Aug.25,2017* Hi Special Purpose Acquisition Co II
Aug.25,2017* Hing Yiap Group Bhd
Aug.25,2017* Huadian Fuxin Energy
Aug.25,2017* ICK in (KR)
Aug.25,2017* Intellex in (JP)
Aug.25,2017* Inter Action in (JP)
Aug.25,2017* Jadi Imaging Holdings Bhd in (MY)
Aug.25,2017* Japan Process Development in (JP)
Aug.25,2017* JK Agri Genetics
Aug.25,2017* Lotte Chemical Titan Tbk in (KR)
Aug.25,2017* Manpasand Beverages
Aug.25,2017* Mitachi in (JP)
Aug.25,2017* Mongolia Energy in Hongkong (HK)
Aug.25,2017* Monitise in London (UK)
Aug.25,2017* Naspers (former: Nasionale Pers) in Capt Town (ZA)
Aug.25,2017* NexG in (KR)
Aug.25,2017* Nihon Enterprise in (JP)
Aug.25,2017* Niitaka in (JP)
Aug.25,2017* North Asia Resources Holdings in Hongkong (HK)
Aug.25,2017* Okayama Paper Industries in (JP)
Aug.25,2017* Orgtechnica AD Silistra in (BG)
Aug.25,2017* Otake in (JP)
Aug.25,2017* PCCS Group Bhd
Aug.25,2017* Plazmek
Aug.25,2017* QL Resources Bhd in (MY)
Aug.25,2017* Richly Field China Development
Aug.25,2017* Sam Won Tech Co in (KR)
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