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Mar.05,2018 Hidroelektrane na Drini ad Visegrad in Visegrad (HU)
Mar.05,2018* Hubei Sanxia New Building Materials in (CN)
Mar.05,2018* Hubei Xingfa Chemicals Group in (CN)
Mar.05,2018* Jiangsu Misho Ecology
Mar.05,2018* Litgrid in (LT)
Mar.05,2018* Managed Support Services
Mar.05,2018* National Leasing Holding QSC
Mar.05,2018* Oman ChromiteOG in (OM)
Mar.05,2018* Omani Qatari TelecommunicationsOG in (OM)
Mar.05,2018* Orelstroy PAO in (RU)
Mar.05,2018* Orient Securities Co
Mar.05,2018* Public Joint Stock Novorossiysk Commercial Sea Port in (RU)
Mar.05,2018* Rossiyskiy aktsionernyi kommercheskiy dorozhnyi bank
Mar.05,2018* Sanmina Sci
Mar.05,2018* Sern Kou Resources Bhd
Mar.05,2018* Shenzhen Hepalink Pharmaceutical
Mar.05,2018* Shenzhen Jinjialor Printing Group in (CN)
Mar.05,2018* Shenzhen Mingwah Aohan High Technology in (CN)
Mar.05,2018* Sichuan Shuangma Cement Co in (CN)
Mar.05,2018* Sunshine City Group in (CN)
Mar.05,2018* Tell in (PL)
Mar.05,2018* Tianjin Pengling Rubber Hose in (CN)
Mar.05,2018* Vintage Engineering in (TH)
Mar.05,2018* Wittchen
Mar.05,2018* Xinfengming Group Co
Mar.05,2018* Zaklady Przemyslu Cukierniczego Otmuchow in (PL)
Mar.05,2018* Zhejiang Henglin Chair Industry Co
Mar.06,2018* Backa ad Sivac u restrukturiranju
Mar.06,2018* Bloober Team
Mar.06,2018* Cabot Microelectronics in (US)
Mar.06,2018 Caretech Holdings in Hertfordshire (UK)
Mar.06,2018* Computer Stationery IndustryOG
Mar.06,2018* Daetwyler Holding in (CH)
Mar.06,2018* Delek Group in (IL)
Mar.06,2018* El Al Israel Airlines in (IL)
Mar.06,2018* Electra Real Estate in (IL)
Mar.06,2018* Fangda Special Steel Technology in (CN)
Mar.06,2018* Financial Assets Management Group in (PL)
Mar.06,2018* Fornton Group
Mar.06,2018* Fujian Tianguang Fire Fighting Scie Tech in (CN)
Mar.06,2018* Garuda Maintenance Facility AeroAsia
Mar.06,2018* GK Russkoye more in (RU)
Mar.06,2018* Gulf StoneOG
Mar.06,2018* Helmerich & Payne
Mar.06,2018* Hill-Rom Holdings
Mar.06,2018* Huatian Hotel Group in (CN)
Mar.06,2018* Hunan Zhenghong Science and Technology Develop Co in (CN)
Mar.06,2018* Jiangsu Jiangnan High Polymer Fiber in (CN)
Mar.06,2018* Kulicke and Soffa Industries
Mar.06,2018* Mara Com Mixt
Mar.06,2018* Marel hf
Mar.06,2018* Mesaieed Petrochemical Holding Co QSC in (QA)
Mar.06,2018* Muscat Thread Mills in (OM)
Mar.06,2018* Nordjyske Bank in Frederikshavn (DK)
Mar.06,2018* Phoenix SatelliteTelevision Holdings in Hongkong (HK)
Mar.06,2018* Prime Holding for Financial Investments SAE
Mar.06,2018* Qiwi
Mar.06,2018* Qualcomm
Mar.06,2018* Shandong Liancheng Precision Manufacturing Co
Mar.06,2018* Sichuan Chengfa Aero Science & Technology
Mar.06,2018* Tamar Petroleum
Mar.06,2018* Tijara and Realestate Investment KSCC in Safat (KW)
Mar.06,2018* Victory Giant Technology Huizhou Co
Mar.06,2018* Wicaksana Overseas International Tbk
Mar.06,2018* Yunnan Hongxiang Yixintang
Mar.06,2018* Zhejiang Dahua Technology in (CN)
Mar.06,2018* Zhuzhou Feilu High-Tech Materials Co
Mar.06,2018* ZIF Fima Proprius
Mar.07,2018* A Levi Investment + Construction in (IL)
Mar.07,2018* ABM Industries
Mar.07,2018* Al Salam Bank Bahrain BSC
Mar.07,2018* Allied Specialty Vehicles
Mar.07,2018* Aluminium Bahrain BSC
Mar.07,2018* Argaman Industries in (IL)
Mar.07,2018* Chengdu Xuguang Electronics in (CN)
Mar.07,2018* Comeco
Mar.07,2018* CPI in (GR)
Mar.07,2018* Cytrustees Investment Public in (CY)
Mar.07,2018* Doha Bank QSC in (QA)
Mar.07,2018* EF Realisation Company
Mar.07,2018* Evermore Chemical Industry in (TW)
Mar.07,2018* Guangdong Chant Group in (CN)
Mar.07,2018* Gulf Bank KSC
Mar.07,2018* Gulf Medical Projects PSC
Mar.07,2018* Hotel Majestic Societe Immobiliere Et D'Exploitation in (FR)
Mar.07,2018* Khanh Hoa Salanganes Nest Soft Drink JSC
Mar.07,2018* Kotlostroene AD Sofia in (BG)
Mar.07,2018* Magazin Universal Maramures
Mar.07,2018* Musee Grevin in (FR)
Mar.07,2018* National Bank of Bahrain BSC in Manama (BH)
Mar.07,2018* National Centraloling PSC in (AE)
Mar.07,2018* National for Maize Products in (EG)
Mar.07,2018* National Gas and Industrialization in (SA)
Mar.07,2018* Natural Grocers by Vitamint
Mar.07,2018 Palfinger AG in Friedburg (AT)
Mar.07,2018* Plasson Industries in (IL)
Mar.07,2018* Ras Al Khaimah National Insurance PSC in (AE)
Mar.07,2018* Shandong Nanshan Aluminium in (CN)
Mar.07,2018* Shanghai Zhenhua Heavy Industry in (CN)
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