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Sep.28,2017* INPRO in (PL)
Sep.28,2017* International Barrier Technology
Sep.28,2017* Ishan Dyes and Chemicals
Sep.28,2017* J Kumar Infraprojects in (IN)
Sep.28,2017* Jain Irrigation Systems in (IN)
Sep.28,2017* Jainex Aamcol
Sep.28,2017* John Wiley and Sons
Sep.28,2017* JP Rad ad Bratunac
Sep.28,2017* KeePer Technical Laboratory
Sep.28,2017* Kichiri & in (JP)
Sep.28,2017* King Fook Holdings in (HK)
Sep.28,2017* KNRnstructions
Sep.28,2017* Kudo in (JP)
Sep.28,2017* Lamb Weston Holdings
Sep.28,2017* Landmark Property Development in (IN)
Sep.28,2017* Laurel Organics
Sep.28,2017* Lay Hong Bhd in (MY)
Sep.28,2017* Maayan Ventures in (IL)
Sep.28,2017* Mackinnon Mackenzie and Co
Sep.28,2017* Magni Tech Industries Bhd in (MY)
Sep.28,2017* Makemytrip
Sep.28,2017* Malathoperative Insurance And Reinsurance in (SA)
Sep.28,2017* Maruti Securities in Secunderabad (IN)
Sep.28,2017* Masinski Servis UPP ad Nova Topola
Sep.28,2017* MC Link in (IT)
Sep.28,2017* Medapp
Sep.28,2017* Medi Caps
Sep.28,2017* Misr Chemical Industries in (EG)
Sep.28,2017* Mitsuchi in (JP)
Sep.28,2017* MIV in (HR)
Sep.28,2017* Monnet Industries
Sep.28,2017* Monnet Ispat And Energy in (IN)
Sep.28,2017* Moravamermer ad Beograd
Sep.28,2017* Moser Baer India in (IN)
Sep.28,2017 Nagaoka International in Izumiotsu (JP)
Sep.28,2017* Ningbo Menovo Pharmaceutical Co
Sep.28,2017* Ningbo Xusheng Auto Technology Co
Sep.28,2017* Nippon Koei in (JP)
Sep.28,2017* NISHIKAWA KEISOKU in (JP)
Sep.28,2017* Olympia Capitals
Sep.28,2017* Panama Petrochem
Sep.28,2017* Paris Orleans in (FR)
Sep.28,2017* Paxnet
Sep.28,2017* Precision System Science in (JP)
Sep.28,2017* Prerna Infrabuild
Sep.28,2017* Prism Finance
Sep.28,2017* Projprzem in (PL)
Sep.28,2017* Qibu Co
Sep.28,2017* Quercus Towarzystwo Funduszy Inwestycyjnych in Warsaw (PL)
Sep.28,2017* Raghuvir Synthetics
Sep.28,2017* Rajsanket Realty
Sep.28,2017* Rasi Electrodes
Sep.28,2017* Renuka Coalindo Tbk
Sep.28,2017* Ruch Chorzow in (PL)
Sep.28,2017* Runsystem in (JP)
Sep.28,2017* SAB Industries
Sep.28,2017* Scanpoint Geomatics
Sep.28,2017* Scigineer
Sep.28,2017* Shivagrico Implements
Sep.28,2017* Sho Bond Holdings in (JP)
Sep.28,2017* Sino Prosper State Gold Resources Holdings in (HK)
Sep.28,2017* Smartvalue Co
Sep.28,2017* Societatea Nationala Nuclearelectrica in (RO)
Sep.28,2017* Sohar PoultryOG
Sep.28,2017* Space Co Communication
Sep.28,2017* Star Delta Transformers
Sep.28,2017* Steel Strips Infrastructures
Sep.28,2017* Suzuki in (JP)
Sep.28,2017* Swasti Vinayaka Synthetics
Sep.28,2017* Talbros Engineering
Sep.28,2017* Techfirm in (JP)
Sep.28,2017* TechnoPro Holdings
Sep.28,2017* The Gold Bond Group in (IL)
Sep.28,2017* Thiz Technology Group in Hongkong (HK)
Sep.28,2017* Tiaan Ayurvedic + Herbs
Sep.28,2017 TomTom international in Amsterdam (NL)
Sep.28,2017* TOYO DRILUBE CO in (JP)
Sep.28,2017* Trust Holdings
Sep.28,2017* Ulvac in (JP)
Sep.28,2017* Universal Engeisha
Sep.28,2017* Vaghani Techno Build
Sep.28,2017* Valuedesign
Sep.28,2017* Venlon Enterprises
Sep.28,2017* Veterinarska Stanica ad Ugljevik
Sep.28,2017* Voltage
Sep.28,2017* Welspun Investments and Commercials
Sep.28,2017* Willplus Holdings Co
Sep.28,2017* Zaporizhtransformator PAT in (UA)
Sep.28,2017* Zero in (JP)
Sep.28,2017* Zuari Industries in (IN)
Sep.29,2017* Aayush Food and Herbs
Sep.29,2017* Actionnstruction Equipment in (IN)
Sep.29,2017* Adtec in (JP)
Sep.29,2017* Agarwal Holdings
Sep.29,2017* Agro Dutch Industries
Sep.29,2017* Alfavision Overseas (India)
Sep.29,2017* Alka Diamond Industries
Sep.29,2017* Alliancebernstein Holding LP
Sep.29,2017* Allied Herbals
Sep.29,2017* Alpha MOS in (FR)
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