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Sep.27,2018* Alam Karya Unggul Tbk
Sep.27,2018* Alka India
Sep.27,2018* Alpen in (JP)
Sep.27,2018* Alpine Housing Development Corporation in Bengaluru (IN)
Sep.27,2018* Ambeon Holdings
Sep.27,2018* Ambikatton Mills
Sep.27,2018* AMBITION Co
Sep.27,2018* Amrapali Capital and Finance Services
Sep.27,2018* Anukaran Commercial Enterprises
Sep.27,2018* Apte Amalgamations
Sep.27,2018* ARC Finance
Sep.27,2018* ArcelorMittal South Africa in (ZA)
Sep.27,2018* Archit Organosys
Sep.27,2018* Arcotech in (IN)
Sep.27,2018* Asahi Intecc in (JP)
Sep.27,2018* Ashiana Agro Industries
Sep.27,2018* Asia Commercial Holdings in (HK)
Sep.27,2018* Asia Technology Co in (KR)
Sep.27,2018* Atlantic Commercial Company
Sep.27,2018* Ausom Enterprise
Sep.27,2018* Bagadia Colourchem
Sep.27,2018* Bambino Agro Industries
Sep.27,2018* Banas Finance
Sep.27,2018* Batla Minerals in (FR)
Sep.27,2018* Beauty Kadan in (JP)
Sep.27,2018* Bell Agromachina
Sep.27,2018* Benakat Petroleum Energy Tbk in (ID)
Sep.27,2018* Bhairav Enterprises
Sep.27,2018* Bharat Bhushan Finance Andmmodity Brokers
Sep.27,2018* Bharat Parenterals
Sep.27,2018* Biopac India Corp
Sep.27,2018* Birla Cotsyn India
Sep.27,2018* BOK Financial
Sep.27,2018* BrainPad
Sep.27,2018* Brand Industries in (IL)
Sep.27,2018* Brown and
Sep.27,2018* Bullish Bonds + Holdings
Sep.27,2018* Burnpur Cement
Sep.27,2018* Byke Hospitality
Sep.27,2018* Centenial Surgical Suture
Sep.27,2018* Chadha Papers
Sep.27,2018* Chadiostech Co
Sep.27,2018* Chambal Breweries and Distilleries
Sep.27,2018* Chemcrux Enterprises
Sep.27,2018* Choice Infra Ventures
Sep.27,2018* Choice International
Sep.27,2018* Chuang S China Investments in (HK)
Sep.27,2018* Chuang'snsortium International in (HK)
Sep.27,2018* CI Games
Sep.27,2018* Cineline India
Sep.27,2018* Classic Global Finance and Capital
Sep.27,2018* CoBiz Financial
Sep.27,2018* Coffee Day Enterprises
Sep.27,2018* Colombo City Holdings
Sep.27,2018* Conart Engineers
Sep.27,2018* Coral Laboratories
Sep.27,2018* Cords Cable Industries
Sep.27,2018* Cranes Software International in (IN)
Sep.27,2018* CRP Risk Management
Sep.27,2018* D C W in (IN)
Sep.27,2018* Dai Ichi Cutter Kogyo KK in (JP)
Sep.27,2018* Deutsche Balaton in Heidelberg (DE)
Sep.27,2018* Dhampure Speciality Sugars
Sep.27,2018* Digital Info Tech
Sep.27,2018* Dualtap Co
Sep.27,2018* Duke Offshore
Sep.27,2018* Elango Industries
Sep.27,2018* Envipro Holdings
Sep.27,2018* EuropaCorp in Saint-Denis (FR)
Sep.27,2018* Fast Finance in (PL)
Sep.27,2018* Feno Plast
Sep.27,2018* Fervent Synergies
Sep.27,2018* Filatex India
Sep.27,2018* Fineotex Chemical
Sep.27,2018* Fischer Chemic
Sep.27,2018* Five Core Electronics
Sep.27,2018* FnGuide
Sep.27,2018* Focus Home Interactive
Sep.27,2018* Four Soft in (IN)
Sep.27,2018* Fraser and Co
Sep.27,2018* Fredun Pharmaceuticals
Sep.27,2018* Frente in (JP)
Sep.27,2018* Furuya Metal in (JP)
Sep.27,2018* Gallantt Ispat
Sep.27,2018* Gallantt Metal
Sep.27,2018* Gayatri Highways
Sep.27,2018* GI Engineering Solutions
Sep.27,2018 Glance Finance in Mumbai (IN)
Sep.27,2018* Global Brands Group Holding
Sep.27,2018* Goldbond Group Holdings
Sep.27,2018* Gopal Iron and Steels Company Gujarat
Sep.27,2018* Grand Brilliance Group Holdings
Sep.27,2018* Group Cherkizovo in (RU)
Sep.27,2018* GTL Infrastructure
Sep.27,2018* GUFIC Biosciences
Sep.27,2018* Gujarat Craft Industries
Sep.27,2018* Gujarat Gas in (IN)
Sep.27,2018* Gujarat Industries Power in (IN)
Sep.27,2018* Gulf Oil in (IN)
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