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May.31,2019* China Taiping Insurance Holdings in Hongkong (HK)
May.31,2019* China Yongda Automobiles Services Holdings in (CN)
May.31,2019* China Yurun Food Group in (CN)
May.31,2019* China ZhengTong Auto Services Holdings
May.31,2019* Chow Sang Sang Holdings International in Hongkong (HK)
May.31,2019* Chuan Holdings
May.31,2019* Cirtek Holdings Philippines
May.31,2019* CJ Cheiljedang in (KR)
May.31,2019* COFCO Meat Holdings
May.31,2019* Comstock Resources in (IL)
May.31,2019* Consun Pharmaceutical Group
May.31,2019* COSCO International Holdings in Hongkong (HK)
May.31,2019* Cybertowers Bhd in (MY)
May.31,2019* Daido Group in (HK)
May.31,2019* Danasupra Erapacific Tbk in (ID)
May.31,2019* Dinara ad Beograd
May.31,2019* Ditton Pievadkezu Rupnica AS in (LV)
May.31,2019* Dorcaster
May.31,2019* Eforce Holdings
May.31,2019* EGL Holdings Company
May.31,2019* Energoinstal in (PL)
May.31,2019* EP Manufacturing Bhd in (MY)
May.31,2019* Epizyme
May.31,2019* Ever Harvest Group Holdings
May.31,2019* Feishang Anthracite Resources
May.31,2019* First Shanghai Investments
May.31,2019* Formosa Petrochemical in (TW)
May.31,2019* Freetech Road Recycling Technology Holdings
May.31,2019* Genmark Diagnostics
May.31,2019* Goodtop Tin International Holdings
May.31,2019* Hans Energy in (HK)
May.31,2019* HB Global (former: Sozo Global) in Johor Bahru (SG)
May.31,2019* Hengshi Mining Investments
May.31,2019* Hostelworld Group
May.31,2019* Huili Resources (Group)
May.31,2019* Hyundai Heavy Industries in (KR)
May.31,2019* iDreamSky Technology Holdings
May.31,2019* Incutech Investments
May.31,2019* IntelliCentrics Global Holdings
May.31,2019* Irkutsk Open Joint Stock For Energy And Electrification in (RU)
May.31,2019* Jaya Real Property Tbk in (ID)
May.31,2019* Jerusalem Real Estate Investment in Jerusalem (IL)
May.31,2019* JHM Consolidation Bhd in (MY)
May.31,2019* JHM Development
May.31,2019* Jia Yao Holdings
May.31,2019* Jiangxi Bank Co
May.31,2019* Jicheng Umbrella Holdings
May.31,2019* K & P International Holdings in (HK)
May.31,2019* Kader Holdings Co
May.31,2019* Kanger International Bhd
May.31,2019* Kasen International Holdings in (CN)
May.31,2019* Kazanskiy Optiko-Mekhanicheskiy Zavod AO in (RU)
May.31,2019* Kerry Logistics Network
May.31,2019* Kerry Properties in Hongkong (HK)
May.31,2019* Kidsland International Holdings
May.31,2019* Knowles
May.31,2019* Komercijalno-investiciona Banka dd Velika Kladusa
May.31,2019* Koprodukt ad Novi Sad
May.31,2019* Kras in (HR)
May.31,2019* Kronologi Asia Bhd
May.31,2019* Lao Heng He
May.31,2019* Legend Strategy International Holdings Group Co
May.31,2019* Linmark Group in Hongkong (HK)
May.31,2019* Lowesmpanies
May.31,2019* LumX Asset Managemant (formerly: Gottex Fund Management Holdings in Geneva (CH)
May.31,2019* LyondellBasell Industries in (US)
May.31,2019* M Link Asia Corporation in (TH)
May.31,2019* Magnitogorskiy metallurgicheskiy kombinat in (RU)
May.31,2019* Mail.ru Group in Dubai (RU)
May.31,2019* Manulife Holdings Bhd in (MY)
May.31,2019* Mayer Holdings in (HK)
May.31,2019* MEIGU Technology Holding Group
May.31,2019* Mercer International in Vancouver (CA)
May.31,2019* Metafrax in (RU)
May.31,2019* Minth Group
May.31,2019* Mirbud in (PL)
May.31,2019* Modrica MPI ad Modrica
May.31,2019* MRSK-Yuga in (RU)
May.31,2019* Nauchno-proizvodstvennoye obyedineniye Fizika in (RU)
May.31,2019* Neftekamskiy avtozavod in (RU)
May.31,2019* New Hoong Fatt Holdings Bhd in (MY)
May.31,2019* Ningbo Yidong Electronic
May.31,2019* North Asia Resources Holdings in Hongkong (HK)
May.31,2019* Novabay Pharmaceuticals
May.31,2019* O Net Communications (Group)
May.31,2019* Oban Mining
May.31,2019* Oriental Ginza Holdings in (HK)
May.31,2019* Pacific Online Systems in (PH)
May.31,2019* Perception Digital Holdings
May.31,2019* Philip Morris Operations ad Nis
May.31,2019* Pou Sheng International (Holdings)
May.31,2019* Primary Petroleum
May.31,2019* Quorum Health
May.31,2019* Regenxbio
May.31,2019 Repsol in Madrid (ES)
May.31,2019* Runway Global Holdings
May.31,2019* S E A Holdings in (HK)
May.31,2019* SALUS Ljubljana in (SI)
May.31,2019* Sanimed
May.31,2019* Saramanis
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