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Feb.23,2018* MAT SA Craiova
Feb.23,2018* Morito in (JP)
Feb.23,2018* Notion Vtec Bhd in (MY)
Feb.23,2018* Pacific + Orient Bhd in (MY)
Feb.23,2018* Shenji Group Kunming Machine Tool in (CN)
Feb.23,2018* Silicon Studio
Feb.23,2018* Sinocom Software Group in (CN)
Feb.23,2018* Societe Marseillaise du Tunnel Prado Carenage in (FR)
Feb.23,2018* Sopharma AD Sofia in (BG)
Feb.23,2018* Star Mica in (JP)
Feb.23,2018* Tatt Giap Group Bhd
Feb.23,2018* Tonghua Golden Horse Pharmaceutical Industry in (CN)
Feb.23,2018* Tsudakoma in (JP)
Feb.23,2018* Unipharm AD Sofia in (BG)
Feb.23,2018* United Engineers in (SG)
Feb.23,2018* ZTC Banja Vrucica ad Teslic
Feb.24,2018* Beijing Capital Land in Hongkong (HK)
Feb.24,2018* Imako ad Bijelo Polje
Feb.25,2018* BGMC International
Feb.25,2018* Brill Shoe Industries in (IL)
Feb.25,2018* El Nasr Transformers and Electrical Products in (EG)
Feb.25,2018* International Development Bank PSC
Feb.25,2018* Middle Egypt Flour Mills
Feb.25,2018* National Bank of Abu Dhabi PJSC in Abu Dhabi (AE)
Feb.25,2018* Qatar InsuranceQ in (QA)
Feb.25,2018* Qatar National Cement QSC in (QA)
Feb.26,2018* 5th Avenue Holding
Feb.26,2018* Acheron Portfoliooration Luxembourg
Feb.26,2018* Actcall
Feb.26,2018* APARTMANI MEDENA in (HR)
Feb.26,2018* Argus in (RO)
Feb.26,2018* AviaAM Leasing UAB
Feb.26,2018* Bank Capital Indonesia Tbk in Jakarta (ID)
Feb.26,2018* Bank Of Greece in (GR)
Feb.26,2018* Beijing Zhongchuang Telecom Testt in Beijing (CN)
Feb.26,2018* Bulgar Czech Invest Holding AD Smolyan in (BG)
Feb.26,2018* Carbochim in (RO)
Feb.26,2018* Cenospheres Trade + Engineering
Feb.26,2018* Centrum Finansowe Banku BPS
Feb.26,2018* China Environmental Resources Group
Feb.26,2018* China Minsheng Banking in (CN)
Feb.26,2018* China Shipping Development in (CN)
Feb.26,2018* Dalian Rubber & Plastics Machinery in (CN)
Feb.26,2018* Electro Cable EgyptE in (EG)
Feb.26,2018* Eps Equita Pep Spac
Feb.26,2018* Excelsior ad Beograd
Feb.26,2018* Fiamma Holdings Bhd in (MY)
Feb.26,2018* Fluid
Feb.26,2018* Gamatronic Electronic Industries in (IL)
Feb.26,2018* Gazpromneft-Tyumen' in (RU)
Feb.26,2018* Hubei Tech Semiconductors in (CN)
Feb.26,2018* Inner Mongolia Yuan Xing Energy in (CN)
Feb.26,2018* Interferie in (PL)
Feb.26,2018* Jahorina OC ad Pale
Feb.26,2018* Jaya Holdings in Singapore (SG)
Feb.26,2018* Jiangsu Fasten in (CN)
Feb.26,2018* Kaile Science and Technology Co Ltd Hubei in (CN)
Feb.26,2018* Khmil'nyts'kyi Elevator PAT
Feb.26,2018* Kunming Yunnei Power in (CN)
Feb.26,2018* Mendelson Infrastructures and Industries
Feb.26,2018* Minox
Feb.26,2018* Mouta for Remittance PSC
Feb.26,2018* New Horizon Group in (IL)
Feb.26,2018* Orsknefteorgsintez in (RU)
Feb.26,2018* Partner Nieruchomosci
Feb.26,2018* Phosargo
Feb.26,2018* Qatar Electricity and Water QSC
Feb.26,2018* Renew Holdings in (UK)
Feb.26,2018* Salam International Investment QSC
Feb.26,2018* SeaTwirl AB (publ)
Feb.26,2018* Shandong Longlive Bio-Technology Co in (CN)
Feb.26,2018* Shandong Luyitong Intelligent Electric
Feb.26,2018* Shenzhen Infotech Technologies
Feb.26,2018* Shenzhen Neptunus Bioengineering in (CN)
Feb.26,2018* Shijiazhuang Dongfang Thermoelectric Co in (CN)
Feb.26,2018* Southwest Pharmaceutical in (CN)
Feb.26,2018* Star Fitness
Feb.26,2018* Suzhou New District Hi Tech Industrial in (CN)
Feb.26,2018* Tapaco in (TH)
Feb.26,2018* TBEA in (CN)
Feb.26,2018* Tibet Urban Development and Investment in (CN)
Feb.26,2018* Transcom in (TW)
Feb.26,2018* W Investments in (PL)
Feb.26,2018* Wanfu Biotechnology Hunan Agricultural Development Co
Feb.26,2018* Wellcall Holdings Bhd in (MY)
Feb.26,2018* Wuxi Longsheng Technology Co
Feb.26,2018* Yield Life Science publ in (NU)
Feb.26,2018* Zungwon EN-Sys in (KR)
Feb.27,2018* 4Fun Media in (PL)
Feb.27,2018* Aba Chemicals
Feb.27,2018* Abu Dhabi National Hotels PJSC in Abu Dhabi (AE)
Feb.27,2018* Adores in (JP)
Feb.27,2018* Advance SCT
Feb.27,2018* Al Khalij commercial Bank QSC in Doha (QA)
Feb.27,2018* Altech in (JP)
Feb.27,2018* Amer Group HoldingE
Feb.27,2018* ASAHI EITO CO in (JP)
Feb.27,2018* Ask in (FR)
Feb.27,2018* Barwa Real Estate QSC in (QA)
Feb.27,2018* Beijing Join-Cheer Software in Beijing (CN)
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