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Sep.22,2017* Vardhman Holdings in (IN)
Sep.22,2017* Vipul in (IN)
Sep.22,2017* ZIF MI Group dd Sarajevo in (BA)
Sep.23,2017* A-One Seimitsu in (JP)
Sep.23,2017* Alexandria Mineral OilsE
Sep.23,2017* Balasore Alloys
Sep.23,2017* Basant Agro Tech India
Sep.23,2017* BCL Industries + Infrastructure
Sep.23,2017* Beekay Niryat
Sep.23,2017* CIL Nova Petrochemicals
Sep.23,2017* Cistro Telelink
Sep.23,2017* Decillion Finance
Sep.23,2017* Donear Industries in (IN)
Sep.23,2017* Eastcoast Steel
Sep.23,2017* Firstobject Technologies
Sep.23,2017* Garbi Finvest
Sep.23,2017* Gayatri Tissue and Papers in (IN)
Sep.23,2017* Indo Credit Capital
Sep.23,2017* Islamic Gharbia for Developed Buildings
Sep.23,2017* Kalpena Industries in (IN)
Sep.23,2017* Kisan Mouldings
Sep.23,2017* KJMC Financial Services
Sep.23,2017* KJMCorate Advisors India
Sep.23,2017* Mack Trading
Sep.23,2017* Manraj Housing Finance
Sep.23,2017* Norris Medicines
Sep.23,2017* Oil India in (IN)
Sep.23,2017* OTCO International
Sep.23,2017* Raghuvansh Agrofarms
Sep.23,2017* Raya Contact Center Co
Sep.23,2017* Shilp Gravures
Sep.23,2017* Shree Rajeshwaranand Paper Mills
Sep.23,2017* Virat Leasing
Sep.24,2017* Arcuttipore Tea Co
Sep.24,2017* Export Development Bank Of EgyptE in (EG)
Sep.24,2017* ITGI Medical
Sep.24,2017* National Drilling Co SAE in (EG)
Sep.24,2017* Nisko Electricity and Electronics
Sep.24,2017* North Africa Co for Real Estate Investment SAE in (EG)
Sep.24,2017* Royal Catering Group Holdings Co
Sep.24,2017* Saudi Vitrified Clay Pipe in (SA)
Sep.25,2017* Ad- Manum Finance
Sep.25,2017* AEGEK in (GR)
Sep.25,2017* Al Aseel Co
Sep.25,2017* Azure Power Global
Sep.25,2017* Bangalore Fort Farms
Sep.25,2017* Bank Astany AO
Sep.25,2017* Bannari Amman Sugars in (IN)
Sep.25,2017* Blinkx in (UK)
Sep.25,2017* BLS Infotech
Sep.25,2017* BRB Bco De Brasilia in (BR)
Sep.25,2017* Brookdale Senior Living
Sep.25,2017* Canopy Finance
Sep.25,2017* Centum Investment in (KE)
Sep.25,2017* Clipper Logistics
Sep.25,2017* Colian Holding in (PL)
Sep.25,2017* Conpet in (RO)
Sep.25,2017* Consorcio Aristos in (MX)
Sep.25,2017* Decorous Investment and Trading Co
Sep.25,2017* DLE
Sep.25,2017* Dorsel (BAZ) in (IL)
Sep.25,2017* DPS Resources Bhd in (MY)
Sep.25,2017* Dynemic Products in (IN)
Sep.25,2017* Emaar The Economic City in King Abdullah Economic City (KAEC) (SA)
Sep.25,2017* Fastighets Balder in (SE)
Sep.25,2017* Fedex
Sep.25,2017* Fibra Uno Administracion de CV in (MX)
Sep.25,2017* Filatex India
Sep.25,2017* Fineotex Chemical
Sep.25,2017* Furuya Metal in (JP)
Sep.25,2017* Fusion Partners in (JP)
Sep.25,2017* Grupul Industrial Electrocontact in (DK)
Sep.25,2017* Gujarat Terce Laboratories
Sep.25,2017* Hai-O Enterprise Bhd in (MY)
Sep.25,2017* Haihanfectionery Joint Stock in (VN)
Sep.25,2017* Harbinger Group
Sep.25,2017* Hydro S and S Industries
Sep.25,2017* Implementa Hebe
Sep.25,2017* Integrated Device Technology
Sep.25,2017* Integrum
Sep.25,2017* International for LeasingE
Sep.25,2017* Intikeramik Alamasri Industri Tbk in (ID)
Sep.25,2017* J L Morison India
Sep.25,2017* JITF Infralogistics
Sep.25,2017* Joint Stock Eximbank Kazakhstan
Sep.25,2017* Lodzia Rotex Investment in (IL)
Sep.25,2017* Macro Games in (PL)
Sep.25,2017* Malabar Trading
Sep.25,2017* Migdal Insurance And Financial Hldg in (IL)
Sep.25,2017* Mp 6 in (FR)
Sep.25,2017* MZT Pumpi AD Skopje
Sep.25,2017* National For Tourism and Hotels in (AE)
Sep.25,2017* National Plastic Technologies in (IN)
Sep.25,2017* Noida Toll Bridge in (IN)
Sep.25,2017* Nurbank AO in (RU)
Sep.25,2017* Oasmia Pharmaceutical in (SE)
Sep.25,2017* Positive Electronics
Sep.25,2017* Presha Metallurgical
Sep.25,2017* Prime Securities
Sep.25,2017* R B Gupta Financials
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