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Mar.24,2018* Mansourah PoultryE in (EG)
Mar.24,2018* Optex in Otsu-shi (JP)
Mar.24,2018* PALTEK CORP in (JP)
Mar.24,2018* Petra Education PSC in Amman (JO)
Mar.24,2018* Sharjah Cement and Industrial Development PSC in (AE)
Mar.24,2018* Thien Nam Trading Import Export in (VN)
Mar.24,2018* Tu Son Viglacera Joint Stock in (VN)
Mar.24,2018* Union National Bank Egypt in (EG)
Mar.24,2018* Vvmi-Mechanical and Pressure Equipment JSC
Mar.25,2018* Al Jazeera Steel ProductsOG
Mar.25,2018* Al Rajhi Banking And Investment in Riyadh (SA)
Mar.25,2018* Alamin For Investment
Mar.25,2018* Arab Bankingoration BSC
Mar.25,2018* Arab Insurance Group BSC in Dubai (AE)
Mar.25,2018* Arab Molltaka Investments Company AMIC
Mar.25,2018* Bio-Cell in (IL)
Mar.25,2018* Construction Materials Industries andntractingOG
Mar.25,2018* Credit Rating andllection KSCC in (KW)
Mar.25,2018* Eastern CompanyE in (EG)
Mar.25,2018* First Dubai for Real Estate Development KSCC in Safat (KW)
Mar.25,2018* GMO Click Holdings
Mar.25,2018* Gulf Investment Services HoldingOG
Mar.25,2018* ISC Technology in (KR)
Mar.25,2018* KIPCO Asset Management KSC in Safat (KW)
Mar.25,2018* KLab
Mar.25,2018* Methanol Chemicals in (SA)
Mar.25,2018* National Bank of OmanOG in Maskat (OM)
Mar.25,2018* Oman ORIX LeasingOG
Mar.25,2018* Prime Holding for Financial Investments SAE
Mar.25,2018* Qatar Fuel QSC in Doha (QA)
Mar.25,2018* Rubex Plastics
Mar.25,2018* Seef Properties BSC
Mar.25,2018* Sheba Metal Casting Co
Mar.25,2018* Sumida in (JP)
Mar.25,2018* Union Cement PSC in (AE)
Mar.25,2018* Waha Capital PJSC in (AE)
Mar.25,2018* Zvi Sarfati + Sons Investments and Constructions 1992 in (IL)
Mar.26,2018* ACWA Power BarkaOG
Mar.26,2018* Agrowill Group in (LT)
Mar.26,2018 Al Madina Takaful in Muscat (OM)
Mar.26,2018* Altona Mining
Mar.26,2018* Bank Millennium in (PL)
Mar.26,2018* Bank Swadesi Tbk in (ID)
Mar.26,2018* BBMG in (CN)
Mar.26,2018* Beit Jala Pharmaceutical Manufacturing Co
Mar.26,2018* Buducnost ad Novi Sad in (RS)
Mar.26,2018* C Mer Industries in (IL)
Mar.26,2018* Cairo National Co for Investment and Securities SAE in (EG)
Mar.26,2018* Caverion Oyj
Mar.26,2018* Centamin
Mar.26,2018* Chengdu Dr Peng Telecom & Media Group in (CN)
Mar.26,2018* Chiome Bioscience
Mar.26,2018* CJ Cheiljedang in (KR)
Mar.26,2018* Cleopatra Hospital
Mar.26,2018* Codes Combine Co in (KR)
Mar.26,2018* Dayou Automotive Seat Technology in (KR)
Mar.26,2018* Dhofar Fisheries and Food Industries Co in (OM)
Mar.26,2018* Dong-A ST Co
Mar.26,2018* Dongjiang Environmental in (CN)
Mar.26,2018* Dongwoon Anatech Co
Mar.26,2018* Doosan Bobcat
Mar.26,2018* Eduspec Holdings Bhd in (MY)
Mar.26,2018* EGRE in (IL)
Mar.26,2018* Ferchem Egypt Fertilizers and Chemicals SAE in (EG)
Mar.26,2018* Fine Technix in (KR)
Mar.26,2018* FS Investment
Mar.26,2018* Future Architect in (JP)
Mar.26,2018* General Trading and Food Processing BSC in Manama (BH)
Mar.26,2018* Great Portland Estates P L C in (UK)
Mar.26,2018* Hai Duong Pump Manufacturing Joint Stock in (VN)
Mar.26,2018* Hankook Tire in (KR)
Mar.26,2018* Hyundai Elevator in (KR)
Mar.26,2018* IBJ
Mar.26,2018* Industria e Innovazione
Mar.26,2018* Industrial Bank Of Korea in (KR)
Mar.26,2018* Intan Baruprana Finance Tbk
Mar.26,2018* Intesa Sanpaolo Banka dd Bosna i Hercegovina in (BA)
Mar.26,2018* Intuitive Aerial publ
Mar.26,2018* INVL Baltic Real Estate
Mar.26,2018* Ithmaar Bank BSC
Mar.26,2018* Juki in (JP)
Mar.26,2018* Kadimastem
Mar.26,2018* Kocom in (KR)
Mar.26,2018* KOREA CIRCUIT CO in (KR)
Mar.26,2018* Korea Express in (KR)
Mar.26,2018* Korea Life Insurance
Mar.26,2018* Leone Film Group
Mar.26,2018* Lietuvos energijos gamyba
Mar.26,2018* MabaneeK in Safat (KW)
Mar.26,2018* Mecanica Codlea
Mar.26,2018* Metizi AD Roman
Mar.26,2018* MPC in (KR)
Mar.26,2018* Oman Cables IndustryOG
Mar.26,2018* Otsuka Kagu in (JP)
Mar.26,2018* PJ Electronics in (KR)
Mar.26,2018* Present24
Mar.26,2018* Qatar International Islamic Bank QSC in Doha (QA)
Mar.26,2018* Qatar Islamic Insurance QSC in Doha (QA)
Mar.26,2018* Qualitynstruction Products in (TH)
Mar.26,2018* Riyad Bank in (SA)
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