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Jan.28,2019* Mirpurkhas Sugar Mills in (PK)
Jan.28,2019* Mitrosrem ad Sremska Mitrovica
Jan.28,2019* Pak Suzuki Motor
Jan.28,2019* Rana Sugars
Jan.28,2019* Rifa Industrial Co in (KR)
Jan.28,2019* SapuraKencana Petroleum Bhd
Jan.28,2019* Sejin Electron in (KR)
Jan.28,2019* Shahmurad Sugar Mills
Jan.28,2019* Shahtaj Sugar Mills
Jan.28,2019* Shakarganj Mills in (PK)
Jan.28,2019* Synthetica AD Sofia
Jan.28,2019* Syrymbet AO
Jan.28,2019* TICON Freehold and Leasehold Real Estate Investment Trust
Jan.28,2019* Transaction Solutions International
Jan.28,2019* TTL Industries
Jan.28,2019* Vardhman Polytex
Jan.28,2019* White Diamond Industries in (IN)
Jan.28,2019* ZCCM Investments Holdings in (ZM)
Jan.29,2019* AerFinance
Jan.29,2019* Aeris Environmental in (AU)
Jan.29,2019* Changsha Zoomlion Heavy Industry Science And Technology Development in (CN)
Jan.29,2019* China Asean Resources in Hongkong (HK)
Jan.29,2019* China Overseas Property Holdings
Jan.29,2019 curasan in Aschaffenburg (DE)
Jan.29,2019* CYBG
Jan.29,2019* De.mem
Jan.29,2019* E-World Co in (KR)
Jan.29,2019* EIKEN INDUSTRIES CO in (JP)
Jan.29,2019* Franshion Properties (China)
Jan.29,2019* Fraser and Neave in Singapore (SG)
Jan.29,2019* Frasers Centrepoint Trust in Singapore (SG)
Jan.29,2019* Fuji in (JP)
Jan.29,2019* Goodland Group in (SG)
Jan.29,2019* Grand Korea Leisure
Jan.29,2019* Greencore Group in (IE)
Jan.29,2019* Harakosan in (JP)
Jan.29,2019* Hoshino Resort-Summer resorts
Jan.29,2019* Hubwoo in (FR)
Jan.29,2019* IKK in (JP)
Jan.29,2019* Inoue Rubber (Thailand) in (TH)
Jan.29,2019* KANAMOTO CO in (JP)
Jan.29,2019* Kura in (JP)
Jan.29,2019* Leader Capital Markets in (IL)
Jan.29,2019* Litium
Jan.29,2019* LONGLIFE HOLDING in (JP)
Jan.29,2019* Loqus Holdings in San Gwann (MT)
Jan.29,2019* Miroku in (JP)
Jan.29,2019* MSC Industrial Direct
Jan.29,2019* Natoco in (JP)
Jan.29,2019* Oceanus Group
Jan.29,2019* Pandora Media on Oakland (US)
Jan.29,2019* PLB Engineering Bhd in (MY)
Jan.29,2019* PNE Micron Holdings in (SG)
Jan.29,2019* Sasbadi Holdings Bhd
Jan.29,2019* Schnitzer Steel Industries
Jan.29,2019* Sirius XM Holdings
Jan.29,2019* Triwira Insanlestari Tbk
Jan.29,2019* Tsuchiya Holdings in (JP)
Jan.29,2019* UDG Healthcare in Dublin (IE)
Jan.29,2019 Visa in San Francisco (US)
Jan.29,2019* Visant in (US)
Jan.29,2019* Wellco in (JP)
Jan.29,2019* Zhuzhou Hongda Electronics Corp
Jan.30,2019* Alam Maritim Resources Bhd in (MY)
Jan.30,2019* Amplefield
Jan.30,2019* ARAMARK Holdings
Jan.30,2019* Azia avto AO
Jan.30,2019* Beijing Jingneng Clean Energy in Beijing (CN)
Jan.30,2019* Bergearth
Jan.30,2019* Binhai Investment in Hongkong (HK)
Jan.30,2019* Brooks Automation
Jan.30,2019* Bulgarian Receivables Fund ADSITS
Jan.30,2019* Care Twentyone in (JP)
Jan.30,2019* CASH Financial Services Group
Jan.30,2019* Central China Real Estate
Jan.30,2019* Centuria Capital Group
Jan.30,2019* Chi Cheung Investment in (HK)
Jan.30,2019* Cinaport Acquisition Corp II
Jan.30,2019* DECORA in (PL)
Jan.30,2019* EnviroMission in (AU)
Jan.30,2019* Etihad Atheeb Telecommunication in Riyadh (SA)
Jan.30,2019* Gartmore European Investment Trust in (UK)
Jan.30,2019* Good Com Asset Co
Jan.30,2019* Hormel Foods in Austin (US)
Jan.30,2019* Huaneng Power International in (CN)
Jan.30,2019* Huili Resources (Group)
Jan.30,2019* Instytut Szkolen i Analiz Gospodarczych in (PL)
Jan.30,2019* International Constructions
Jan.30,2019* Investeringsselskabet Luxor in (DK)
Jan.30,2019* Itokuro
Jan.30,2019* Jinheng Automotive Safety Technology Holdings in (CN)
Jan.30,2019* JPMorgan Indian Investment Trust in London (UK)
Jan.30,2019* Kimly in Singapore (SG)
Jan.30,2019* Kleba Invest
Jan.30,2019* Kobayashi Metals in (JP)
Jan.30,2019* Kobe Bussan in (JP)
Jan.30,2019* Kwangdong Pharmaceutical in (KR)
Jan.30,2019* LHN
Jan.30,2019* logica former: CGI Group in London (UK)
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