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Sep.19,2018* Magna Electro Castings
Sep.19,2018* Marathon Nextgen Realty in (IN)
Sep.19,2018* Meda Bhd
Sep.19,2018* Mirch Technologies India
Sep.19,2018* National Plastic Industries
Sep.19,2018* Nestmedic
Sep.19,2018* Porsche Capital Market
Sep.19,2018* Priya
Sep.19,2018* Quadrant Televentures
Sep.19,2018* RITES
Sep.19,2018* Ruchi Infrastructure in (IN)
Sep.19,2018* Ruchi Strips and Alloys
Sep.19,2018* S + S Power Switchgear
Sep.19,2018* Simran Farms
Sep.19,2018* Thai Luxe Enterprises in (TH)
Sep.19,2018* Thirdwave Financial Intermediaries
Sep.19,2018* Udaipur Cotton Mills Co
Sep.19,2018* Umang Dairies
Sep.19,2018* Union Technologies Informatique Group in (FR)
Sep.19,2018* United Carpets Group
Sep.19,2018* VXL Instruments in (IN)
Sep.19,2018* Wipro in (IN)
Sep.20,2018* Acxiom
Sep.20,2018* Apollo Micro Systems
Sep.20,2018* Arex Industries
Sep.20,2018* B & A Packaging India
Sep.20,2018* Balaxi Ventures
Sep.20,2018* Bhagawati Oxygen
Sep.20,2018* Bisil Plast
Sep.20,2018* Bombay Potteries and Tiles
Sep.20,2018* Bonei Hatichon Civil Engineering and Infrastructures in (IL)
Sep.20,2018* Brem Holding Bhd in (MY)
Sep.20,2018* Caely Holdings Bhd in (MY)
Sep.20,2018* Catur Sentosa Adiprana Tbk in (ID)
Sep.20,2018* Computer Institute of Japan in (JP)
Sep.20,2018 Diageo in London (UK)
Sep.20,2018* Dishman Carbogen Amcis
Sep.20,2018* EMA India
Sep.20,2018* Excelsior Gold in (AU)
Sep.20,2018* Expert Systems Holdings
Sep.20,2018* Gajra Bevel Gears
Sep.20,2018* Glaxo Smith Kline
Sep.20,2018* Glittek Granites
Sep.20,2018* Gowra Leasing and Finance
Sep.20,2018* Halcyon Agri
Sep.20,2018* IEC Education in (IN)
Sep.20,2018 IG group holdings in (UK)
Sep.20,2018* Indian Extractions
Sep.20,2018* Iykot Hitech Toolroom
Sep.20,2018* Jai Balaji Industries in (IN)
Sep.20,2018* Kainos Group
Sep.20,2018* Kakatiya Cement Sugar and Industries
Sep.20,2018* Karnavati Finance
Sep.20,2018* Kawanishi Holdings in (JP)
Sep.20,2018* Krypton Industries
Sep.20,2018* Lambodhara Textiles
Sep.20,2018* Maral Overseas
Sep.20,2018* Mercor in Gdansk (PL)
Sep.20,2018* Nagreeka Capital + Infrastructure
Sep.20,2018* Nagreeka Exports
Sep.20,2018* Next Mediaworks in (IN)
Sep.20,2018* Nike in Beaverton (US)
Sep.20,2018* Nissan Medical Industries in (IL)
Sep.20,2018* NTPC in (IN)
Sep.20,2018* Omnia Holdings in (ZA)
Sep.20,2018* Petro Matad
Sep.20,2018* Poddar Pigments
Sep.20,2018* Polo Queen Industrial and Fintech
Sep.20,2018* Prabhat Telecoms (India)
Sep.20,2018* Punjab Chemicals and Crop Protection
Sep.20,2018* Pure Giftcarat
Sep.20,2018* Rajnish Wellness
Sep.20,2018* Rajparis Civil Constructions
Sep.20,2018* Randall + Quilter Investment Holdings
Sep.20,2018* Religare Enterprises
Sep.20,2018* S V Global Mill
Sep.20,2018* Sanblue Corporation
Sep.20,2018* SCGM Bhd
Sep.20,2018* Sheraton Properties and Finance
Sep.20,2018* Shiva Cement
Sep.20,2018* Shree Salasar Investments
Sep.20,2018* Sical Logistics
Sep.20,2018* Singapore Exchange in Singapore (SG)
Sep.20,2018* Skyline International Development
Sep.20,2018* Smalto in (FR)
Sep.20,2018* SMS Lifesciences India
Sep.20,2018* SMS Pharmaceuticals
Sep.20,2018* Societe Pour l'Informatique Industrielle SII in (FR)
Sep.20,2018* Speedage Commercials
Sep.20,2018* Sumber Energi Andalan Tbk
Sep.20,2018* Surabhi Chemicals and Investments
Sep.20,2018* Tamar Petroleum
Sep.20,2018* Titan Intech
Sep.20,2018* Triveni Glass
Sep.20,2018* Veterinarska Stanica ad Ugljevik
Sep.20,2018* Vishal Fabrics
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