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Apr.30,2019* Federal Signal
Apr.30,2019* Fiesta Restaurant Group
Apr.30,2019* First Defiance Financial
Apr.30,2019* FMC in Philadelphia (US)
Apr.30,2019* Fortune Real Estate Investment Trust in Singapore (SG)
Apr.30,2019* Galapagos in Mechelen (BE)
Apr.30,2019* Garuda Metalindo Tbk in (ID)
Apr.30,2019* Garudafood Putra Putri Jaya Tbk
Apr.30,2019* German High Street Properties in (DK)
Apr.30,2019 GERRY weber international in Halle (DE)
Compliance Statement
Apr.30,2019* Getty Realty
Apr.30,2019* Giglio Group
Apr.30,2019* Glenalta
Apr.30,2019* Global Palm Resources Holdings in (SG)
Apr.30,2019* Global Testing Corp in (TW)
Apr.30,2019* Golden Retailindo Tbk
Apr.30,2019* GPI
Apr.30,2019* Grupo Financiero Banorte SAB de CV in Mexico (MX)
Apr.30,2019* Gul'kevichskiy Zavod Betonnykh Blokov Blok AO in (RU)
Apr.30,2019* Hadera Paper in (IL)
Apr.30,2019 Hammerson in London (UK)
Apr.30,2019* Hang Lung Group in Hongkong (HK)
Apr.30,2019* Hang Lung Properties in Hongkong (HK)
Apr.30,2019* Hannibal Lease
Apr.30,2019* Herfy Food Services in Riyadh (SA)
Apr.30,2019* High Performance Real Estate Investments in (JO)
Apr.30,2019* Hillgrove Resources in (AU)
Apr.30,2019* Hipay Group
Apr.30,2019* HLH Group in (SG)
Apr.30,2019* Ho Bee Investment in Singapore (SG)
Apr.30,2019* Hong Fok in Singapore (SG)
Apr.30,2019* Hopewell Highway Infrastructure in Hongkong (HK)
Apr.30,2019* Hoteli Ilidza dd Ilidza
Apr.30,2019* Housing and Development Bank in (EG)
Apr.30,2019* Hypo Alpe-Adria-Bank ad Banja Luka in (BA)
Apr.30,2019* IBM International Business Machines in North Charleston (US)
Apr.30,2019 IBU-tec advanced materials in Weimar (DE)
Apr.30,2019* Il Sole 24 Ore in (IT)
Apr.30,2019* Immsi
Apr.30,2019* Industrias CH in (MX)
Apr.30,2019* Infraestructura Energetica Nova
Apr.30,2019 Innogy in Essen (DE)
Compliance Statement
Apr.30,2019* InnoTek in (SG)
Apr.30,2019* Integumen
Apr.30,2019* Intermediate Petrochemicals Industries in (JO)
Apr.30,2019* Interpump Group in (IT)
Apr.30,2019 Intesa Sanpaolo in Turin (IT)
Apr.30,2019* Invalda in (LT)
Apr.30,2019* IRCE in (IT)
Apr.30,2019* Isagro in (IT)
Apr.30,2019* ISDN Holdings in (SG)
Apr.30,2019* Jarir Marketing in (SA)
Apr.30,2019* JB Foods
Apr.30,2019* JBS in (BR)
Apr.30,2019* Jordan Cement Fac
Apr.30,2019* Jordan Dubai Property in (JO)
Apr.30,2019* Jordan Insurance
Apr.30,2019* Jordan Steel
Apr.30,2019* JPmorgan US Smaller Companies Investment Trust in (UK)
Apr.30,2019 Jungheinrich in Hamburg (DE)
Compliance Statement
Apr.30,2019* Kafaa for Financial and Economical Investments in (JO)
Apr.30,2019* Katrina Group
Apr.30,2019* Kazakhtelekom AO in (RU)
Apr.30,2019* Kimco Realty
Apr.30,2019* Kingsmen Creatives in (SG)
Apr.30,2019* Kirby
Apr.30,2019* Klabin in (BR)
Apr.30,2019* Kori Holdings
Apr.30,2019* Koufu Group
Apr.30,2019* Krasnokamskiy zavod metallicheskikh setok in (RU)
Apr.30,2019* Kroton Educacional in (BR)
Apr.30,2019* Kuwait for Process Plantnstruction andntracting KSCC in (KW)
Apr.30,2019* Lai Fung Holdings in (HK)
Apr.30,2019* Lai Sun Development
Apr.30,2019* Lai Sun Garment International
Apr.30,2019 LECTRA in Paris (FR)
Apr.30,2019* Life Is Hard
Apr.30,2019* Lifestyle China Group
Apr.30,2019* Lifestyle International Holdings in Hongkong (HK)
Apr.30,2019* Linas in (LT)
Apr.30,2019* Liontown Resources in (AU)
Apr.30,2019* Lojas Americanas in (BR)
Apr.30,2019* LSL Property Services in (UK)
Apr.30,2019* Luxottica in Milan (IT)
Apr.30,2019* Marfrig Alimentos in (BR)
Apr.30,2019* Martens
Apr.30,2019* Maslavinstruction Company
Apr.30,2019* Medikaloka Hermina
Apr.30,2019* Medinex
Apr.30,2019* Melcor REIT
Apr.30,2019* Meridian ad Banja Luka
Apr.30,2019* MindChamps PreSchool
Apr.30,2019* Miroc ad Kladovo
Apr.30,2019* Mittel in (IT)
Apr.30,2019* Modiin Energy Partnership in (IL)
Apr.30,2019* Molecular Medicine in (IT)
Apr.30,2019* MRC Global
Apr.30,2019* n (PT)
Apr.30,2019* National Carton Industrial in (PS)
Apr.30,2019* Nautilus
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