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Apr.20,2018* Ayala in (PH)
Apr.20,2018* Backbone Technology
Apr.20,2018 BANCO BPI in Porto (PT)
Apr.20,2018* Banco Bpm
Apr.20,2018* Banco De Oro Unibank in Manila (PH)
Apr.20,2018* Bank of Ireland Group in (IE)
Apr.20,2018* Banque Attijari De Tunisie (Attijari Bank)
Apr.20,2018* Bao Viet Securities Joint Stock in (VN)
Apr.20,2018* Baramulti Suksessarana Tbk
Apr.20,2018* BB Seguridade Participacoes
Apr.20,2018* Beijing Global Safety Technology Co
Apr.20,2018* Ben Trenstruction Material Joint Stock
Apr.20,2018* Benefit Systems in (PL)
Apr.20,2018* BHG Retail REIT
Apr.20,2018* Bien Hoa Packaging Joint Stock in (VN)
Apr.20,2018* Binh Minh Plastics Joint Stock in (VN)
Apr.20,2018* Bravida Holding in (SE)
Apr.20,2018* BreadTalk Group in Singapore (SG)
Apr.20,2018* Byblos BankL
Apr.20,2018* CEIntract Manufacturing in (SG)
Apr.20,2018* Changshu Tianyin
Apr.20,2018* Chasivoiars'kyi vohnetryvkyi kombinat PAT
Apr.20,2018* Chernihiv Vtorchormet PAT
Apr.20,2018* CheZaRa PAT
Apr.20,2018 china cinda asset management co in HongKong (CN)
Apr.20,2018* China Fortune Land Development in (CN)
Apr.20,2018* China Lilang
Apr.20,2018* Choice Hotels International
Apr.20,2018* Cielo in (BR)
Apr.20,2018* Cleantech Invest Oyj
Apr.20,2018* Coburg Group in (UK)
Apr.20,2018* Compartamos
Apr.20,2018* CP All in (TH)
Apr.20,2018* Dalian Daxian Enterprises Holdings in (CN)
Apr.20,2018* Danang Steel JSC
Apr.20,2018* Dniproenerho PAT in (UA)
Apr.20,2018* Dong Nai Roofsheet + Construction Material JSC
Apr.20,2018* Dream House Investment in (VN)
Apr.20,2018* Duc Giang
Apr.20,2018* Duna House Holding
Apr.20,2018* Eastern Technical Engineering Co
Apr.20,2018* Ec World Real Estate Investment Trust
Apr.20,2018* Ecorodovias Infraestrutura e Logistica in Sao Paulo (BR)
Apr.20,2018* Entra
Apr.20,2018* Everpia Viet Nam Joint Stock in (VN)
Apr.20,2018* Federal Furniture Holdings M Bhd in (MY)
Apr.20,2018* First Media Tbk
Apr.20,2018* FLIR Systems
Apr.20,2018* Fondovyi kapital PVIFNVZT
Apr.20,2018* Fope
Apr.20,2018* Forth Smart Service
Apr.20,2018* Freni Brembo in (IT)
Apr.20,2018* Fujian Anjoy Foods Co
Apr.20,2018* Fujian Raynen Technology Co
Apr.20,2018* Gerdau in (BR)
Apr.20,2018* Grande Asset Hotels and Property
Apr.20,2018* Grande Hospitality Real Estate Investment Trust
Apr.20,2018* Grupa Univerexport Trgopromet ad Subotica
Apr.20,2018* GSH Corporation
Apr.20,2018* Gubernija in (EE)
Apr.20,2018* Haiphong Paint Joint Stock in (VN)
Apr.20,2018* Helvetia Holding in (CH)
Apr.20,2018* Henan Thinker Automation Equip in Shanghai (CN)
Apr.20,2018* Henan Yuguang Gold&lead in (CN)
Apr.20,2018* Hi P International in (SG)
Apr.20,2018* Hidroelektrane na Trebisnjici ad Trebinje in (BA)
Apr.20,2018* HIPT Group Joint Stock in (VN)
Apr.20,2018* Ho Chi Minh City Electric Power Trading Investment
Apr.20,2018* HSBC Holdings in London (UK)
Compliance Statement
Apr.20,2018* Hubei Jiuzhiyang Infrared System Co
Apr.20,2018* Hunan Dakang Pasture Farming in (CN)
Apr.20,2018* Hung Vuong
Apr.20,2018* iDimension Consolidated Bhd in (MY)
Apr.20,2018* IFS Capital in Singapore (SG)
Apr.20,2018* Intiland Development Tbk in (ID)
Apr.20,2018* Jiangsu Zhongshe Group Co
Apr.20,2018* Jsc Viet Tri Chemical in (VN)
Apr.20,2018* K-REIT Asia
Apr.20,2018* Kamakura Shinsho
Apr.20,2018* Kazkommertsbank AO in (RU)
Apr.20,2018* Keppel in Singapore (SG)
Apr.20,2018* Khanh Hoa Mineral Water JSC
Apr.20,2018* Kingspan Group in (IE)
Apr.20,2018* Klaria Pharma Holding AB (publ) in (SE)
Apr.20,2018* Krungthai Card in (TH)
Apr.20,2018* Kubota Pharmaceutical Holdings Co
Apr.20,2018* Kunming Pharmaceutical in (CN)
Apr.20,2018* Kyland Technology
Apr.20,2018* Linewell Software Co
Apr.20,2018* Lionco Pharmaceutical Group Co
Apr.20,2018* Luyin Investment Group in (CN)
Apr.20,2018* Mechanical and Industrial Construction Joint Stock in (VN)
Apr.20,2018* MegaChem in (SG)
Apr.20,2018* Melexis Naamloze Vennootschap in (BE)
Apr.20,2018* Middlesea Insurance in (MT)
Apr.20,2018* Mira ad Prijedor
Apr.20,2018* Mitsui High Tec in (JP)
Apr.20,2018* Mladost ad Aleksandrovac
Apr.20,2018* Mobile Mini in Tempe (US)
Apr.20,2018* Muangthai Leasing
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