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Nov.22,2018* United Uranium
Nov.22,2018* Universal Auto Distributors Holding
Nov.22,2018* Valence Industries
Nov.22,2018* Vegetable Oil Packing Joint Stock in (VN)
Nov.22,2018* Village Roadshow in (AU)
Nov.22,2018* Weibo
Nov.22,2018* Wellard
Nov.22,2018* Western Areas NL in West Perth (AU)
Nov.22,2018* White Energy in Sydney (AU)
Nov.22,2018* Yamato International in (JP)
Nov.22,2018* Yellow Brick Road Holdings
Nov.22,2018* Yong Tai Bhd in (MY)
Nov.23,2018* 5G Networks
Nov.23,2018* Ambertech in (AU)
Nov.23,2018* Australian Finance Group
Nov.23,2018* Autosports Group
Nov.23,2018* Bauxite Resources in (AU)
Nov.23,2018* Black Star Petroleum
Nov.23,2018* Cazaly Resources in (AU)
Nov.23,2018* China Hanya Group Holdings
Nov.23,2018* Cie Du Mont Blanc in (FR)
Nov.23,2018* Credo Resources
Nov.23,2018* Crystal Amber Fund
Nov.23,2018* Cybele Co
Nov.23,2018* DataDot Technology
Nov.23,2018* Deca System
Nov.23,2018* Entellect in (AU)
Nov.23,2018* Eumundi Group in Brisbane (AU)
Nov.23,2018* FACB Industriesorporated Bhd in (MY)
Nov.23,2018* Garda Capital Group
Nov.23,2018* Global Mining Investments in (AU)
Nov.23,2018* Goldin Financial Holdings
Nov.23,2018* Hills Holdings in (AU)
Nov.23,2018* Huazhang Technology Holding
Nov.23,2018* Human Metabolome Technologies
Nov.23,2018* iMerchants in Hongkong (HK)
Nov.23,2018* Inspur International
Nov.23,2018* Integrated Payment Technologies
Nov.23,2018* Key ASIC Bhd
Nov.23,2018* Kingwest Resources
Nov.23,2018* Komunalac ad Laktasi
Nov.23,2018* Magmatic Resources
Nov.23,2018* Malton Bhd in (MY)
Nov.23,2018* Mayur Resources
Nov.23,2018* Modernland Realty Tbk in (ID)
Nov.23,2018* Ningbo Joyson Electronic in (CN)
Nov.23,2018* OpenDNA
Nov.23,2018* Orange Sky Golden Harvest Entertainment Holdings in Hong Kong (CN)
Nov.23,2018* Origin Enterprises in (IE)
Nov.23,2018* Orocobre in (AU)
Nov.23,2018* OZ Brewing in Sydney (AU)
Nov.23,2018* Pacific Energy
Nov.23,2018* Palette Multimedia Bhd in (MY)
Nov.23,2018* Pegasus Entertainment Holdings
Nov.23,2018* Perseus Mining in (AU)
Nov.23,2018* Petra Diamonds in London (UK)
Nov.23,2018* Polski Bank Komorek Macierzystych in (PL)
Nov.23,2018* Probiotec in (AU)
Nov.23,2018* Prophecy International Holdings
Nov.23,2018* Pura Vida Energy NL
Nov.23,2018* QMS Media
Nov.23,2018* Regis Resources in (AU)
Nov.23,2018* Scope Industries
Nov.23,2018* Severstal' in (RU)
Nov.23,2018* Shree Minerals
Nov.23,2018* Silver Ridge Holdings Bhd in (MY)
Nov.23,2018* SINA in Beijing (CN)
Nov.23,2018* Sino Union Energy Investment Group in Hongkong (HK)
Nov.23,2018* Sylvania Platinum in (AU)
Nov.23,2018* Topbetta Holdings
Nov.23,2018* Traqueur in (FR)
Nov.23,2018* TV Direct
Nov.23,2018* Unileverte d'Ivoire in (CI)
Nov.23,2018* Victory West Metals in (AU)
Nov.23,2018* Vital Metals
Nov.23,2018* Xtek
Nov.24,2018* Austpac Resources NL in Sydney (AU)
Nov.24,2018* Bhakti Gems and Jewellery in Ahmedabad (IN)
Nov.24,2018* Dice Sport and Casual Wear in Cairo (EG)
Nov.24,2018* ipernica in (AU)
Nov.25,2018* Brimag Digital Age in (IL)
Nov.25,2018* Dacian Gold
Nov.25,2018* ECSI
Nov.25,2018* FarmaForce
Nov.25,2018* Greenstone Industries in (IL)
Nov.25,2018* Homeloans in (AU)
Nov.25,2018* iQ3Corp
Nov.25,2018* Kardan Israel in Tel Aviv (IL)
Nov.25,2018* Orecorp in (AU)
Nov.25,2018* Power Resources
Nov.25,2018* Questus in South Perth (AU)
Nov.25,2018* RedFlow in (AU)
Nov.25,2018* Rhythm Biosciences
Nov.25,2018* Shefa Yamim in (IL)
Nov.25,2018* Spring FG
Nov.25,2018* Strategic Energy Resources in (AU)
Nov.26,2018* Agenix in (AU)
Nov.26,2018* Alior Bank in (PL)
Nov.26,2018* Anglo Australian Resources NL in (AU)
Nov.26,2018* ApplyDirect in Melbourne (AU)
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